January 10, 2011

Top 11 Most Wanted of 2011

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Writingprompt_generic Number 11, this is your lucky year, because in honor of 2011, we are making a Top 11 List not just a Top 10 of all the things we are looking forward to in 2011. It's going to be a big year, so it's a good thing we could squeeze in an extra slot. Check out the Top 11 most anticipated events of 2011!

Counting down:

11) The new American Idol. Now the Top 12 contestants will live with each other in a house in Hollywood. Premieres Tuesday, Jan. 12th. Maybe I will actually watch again!

10) New Avril Lavigne CD. Coming out this year (very secretive!) Maybe another Skater Boi hit.

9) The Smurfs movie. The Smurfs land in New York City, and have to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down. Katy Perry will be the voice of Smurfette, and I can't to wait to see this one!

8) Soul Surfer movie. AnnaSophia Robb is the actress who plays Bethany Hamilton in this true story about an actual girl in Hawai'i who lost her arm in a shark attack, and then went on to become a champion surfer!

7) Nickelodeon's new show How to Rock Braces & Glasses starring Romeo's sister and Master P's daughter, Cymphonique. I read a blurb about it, much like I read a blurb years ago about "a new show starring Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter." That turned out to be Hannah Montana! This one sounds funny. Plus I just like the title, and Cymphonique is adorable in this STACKS video.


6) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules is out in theaters in March. The trailer looks hilarious. I think I'll love it as much as the first Wimpy Kid movie.

5) NeRick_riordanw Rick Riordan books. Book 2 of Kane Chronicles series will come out on May 3. Book 1, The Red Pyramid, came out last May. Based on Egyptian mythology, Carter and Sadie Kane discover they are descended from two pharaohs, and ancient Egypt is still very much alive. No title has been announced yet for Book 2 but we will keep you posted. And if you are a Heroes of Olympus fan, Book 2 of that series will come out in Fall 2011.  

4) The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides comes out in May. Captain Jack Sparrow is looking for the fountain of youth. Now what could go wrong with that?

3) Justin_MyWorld Justin Beiber's autobiographical movie Never Say Never. In 2D or 3D. My friend at MTV says it's going to break box office records! Read our interview with Justin where he talks about it.

Vespers 2) Book 1 of an all new 39 Clues series, Vespers Rising, hits bookshelves April 5, 2011. Six more books to continue this addictive series. I knew it couldn't be over! Written by superstar authors like Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Rick Lerangis and Jude Watson.

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The FINAL Harry Potter movie!!! Need I say more? HP7-2


What about you guys? What are some of the things YOU can't wait for in 2011? Let us know in the Comments!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. jamie

    omg I thought 2011 was going to be the best year ever but my bus diver is so mean and my teach is so crazzzy I have know idea what to do????????

  2. hermione

    I haven’t even watched the first part and the second part’s coming out already. This person I know was at the theatres to watch the showing of Deathly Hallows and her friend just came from the previous showing. Her friend started talking about the movie and what happened in it loudly and the peoople in the line were… well, you know how you’d feel.

  3. justin bieber big fan

    im excited about the new movie “twlight saga: breaking dawn” im a huge huge super crazy fan #1 in the twilight fan thats me.!B):d

  4. percyj99

    The new Kane Chronicles title is The Throne of Fire (see Rick Riordan’s blog entry for Thursday, January 13, 2011). I read/listened to the first chapter and I can’t wait until 5/3/11!!!

  5. Tori

    hey guys! i am excited 4 all of those things 2. need i say though, ” The Hunger Games” movie is said to come out later this year! wow! i cant wait, since it is my fave book EVER!

  6. alywrites

    10, 6, 4, and 1 for me.
    Also, I’m excited for a ton of other book and movie releases this year and TO FINISH THIS SCHOOL YEAR…and unfortunately start the next one. :/

  7. Popcorn3penguin

    #1 Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Part2
    #4 pirates of the carebien 4
    #10 I heard it its amazzing
    oh and one not listed My Sweet 16!!!

  8. sara

    I love Harry Potter sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read every book twice my favorite is the third but the seventh iss reall good!!!!

  9. owlo360pop

    im so excited for some movies that will be coming out soon. like so many things are ending. first of all the last harry potter movie, second breaking dawn is coming out soon!!, then most likely the hobbit will come out soon too!!!

  10. Rena

    1)DEATHLY HALLOWS 2 !!!!!
    2)Angel (maximum ride 6)
    3)no comment (a secret that makes it on to the list)
    5)THG MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t think of anything else. I’m not a JB or HM fan.

  11. Charlotte

    I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!! (no offense to people to like Twilight, but I like Harry Potter better)

  12. crazyfrog97

    OMG! I didn’t know Diary of a Wimpy Kid is having the SECOND movie! I’m SO ready for 2011!!!!

  13. HermioneHJG

    I am so excited to find out what the year 2011 brings. I will most likely see the 2nd part of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows even though I didn’t see the first movie (it doesn’t matter cause I’ve read the book anyway). This year my sister will be starting middle school, even though she’s homeschooled and it’s not all that different. I’m also hoping I will make a lot of friends this year! And I can’t wait for the new season of American Idol!! GO 2011!!!
    P.S. Ratha had the info mixed up. American Idol doesn’t start until Wednesday, January 19th and this year, Jan. 12th is on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. :)

  14. s.snape2000

    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cried soo much during the first part!Dobby:(

  15. SF GIANTS FAN 283855

    OMG I can’t wait until all those awe some movies come out, especially the Harry Potter movie! GO GIANTS!!!

  16. Chrysanthemum98

    OMG I CAN NOT wait for the Rick Riordan books and the HO movie! I had nooo idea there was gonna be another Pirates of The Caribbean movie, so thanks for letting me know!

  17. GNOletsgo1

    I’m excited for all books mentioned above, the HP movie (AHHHHHHHHH!), and the concluding episode of the awesome show, Hannah Montana.That is all, or at least most of the things I cannot wait for.

  18. 51dotfeg

    I cant wait for The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 to come on DVD, for the 4th Pirates and the Caribbean Movie, For Justin Bieber’s autobiographical movie Never Say Never!!, The last season of the Hannah Montana Forever to come (I don’t like Miley any more for giving up Hannah Montana.).

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