April 27, 2010

Trivia Answers

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Congratulations PaperFlowers for being the first person to get all the trivia questions from two weeks ago correct! Lots of people had most of them, but these ten questions spanned the difficulty-meter. (In fact, comment # 5 was "Too Easy" and #6 was "that's hard!") So here are the answers to all the questions, so you can find the one(s) you missed:

1. Picket, Slit-rail, Chain-link

Types of fences

2. Skeleton, Luge, Bobsled

Types of sledding

3. Glimmer, Marvel, Cashmere

Career tributes from District 1 in The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up)

4. African, Tap, Ballet

Types of dance

5. Buttercup, Westley, Inigo

Characters from The Princess Bride

6. Allen, Clarkson, Underwood

Last names of American Idol winners

7. Sour, Wild Berry, Tropical

Types of Skittles

8. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Two-Face

Batman villians

9. Liberty Square, Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland

Places in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

10. Charging, Interference, Slashing

Hockey penalties

image from kids.scholastic.com —Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. heavyhitter

    teddy form good luck charlie i just want to tell you that i have a cat name charlie

  2. liz22101

    i have 2 things 2 say. 1st GOOD JOB PAPERFLOWERS! 2nd, lizzie, luk on my nam its LIZ 22101!

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