May 17, 2010

Trivia Answers: Singular Sensations

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Ink Splot 26: Trivia Tuesday for May 11, 2010: Guess the Book: Singular SensationsHi Splotters! It's Tuesday again (because I am all about stating the obvious). And that means I've got the answers for last week's Trivia Tuesday for you.

Last week I asked you to identify five books with short and sweet one-word titles. And you knocked my challenge out of the park. But a super congratulation goes out to SWSD12904 who was the first person to get all five right!

And now, the answers you've been waiting for:

1  = 


3 = 

4 =  

5 =  

image from —Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. YoYocav

    I like holes.I’v read it 345 times.It rocks. Got to love those books.They rock like heck.

  2. chloe is my bffl

    hey i have never red this book called the smile what is it about? and how do u meggea thme?

  3. Abs

    I really like the book series “the christopher killer” its really scary/romantic/just plain awesome! I <3 reading so much because it takes u to a whole new world. ya know???

  4. Rose

    I thought whn i read the book holes.I thought it was troubling. I had to keep putting it down at some parts because it just became too overpowering to me. But it was still a good book.

  5. alyssa

    i love all the books that are posted . and you are the best . who ever resd that is the best hay can you post my comment plz i never get to post antthing soo plz post this comment. thank you

  6. stinkerbell45

    isn’t Justen Beber CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. firstdancingcandy

    i love this site!!!!!!! my class finally got done with the msp it was so easy

  8. m1

    I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!! I love the movies and the books. For someone who loves magical and fantasy stories, Harry Potter is a great book for you!

  9. m1

    I LOVE INKHEART!!! I think it is the best book ever! The movie is good too, but I like the book better!

  10. Alexis

    This was a really FUN activity!!! :0 Thanks for the oppurtunity of this fun activity! Thanks Again!!!

  11. famouskookygoggle

    does anybody no when there going to have another triva question about books?

  12. Hannah M

    I really Think Rules is a good book and everyone should read it. If don’t like that book there is another book called
    A Whole Nother Story if you like fantasy, humor, adventure, and mystery combined get that book. It is by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

  13. famouskookygoggle

    omg I’m reading hoot in reading class! we just watched the movie today

  14. famouskookygoggle

    when i watched the movie holes i got scared and i had nightmares going to bed but now that I’m older i think I’m going to read the book.

  15. bboy1709

    yo dairy of wimpy kid rules yeh and i read twilight and fav team bball is cavs all day new boyz all day

  16. Abby

    ya i would have never guessed because the only one I’ve read is Holes and i would have not put it on my top 5 list at all! :P would you?

  17. Sokkergirle101

    Holes is an amazing book about how life has its ups and dowwns, left and rights, and a boy lives life large……..and not nessasarly in a good way!

  18. Hermione524

    I can’t believe that I misssed number three!!! I just saw that book in the book store!!!

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