July 12, 2011

Book Titles in Other Words ANSWERED

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Qmark_130 The Answers Are Here!

Last week I posted a Book Titles in Other Words Quiz, where I took your favorite book titles and did a little bit of rewording. Did you figure them all out? Check the answers below to find out!

  1. Journal of a Cowardly Child: The Grotesque Facts
    ANSWER: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth
  2. The Exploits of Major Long-Johns
    ANSWER: The Adventures of Captain Underpants
  3. The Toddler Recliners Society
    ANSWER: The Baby-sitters Club series
  4. Utter Dairy Products and Perish (Hint: A book in the Goosebumps series)
    ANSWER: Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die
  5. The Starving Contests
    ANSWER: The Hunger Games
    (for ages 12 and up)
  6. The Electricity Burglar
    ANSWER: The Lightning Thief
  7. Crevices
    ANSWER: Holes
  8. To the United States
    ANSWER: Dear America series
  9. The Sultan’s Cipher (Hint: A book in The 39 Clues series)
    ANSWER: The 39 Clues: The Emperor’s Code
  10. Harold Planter and the Two Quarters Hemoglobin Royalty
    ANSWER: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

What other ways can you think to reword these titles? Let us know in the Comments below!!

image from kids.scholastic.comBrian, STACKS Summer Intern (a.k.a. BlackBird268)

  1. saphirehorse7

    this quiz was hard but i got all of them right. 100 percent. but i’ve only read books 1,2,3,and 4.i want to read the other ones.

  2. Me

    Harry Potter (or other name) and the Orange Sky of Victory- not really a play on words, but that’s what the US cover looks like, and I managed to convince my brother for a couple of weeks that it was true. That, and the Purple Sky of Despair, but he didn’t believe that one. :)

  3. Andrea

    Wow, this quiz was challening….but it was great though! A little challenge once in a whle is nice! These questions were very clever!

  4. Cheyanne

    WOW!!! That must take some serious effort and time.How did you thionk of doing this. You must be very intelligent person BlackBird268.

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