April 23, 2009

3 Qs for Mary Kay, Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls

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Alliefinklemovingday_130 I think Allie Finkle has the right idea. Rules are great — they remind us to look both ways before crossing streets, to not eat too much candy before dinner, and to not blame the dog if we didn't do our homework.

I just finished Moving Day, Book 1 in the Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls series, and I decided I needed to ask Allie's former best friend, Mary Kay, some questions. See, Mary Kay ends up betraying Allie in a pretty specific way, but I think overall, she probably means well. She was just hurt and probably a little afraid.

So here's what I would ask Mary Kay if I had the chance:

  1. Why do you cry so much?
  2. Why would you want to be friends with someone like Brittany Hauser?
  3. Do you miss Allie now that she's moved away?

Who else out there likes Allie Finkle? Tell me what you'd want to ask Mary Kay in the comments!

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

  1. Ebba

    I have writh the first book and I´m writing ´´The new girl´´ now. And I want to ask Mary Kay: Why do you was so evil to Allie on the first book and then when Allie was a animal rescuer she was nice to her?
    My english maybe is bad but I´m just eleven years old and I´m coming from sweden =) I´m a big fan to Meg Cabot and I really wish that you seeing this! Bye! =)

  2. alex

    Hi!I just read one of your books and i love it !Im a really big fan.I hope i would get to meet you sometime.

  3. AllieFInkleRox

    OMG i luv allie finkle! i have all the books except summer camp and have read each 3 or 4 times! LUV IT!

  4. courtney

    i really want to know when allie finkles rules for girls summer camp is out me and my mum keep going to the shops to see if its out but it isn’t so i really love your books i’m a big fan toatlly like you!!!

  5. funnycheering

    Here are 3 questions for Mary Kay:
    1. Did YOU think it was OK that Brittney was treating the cat like that?
    2. Why were you so sad when you didn’t get to lick the spatula?
    3. Why couldn’t you be the boy lion and let Allie be the girl for once? Allie’s the one with rugburns!

  6. minibacon

    Why did you cry because you couldn’t lick the spatula?
    Why did you cry because Allie left your house?
    Why are you so weird?
    Question for Allie:
    Why are you sooo mean?

  7. gymnasticsgirl101

    why r u mean 2 allie after everything shes done 4 u?
    Why r u a cry baby?
    Do u miss Allie?
    Why r u friends wit Brittany?
    That wat i would ask .
    Ps i LUV the books

  8. lilrina

    i love your books.i have a question for you is your school a real school or did you make up the school name

  9. lilrina

    i have also read that book im on the third book i havent finished the 2nd but i guess that would count as 2 allie finkle books

  10. E

    I think Rosemary is definetly a tomboy. Even if she wasn’t, her whole personality and attitude say it (in a good way)!

  11. Candysplash

    Three questions I would want to ask Mary Kay are:
    1.Why were so mean to Allie after everything she’s done for you?
    2. Was the only reason that you wanted to be Allie’s friend again is because she was in a newspaper article?
    3. Do you think it’s fair how Brittney Hausser treated her mother’s cat?

  12. Hollis

    I just finished the book, I loved it. I would ask Mary Kay if she is ever going to call allie and say she is sorry

  13. kayla

    my friend had this book and it was so good i want one now lolz well not really not that much and my friends name is kayla lolz

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