August 26, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Get Excited About Back-to-School

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10reasonsback-to-schoolTop 10 Reasons to Get Excited About Back-to-School

You’ve got your pencils sharpened and your new Chuck Taylors ready. Your mom stocked up on your favorite snacks, and your back-to-school outfits are hung up in order.

But you’re still not feelin’ it. Back-to-school panic hits you. Nooooooo!!! The lazy days of summer are still calling your name. Well, to get you in the mood, check out our Top 10 Reasons to Get Excited About Back-to-School, and you’ll remember how much you love school in no time. We hope.

  • 10. Your crush is in your class.
  • 9. Pizza day!
  • 8. You just got your braces off. Your peeps need to check out your new straight teeth.
  • 7. You get to change classes this year!
  • 6. After-school sports and epic football matches during recess. Game on!
  • 5. You have awesome back-to-school clothes and can’t wait to model them on the runway. Err… hallway.
  • 4. You have killer school supplies, including a shag rug and magnetic Kleenex box for your locker.
  • 3. You’ve had kind of a boring summer and you’re really, truly, actually READY to go back!
  • 2. You miss your friends … your backup friends … and the people you talk to that aren’t friends yet, but you could see them as potential future friends.
  • 1. You like to learn new things, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

So this school year, enjoy the things you are interested in and work hard at the not-so-fun or challenging things. That feeling of accomplishment can’t be beat when you finally rise to the top. Take a moment to revel in the pure joy of learning. A quote I loooove by Albert Einstein is:

“Education is what remains after you have forgotten all you have been taught.”

School not only teaches you the academic stuff, but affects how you see the world, how you deal with people, and ultimately, what kind of person you will become. Sure, there are not so great parts, but there are those parts you’ll carry in your mind and heart forever.

So go forth . . .learn much . . and try to make healthy choices for lunch. Let us know in the Comments below your #1 reason to go back to school this fall!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Kyara

    My crush is in 4 of my classes!!! Hopefully this year things will work out!!
    His initials are J.B.

  2. deinsyworld123q

    going back to school hes pretty good cause am seeing my best friend there and talk about cool stuff

  3. drawingviolet8

    the reason im SOOOOOO excited to go back because I have my 1st week of school clothes ready! and my friends will be all like “wow were did you get those jeans!” and I will love to see my crew again!!

  4. ScarletStation15

    The reason I was excited to go back to school was because I got to see old friends and teachers, got to meet new friends and teachers, and got to experience my new schedule. I have eight classes the first semester and then seven the next semester. SO MANY CLASSES!

    ~ a 7th grader ~

  5. clawsenthusiastic5

    I love going back to school I had read 40 books this summer 50 last summer and 60 the summer before.

  6. dragonflyteal11

    I’m actually in 7th grade now but that doesn’t mean i don’t get first day jitters

  7. dragonflyteal11

    I can absolutely excited for school for two reasons …. my crush and back to school means new clothes well I hope so at least

  8. Adventurepegasus10

    1# reason why I’m excited to go back to school:
    This year I’m going to middle school=D
    Not only that but the middle I’m going to is one of the top schools in the city!!!
    It got second place in the city for statewide test results!!!:)

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