May 16, 2009

Trivia Answer: Percy Jackson & The Olympians

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Lightennigtheif_130Wow! That was impressive. Congratulations to Jacob, who nailed every question of my my Lightning Thief trivia — and answered only a few minutes after the post went up! To recap, here are the questions and Jacob’s absolutely correct answers:

1. What was the Roman (not Greek!) name for Percy’s father? – Neptune

2. What is the first hint we get of who Percy’s father really is? – When Percy doused the Cabin 5 kids in bathroom water (although we also get a much smaller hint earlier when Percy mentions that the only activity he’s good at is canoeing)

3. Which monster is Percy’s namesake famous for killing? – Medusa

4. Which three planets are named after Percy’s father and uncles? – Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto

5. Why is the entrance to the underworld in L.A.? (Feel free to be creative with this one.) – The entrance to the Underworld is always in the west.

6. Where did Percy stab Ares, and what classical hero is this a reference to? – Heel; Achilles

Way to go, Jacob! I’ll have to make the questions harder after I read Sea of Monsters . . .

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. julian511

    Well, Aidan, he’s famous for BOTH. And it’s the minotaur. Not the mintar. Ah, yes. Nancy Bobofit. sounds like someone at my school.

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