October 19, 2010

Three of a Kind Trivia Quiz

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Ink Splot 26

Hey Stackers! I am back with a brand spankin' new Three-of-a-Kind Tuesday Trivia.

If you've forgotten in my long absence, here's how this will go. I'll give you three things, and you tell me what they have in common. For example, if I said "Joe, Nick, and Kevin," the answer would be "They're the Jonas Brothers."

Ready? Set. Go!

1. Stacey, Mary-Anne, Claudia
2. Verdana, Century, Rockwell
3. Margaret Peterson Haddix, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson
4. S'mores, Lucky Charms, Rice Crispy Treats
5. Base, Basket, Foot
6. Michigan J., Kermit, Jeremiah
7. Hi-hat, Tom-tom, Triangle
8. Jacob, Edward, Yankee
9. Salt, Bottled, Rain
10. Simon, i, STACKS Staffer

Leave your answers in the Comments! I'll be back next week with the answers.

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

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  1. whinnyhorse

    1.babysitter club characters
    3.39 clues authors
    5.beginnings of words that end in ball
    6.famous frogs
    7. instruments
    9.water types

  2. justus

    um,maybe all of the candy apple books and all of the poison apple books and my really really favroite book is haunted castle on hallows eve and revenge of the camp weiners and this totally _____ and scooby doo curse of the lake monster and miss popularity goes camping and winner takes it all and drama queen and ive got a secret and a good night ghosts and miss.patty is batty and mr.cluts is mr.nuts and miss popularity a to z mysteres and hello kitty friends and spongebobs sling shot

  3. Drawing Freak19

    1) The Babysitters Club
    2) Fonts
    3)The 39 Clues authors
    4) Foods that have marshmellows
    5) Sports that end in ball
    6) Frogs
    7)Percussion Instruments
    8) Twilight Cast
    9)Water sources

  4. Thestral96

    1. Members of the Babysitters Club
    3. Hmmm….authors?
    4. Cereals
    5. Types of Balls
    6. They are frogs
    7. Percussion
    8. They have Teams
    9. Water
    10. I have no clue….

  5. Emily B.

    1. Baby-sitters club
    2. Different types of fonts on the computer
    3. Authors of the 39 clues
    4. Sweet treats with marshmellows in them
    5. Word that end with “ball”
    6. Characters from the “Muppets”
    7. Percussion instruments
    8. Characters from Twilight
    9. Types of water
    10. Carly Simon; iCarly; a STACKS staffer’s name

  6. awsumkid1

    1.Baby Sitters Club
    3.39 Clues Authors
    4.Something with marshmallows
    5.Ends in ball
    6.Character Frogs
    8.Teams(Yankee is not a Twilight character)

  7. Missy

    1. Babysitters Club Characters
    2. Microsoft Fonts
    3. Bluford Series Authors
    4. Marshmallows-Related Foods
    5. “Ball”
    6. Frogs
    7. Parts of Percussions
    8. Twilight Characters
    9. Carly Simon, “iCarly,” and I don’t know a staffer named Carly.

  8. 0mintchoclatechip

    1.Babysitters Club Characters
    2.Types of Fonts
    3.39 Clues Authors
    4.Cereals with Marshmallows
    5.Sports that end in “ball”
    6.Muppets Characters
    7.Percussion Instruments
    8.Twilight Saga Characters
    9.Types of Water
    10.STACKS Staffers

  9. yeahirock

    1. babysitters club
    2. fonts
    3. authors of the 39 clues
    4. marshmallow treats
    5. words ending in ball
    6. frogs
    7. instruments
    8. twilight
    9. water
    10. people on scholastic

  10. Julie

    1) The Baby Sitters Club Characters
    2) Fonts
    3) The 39 Clues Authors
    4) Food with marshmallows as ingredients
    5) Words ending in “ball”
    6) Frogs
    7) Percussion Instruments
    8) Twilight series characters
    9) Types of water
    10) Carly [ (Carly Simon) the singer, (iCarly) the t.v. show, & a STACKS staffer's name]

  11. Starrninjarawr

    1) The Baby Sitters Club Characters
    2) Type of Fonts
    3) Writers of The 39 Clues
    4) Food with marshmallows
    5) Beginning of words ending in “ball”
    6) Different famous frogs
    7) Percussion Instruments
    8) Characters in the Twilight series
    9) Types of water
    10) Names of STACKS staffers

