August 30, 2009

Titanic Shipwreck!

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Titanicfacts On a calm April night in 1912, the world's largest ship, Titanic, sank after crashing into an iceberg . On board were 2,228 passengers including wealthy businessmen, movie stars, senior members of governments, and also poor immigrants dreaming of a new life in America. They all believed the Titanic was "unsinkable," but they were wrong. More than 1,500 died in the shipwreck.

I can't explain why, (I mean, it's totally sad that all those people died) but I have to admit being fascinated by this story. The ship was just so huge! And so over-the-top opulent and fancy! And now all that sunken treasure is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean!

If you're like me and you want to know more, then check out these amazing facts:

On Board Titanic

  • A first-class ticket for a Titanic parlor suite started at $4,350, which would be approximately $50,000 today. The most expensive rooms were more than $80,000 in today's dollars.
  • A third-class ticket at Titanic cost $35, which is approximately $620 in today's dollars.  Up to 10 people stayed in each third-class room. 
  • There were only two bathtubs for the more than 700 third-class passengers.

Disaster Strikes

  • Even if all 20 lifeboats had been filled to capacity, there would only have been room in them for 1,178 people.
  • At first most of the passengers did not believe Titanic was really sinking, hence the low number of 19 aboard the first lifeboat, even though it could carry 65.
  • Tennis player R. Norris Williams and his father felt it was too cold to remain out on deck as the Ship went down, so they went into the gym to ride the exercise bikes.
  • At the time of Titanic's destruction, the temperature of the water was a frigid 28°F (-2°C). Most people who didn't drown in the water would have died of hypothermia, while others may have had heart attacks.

The Aftermath

  • Initial headlines of the Titanic disaster claimed all passengers survived and the Ship was being towed to land.(WRONG!)
  • No skeletons remain at the wreck site. Any bodies carried to the seabed with the wreck were eaten by fish and crustaceans.
  • 14 years before the sinking of Titanic, Morgan Robertson penned a fictitious tale about a ship named Titan that collides with an iceberg. Some of the uncanny similarities between the book and the Titanic disaster include the month (April), the length of the ship (Titanic 882.5 feet, Titan 800 feet), and the number of passengers on board (Titanic 2,200; Titan 2000). (FREAKY!)

Recovery Expedition

  • Expeditions to recover artifacts have been conducted at the Titanic's wreck site, located 963 miles northeast of New York and 453 miles southeast of the Newfoundland coastline, during the summers of 1987, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2004.
  • In the 2004 expedition, the Remora 6000 Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) was used for the recovery of objects. This ROV was controlled from the surface via ROV pilots.
  • It takes over two and a half hours to reach the Titanic wreck site. Each dive lasts about twelve to fifteen hours with an additional two hours to come back up to the surface.

For more about what it was like to experience this awful disaster, I recommend this brand new Titanic book and these Titanic books. They really make you feel like you are there!

— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

Fact credits: RMS Titanic, Inc.

  1. basketballgreen62

    The titanic was really sad. One part i liked was when the first-class people were dancing. I hope they have the dancing part in the book.

  2. Delena

    That would be the scariest thing EVER!
    (Freaky!) The movie is in theaters again! so long ago though…….

  3. james

    the titanic must have beev scarey seeing people freeze to death people also broke there necks because of the lifejackets.

  4. Taylor :)

    Okay i would have told everyone that i loved that i love them an them i would be freaking out because that really scary an who would want to be a sinking ship an die like all the 1 million people that dies that day. i wish i could have gotten to see that ship sink i that that the titanic is really important to our History. In our History books at school it talks lotz about the titanic. our teacher asked us one if we would of gotten on the Titanic, i said yes because lots of famous people would get on the boat…

  5. BROaDWAY-gEEk18

    I went to see the titanic artifacts exhibit it was REALLY REALLY cool! Of course though i have been obsessed with the Titanic since i was in like 1st grade! :P
    But i do highly recommend going to see it if it comes to your state! :D :D :) :P

  6. selena

    i whould have been scared if i was on the titanic then and i feel so sorry 4 all the lost people

  7. Sali

    Hey this is Sali Peanut!!!! Miss you all!!!!! Some of the people on the Titanic are really annoying I would of wished that my sister was there to play with me!!!!to bad she would of bean on another SHIP!!!!!! : (
    I would of missed her alot I would of called her on a titanic phone! I LOVE hte titanic ; P

  8. powertiger

    Wow. I’m surprised that so few people got out alive. I mean, the ship was partly tilted before it was too late! Although I guess being called “unsinkable” doesn’t help at all when you’re sinking.

  9. sarah

    Um, Hello!!!! Titanic? Tons Of dead people! WAAAAY Scary!! LOL;)It would have freaked me out!!!:-0

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