September 14, 2010

Trivia: Artemis Fowl

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Ink Splot 26

How ’bout some Artemis Fowl trivia based on the book series by Eoin Colfer? Now I’m not as smart as Artemis, and I don’t think you are either, so these won’t be that hard. . .

How do fairies evade human eyes? (In other words, how do their “shields” work?)

What is a troll’s main weakness?

What is a troll’s second weakness?

What is the untranslatable fairy curse?

How does Mulch escape?

What does the line of hieroglyphics that stretches across the bottom of each page say? (NO GOOGLING. No fun if you Google.)

Good luck, Splotters! That last one requires a little effort, but the key to solving it is in the book if you think about it a little and spend some time on the translation. . .

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. Artemis

    V. Basic questions!
    1. Vibrating, so does not register to human eye.
    2. Aversion to light.
    3. Not much exp. w/ trolls.
    4. D’arvit.
    5.Apoligies for redundancy, but which occasion?
    6.In full, “The Prophicies of Ohm”.

  2. bmw3bug

    1. they vibrate REALLY fast
    2. light
    3. water or smell idk
    4. idk
    5. lol which time u talking bout? hes escaped from so many things so many times u REALLY need to be more specific
    6. idk and its really annoying!

  3. aquabooks99

    I am fluent in gnommish reading and writing. One day i wrote in gnommish all day. It really bugged my teacher.

  4. gylfie97

    1. they move so fast the human eye cannot focus on them. They appear as a shimmer in the air.
    2. They can’t stand light.
    3. umm… they don’t like water?
    4. carry me always, carry me well, I am thy teacher of herb and spell?
    5. Escape from where? He’s escaped many times, but in the first book, he fakes his death and tunnels away into hiding.
    6. in the first book, it has “the prophecies of ohm”

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