February 1, 2011

Trivia Answers: Popular Names and their Meanings

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Trivia Tuesday:TRIVIA ANSWERS: TOP 10 NAMES OF 2010

Howdy Splotters! Last week, we flashed back to 2010, and posted Trivia on the Top Baby Names. How many did you guess? Answers are below:

10. Abigail. Hebrew for My Father’s Joy.

9. Addison. Old English for Son of Adam. Or perhaps daughter if it is a girl’s name. I also found “Addie” to mean “noble or kind.”

8. Madison. English for Son of Maud. This name for girls was practically non-existent before 1985, but rose as high as #2, being the second most popular name after Emily, in 2001.

7. Lily. Greek form of the name Lillian. Named after the flower – lily.

6. Ava. German for Like a Bird.

5. Chloe. Greek. Meaning Blooming, or sprouting from the earth. A perfect name for spring!

4. Emma. Latin for Universal or entire.

3. Olivia. Originally Latin, meaning Olive Tree. Introduced by Shakespeare in his play Twelfth Night, the name may have been meant as a feminine form of Oliver.

2. Isabella. Both Hebrew and Italian. The Hebrew meaning God is my Vow and the Italian meaning For the Love of God. Both very powerful!

1. Sophie. Greek for Wisdom. Now that’s a name to be proud of!

Now the BOYS:

10. Liam. Irish for Unwavering Protector. The British version of the name is William.

9. Lucas. Latin for Bringer of Light. Also, luminous, white. Some say it is derived from the female name Luciana.

8. Caden. Welsh for Spirit of Battle, or Fighter.

7. Logan. Scottish for Small Hollow.

6. Noah. Hebrew for Rest or Comfort. This name seems to be making a popular comeback!

5. Jayden. American/ English for Thankful, or “God has heard.” Usually a boy’s name, it has also jumped in popularity as a girl’s name.

4. Ethan. Hebrew for Strong.

3. Jackson. Old English meaning Jack’s son. Also, Jack is derived from the name John, which means God is gracious.

2. Jacob. Hebrew for The Supplanter, or one who trips up another and takes his place, referring to the Biblical story of how Jacob tricked his twin brother Esau to take his place.

1. Aiden. Irish for Fiery. Rules the boy’s list for the sixth year in a row!

UPDATE: Take a  look at the list of most popular names of 2013! It’s changed a little bit!

Did your name, or the name of anyone you know pop up on the list? What would be YOUR top baby names? Drop us a line in the Comments below! Until next time!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. snowlabrador18

    I wish I knew what Leiyla meant. if you know please post it I would realy appreciate it… thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. castlechateau22

    I’m just gonna say, my real name is one that is REALLY hard to guess, pronounce, and if any of you guess this then I am stunned by your mind reading abilities.

  3. Emma

    My name is Emma,and when i read it said universal or entire,im really confused lol. like what does that even mean?!

  4. Isabella

    My name’s Isabella and I really like the meanings for my names. I also know kids named Aiden, Ethan, Logan, Emma, Ava, Madison, Abigail, Lily, and Olivia. Some of the meanings really match them!

  5. HermioneHJG

    I know a girl whose name is Aiden, and on the list, it says that was the most popular BOYS’ name. (awkward) Maybe her parents screwed up! (lol)

  6. skinney minney

    When I have kids , I will name them Willow… Piper…and Sydney. Sydney will be a boy and Willow and Piper will be girls.

  7. ThePhantomAuthor

    These are my top names.
    Girl: Athene, Lawliet, Raye, Sage
    Boy: L, Erik, Philip, Cristofer

  8. Alexis

    I want to name my daughter Eloise meaning sun and my son Jeremy which I don’t know what it means.

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