September 8, 2009

Trivia: Andrew Clements’ School Stories

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Andrew Clements book fan for School Stories Trivia including The School Story, Frindle, Lunch Money, Lost and Found, and Room One: A Mystery of Two Well, there’s no denying it. Now that Labor Day has come and gone, I must acknowledge that summer truly is over. *weep* *sob* [insert dramatic nose-blowing here]

But going back to school isn’t all bad! There’s always a wonderful sense of hope and expectation during the first few days of school. Anything is possible, and the year is as full of promise as the cafeteria garbage can will be full of tuna surprise by the end of lunch period.

In honor of the new school year, I’ve devised a trivia challenge that highlights books known as “school stories” in the publishing world. And they’re all by one author! I guess it’s because he used to be a teacher, but Andrew Clements pretty much owns the “school stories” category. He’s written over a dozen novels, almost all of which focus on the drama that happens during the hours that your parents think you’re just sitting quietly and taking notes (HA!).

So, here’s my challenge to you: can you match these Andrew Clements book descriptions to the right titles? (I was going to include the covers, but then I realized that would make things way too easy on you — now you’ll just have to rely on Google! Just kidding — no cheating!)

The Books:

1. Room One: A Mystery or Two
2. Lunch Money
3. Frindle
4. Lost and Found
5. The School Story

The Descriptions:

A. In this student vs. teacher showdown, Nick and Mrs. Granger face off when Nick invents a new word for “pen.”

B. Natalie and her best friend, Zoe, set out to get Natalie’s short novel published.

C. When Greg decides to draw comic books and sell them to his classmates, they’re a hit! But not everyone agrees…

D. One day, Ted notices a face at the window of a supposedly abandoned house. What’s up with that?!

E. Ray and Jay are twins in a new town, and happy to have each other to rely on. But soon they discover that the school only has records for one of them! Can you say, “Double Trouble”?

Alright, if you can stop crying about the end of summer long enough, leave a comment with your guesses!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. andrewclementsfan

    I’ve read all these books, and they are AWESOME!!
    A. Frindle
    B. The School Story
    C. Lunch Money
    D. Room One
    E. Lost And Found

  2. MusicLover837

    I’m a big fan of Andrew Clements, but some of these, I just guessed. =P
    A. Frindle
    B.The School Story
    C. Lunch Money
    D. Room One: A Mystery or Two
    E. Lost and Found

  3. Aly

    1. D.
    2. C.
    3. A.
    4. E.
    5. B.
    I love reading Andrew Clements! He writes really well. If you haven’t read him, pick up one of his books and read!!!

  4. WallieBItter

    okay so here’s my answer for the challenge:
    1. d
    2. c
    3. a
    4. e
    5. b
    i’ve read all of these books…i know…im kinda obsessed!

  5. WallieBItter

    Okay so I know that I’ve posted like a ton of comments but what can I say? Andrew Clements is one of my favorite authors!

  6. WallieBItter

    Come join us! Just go to the Book Buzz board and join the Rockin’ Readers Book Club! We have a whole month worth of Andrew Clements books prepared!

  7. WallieBitter

    Wow! I LOVE Andrew Clements’s books. Its kind of wierd though because I just started a book club on a board and I chose to have a month full of Andrew Clements books…coincidence???

  8. Candysplash

    This is a really fun Ink Splot Blog!Well,here are my answers.
    B-The School Story
    C-Lunch Money
    D-Room One:A Mystery or Two
    E-Lost and Found

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