June 3, 2009

Trivia Answer: Chronicles of Narnia

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Narnia_130Now that's what I call a team effort. Congrats to all who wrote in with answers to the Narnia trivia questions! I'm going to post the best answers I got for all four:

1. What kind of creature is Mr. Tumnus?
"A faun." – Aliyah

2. Why can't Susan return to Narnia in The Last Battle?
"Susan can't return because she doesn't believe in it anymore." – Aly

3. The seven Narnia books were not published in chronological order, meaning that the events in Book 1 are not the beginning of the story. Can you arrange the books in chronological order?
"#1-Magician's Nephew.
#2-The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
#3- Horse and His Boy
#4- Prince Caspian
#5- Voyage of the Dawn Treader
#6- The Silver Chair
#7- The Last Battle"

4. What does "further up and further in" mean? Who says it, and when?
"When the 3 Pevensie children (Peter, Lucy, and Edmund), Eustace, Jill,
Polly, and Digory all arrive at the TRUE NARNIA (Book: The Last Battle),
Aslan roars over his shoulder, 'Come futher in! Come further up!' which
led everyone to say 'Further up and further in.'" – Mary P (+ shout-out to LibrarianVei, who had a great little analysis of this moment)

BONUS: J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis were both members of a small authors group in England. What was it called?
"The Inklings." – Aliyah

Congratulations again, everyone! Internet high-five!

— Jack, STACKS staffer

  1. Robyn

    I love narnia!! It is such a great story.It Makes aperson believe of whats not possible in life. It makes a person believe beyond our world.Really it does becuase there is so much magic and adventure in Narnia. And no financial problems!! Ha Ha Funny!! Well any ways Narnia is sounds likes a buaetiful place. I wish I lived in Narnia. I wish I had a magical wardrobe!! Well anyways it was nice putting my comment on here. BYE!!!!

  2. Hope111

    YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!I wass thw first one to get #3 right. Thanks for putting this up, Jack.

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