  12. Natalie

    1. Stacey, Mary-Anne, Claudia -is the Baby Sitters Club
    2. Veranda, Century, Rockwell -is types of Music
    3. Margaret Peterson Haddix, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson -is the Authors of 39 Clues book
    4. S’mores, Lucky Charms, Rice Crispy Treats -The types of cereals
    5. Base, Basket, Foot-Sports that end with “ball”.
    6. Michigan J., Kermit, Jeremiah- Types of frogs or the Muppets
    7. Hi-hat, Tom-tom, Triangle-Instruments
    8. Jacob, Edward, Yankee- The Twilight Saga Characters
    9. Salt, Bottled, Rain- Types of Water
    10. Simon, i, STACKS Staffer – Simon I. STACKS Staffer

  13. StyleNinja

    1. BSC?
    2. Fonts to type in
    3. Authors of 39 clues
    4. Cereals or nighttime deserts
    5. sports that end in ball
    6. Muppets
    7. Drum parts
    8. male Twilight characters
    9. types of water
    10. Stack workers?

  14. SuperSapphireSpy

    Okay, most of these are just guesses, but yeah.
    1. Um, Baby Sitter’s Club, I think.
    2. Fonts (like, on Microsoft Word and stuff)
    3. 39 Clues authours
    4. Things with marshmellows in them
    5. Sports whose names end in ‘ball’
    6. Frogs? (well, Kermit’s from the muppets, and Jeramiah’s from that song……)
    7. Uh, I don’t know…..a tom-tom is a drum….and also a name, kind of….
    8. Teams! (LOL!)(Oh, come on. I can’t be the only one who gets this joke…and I don’t even like Twilight!)
    9. Types of water
    10. Weird-ish, cool-ish things???
    Okay, that’s all I got.

  15. Amber L.

    1.Baby Sitter Club
    3.Book authors
    6.Folk Tales
    7.The cats who lost there mittens
    10.Simon I., STACKS Staffer

  16. fantasyreader123

    1: Babysitter’s Club
    2: I don’t know
    3: 39 clues authors
    4: Cereals?
    5: Dunno
    6: Hmm…
    7: I don’t know
    8: I don’t know
    9: Don’t know
    10: Don’t know
    So I only ended up knowing 3!

  17. Koala

    1. They’re from the Baby Sitters Club
    2. It’s on the tip of my tongue! I can’t remember!
    3. 39 Clues authors
    4. They’re types of cereals
    5-10 I can’t think of the rest of them. They’ll come to me eventually.

  18. stonefairy

    Err I only know:
    1. The Baby-Sitter’s Club
    4. Cereal
    9. Water
    10. Scholastic!!
    And I think number 8 is Twilight Saga, but I haven’t heard of Yankee…

  19. mj5s

    1)baby-sitters club
    2)ink splot 26
    3)39 clues
    7)percussion instruments
    10)ink splot 26

  20. weirdogal

    1. Babysitters Club members.
    2. ???
    3. 39 clues authors
    4. cereal
    5. Base,Basket,Foot…BALL!
    6. ???
    7. ???
    8. twilight…???
    9. ???
    10. ???

  21. stuffedmudkiptoy

    1. baby sitters club
    2. fonts
    3. authors
    4. cereals
    5. drum kit accesories
    6. muppets
    7.cymbals on a drum kit
    8. people on the ny yankees (or twilight)
    9, water???
    10. awesome stacks workers!!!

  22. GNOletsgo1

    1. Baby-Sitters Club girls
    2. Font names
    3. The 39 Clues authors
    4. Treats using marshmellows
    5. Prefixes for ball
    6. Different famous frogs
    7. Percussion instruments
    8. Twilight characters?
    9. Different types of water
    10.Things that are awesome? :D
    I took about 5 minutes…and I didn’t know two of them!

  23. Dewdropo208

    1. Baby Sitters Club Girls
    2. Typing Fonts
    3. The Authors of the 39 Clues
    4. Types of cereal
    5. Sports that involve balls
    6. Anthropomorpic frogs
    7. Jazz instruments
    8. ?

  24. mia y justin

    this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 the endHHHHHHHH

  25. Luna314159

    1. ???
    2. plazas? (or is that Rockefeller?)
    3. authors of 39 Clues
    4. things w/ marshmallows
    5. sports that end in ball (baseball, basketball, football)
    6. Well, Kermit’s a frog…
    7. percussion instruments?
    8. characters from Twilight?
    9. types of water (saltwater etc.)
    10. ???

  26. Miranda

    1. The Baby Sitters Club
    2. Fonts to Type in
    3. Writers of 39 Clues book
    4. Types of delicious deserts
    5. Begining of words ending in “ball”
    7. Percussian Instruments
    8. Characters in the Twilight series
    9. Types of water
    10. Names of STACKS staffers