December 9, 2009

Trivia Answers: Guess the Book Covers

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Trivia_tuesday Hi Everyone! Last week I posed a trivia question to you all. I asked you to identify FIVE book covers based on a small square of each, and tell me what they all have in common. Well, star341230sarah could tell you! She was the first person to comment with the name they all have in common: Charlie or Charles.

As for the individual books, here you go:

1.  4
First guessed by LynnTAB

2.  Charlieandthechocolatefactory
First guessed by LynnTAB

3.  Littlehouseontheprarie
First guessed by fallbookgirl

4.  Xmen
First guessed by cakefrosting76

5.  Charliebone
First guessed by LynnTAB

And congratulations to everyone else who got the answers right!

Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Distrant Waves

    Hey Yall likewts up I am posting a comment on the book cover thingey like I think the cover to distant waves

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