September 14, 2009

Trivia Answers: Andrew Clements’ School Stories

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Andrew Clements book fanWow, I had no idea you guys were such dedicated Andrew Clements fans! A whole bunch of you sent in the right answers within 24 hours — and the speediest of all was Candysplash, who posted correctly a mere 20 minutes after my trivia question went up. Congrats, Candysplash!

I also have to mention WallieBitter, who left about a zillion comments. Okay, fine, only four. But she definitely proved herself to be an Andrew Clements devotee because it looks like she beat me to the punch — the day before I posted my trivia question, WallieBitter started an online book club on the Reading Buzz board, and she decided to dedicate the first month to none other than Andrew Clements! Check it out!

So major props to both Candysplash and WallieBitter. You guys, RAWK!

Btw, for the rest of you who aren’t as, say, zealous as Candysplash and WallieBitter, here are the correct answers:

1. Room One: A Mystery or Two
D. One day, Ted notices a face at the window of a supposedly abandoned house. What’s up with that?!

Lunch Money
When Greg decides to draw comic books and sell them to his classmates, they’re a hit! But not everyone agrees. . .

3. Frindle
A. In this student vs. teacher showdown, Nick and Mrs. Granger face off when Nick invents a new word for “pen.”

4. Lost and Found
E. Ray and Jay are twins in a new town, and happy to have each other to
rely on. But soon they discover that the school only has records for
one of them! Can you say, “Double Trouble”?

5. The School Story

B. Natalie and her best friend, Zoe, set out to get Natalie’s short novel published.

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

PS. Now that I know there are tons of Andrew Clements fans on THE STACKS, I have a couple follow-up questions that I’m dying to hear your thoughts on:

1) After reading his books, do you feel any more sympathetic towards your teachers? Since Andrew Clements is a former teacher, I can’t help but wonder if that’s his secret plan . . .

2) Do you ever cry when you read his books? Personally, I’ve bawled at quite a few of them, especially The School Story. I’ve heard from other adults that they also get a little weepy, but I don’t know about kids! Then again, I’m also a total sucker for tearjerkers. I pretty much sobbed through all three hours of the movie Titanic too. And don’t even get me started on holiday commercials! (Maybe you’re wondering which holiday commercials I’m referring to? ALL of them!)

  1. Fudge44409

    hey everybody im really knew here i just started yesterday!!!does anyone feel like being friends with me?my name is Jennelle

  2. Fudge44409

    I am a very sensitve person and i can start to cry easily.So in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, when Fred or george(cant remember)died,i started crying.and also when the headmaster died, i literally started sobbing.
    anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!please write me back!!!!

  3. WallieBitter

    okay i think im starting to be a pest…hey karen! do you want to join my book club! it would be really fun!

  4. readingstar5

    1. Yes, this made me feel VERY sympathetic to teachers. They always work hard, and kids don’t understand that.
    2.The School Story made me cry. It just seemed sad to me. Natalie didn’t get much credit.

  5. Candysplash

    Wow!Thank You so much for mentioning my name.I have to admit,I am pretty devoted to the Andrew Clements school stories!

  6. Black Horse

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  7. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    @Crystal: Well, like I said, I cry pretty easily at sentimental stuff, so maybe it’s just me. But I’ve cried (or at least teared up) at the following Andrew Clements books:
    The School Story
    The Landry News
    The Janitor’s Boy
    The Last Holiday Concert
    See, I told you I cry easily!

  8. Crystal

    :) I’ve only read two of Andrew Clements books:The Report Card and Things Not Seen. They were good, but they didn’t make me cry. Which ones exactly are tear-jerkers? (Without any spoilers, please!)

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