February 16, 2010

Trivia Answers: Pictograms x3

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Trivia_tuesday Last week was the third round of book title pictogram trivia. A giant congratulations goes out to Thalia-Grace-Is-Awesome for being the first person to get all the answers! For everyone else. . . If you got also got the answers right accept my somewhat small congratulations. If you were stumped, here are the answers:

1. 1 =  39clues_maze_bones

2. 2

3. 3 =  Diaryofawimpykid

4.  4 =   Lunchmoney

5.  5 =  Runningoutoftime

image from kids.scholastic.comCarly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. crazyfootball33

    wowzers that is so cool how did u come up with those oh and while im on here will u add me as a friend plzzzz

  2. Alexis

    Well i like all books mostly, but my favorite book is twilight. what about you guys, what are your favorite books to read or heard of?

  3. cookieflavouredninja

    luv the pix u made! they r so cool! i like th diary of a wimpy kid one! hey maybe we can b friends find me and send a shout out please!!!

  4. roonietoonie

    cool pictures I think I will try that I can do that for homework one day it will be so fun my teacher will love it YAY!

  5. Crazytacogirl

    I love the book Running Out of Time! Could you make more of those puzzle things? I really enjoyed doing them!

  6. I love to read!

    I love all those books. I think I have read all of them. I love a little mystery now and then!!!!!!!!!

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