August 5, 2016

The Thundermans Would You Rather

Max (Jack Griffo), Phoebe (Kira Kosarin) in THE THUNDERMANSSuper-Powered Would You Rather Thundermans Style!

We know you guys love the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans, and a while back we posted a video of Jack Griffo who plays Max. If you don’t already know, The Thundermans stars a family of superheroes trying to live normal everyday lives, while training to save the world. Fourteen-year-old Phoebe is already a superhero, has freeze breath, heat breath, and can move things with her mind. Max, her twin, is a super-villain-in-training (although his parents are hoping it’s just a phase). Their younger brothers and sisters have laser vision, super speed, and teleportation. Now that’s what I call a talented family!

So if you’re a fan of The Thundermans, fly into action with our Would You Rather.

Would you rather:

  1. Be Max or Phoebe?
  2. Have telekinesis (be able to move things with your mind) OR teleportation (disappear and reappear in different places)?
  3. Be a superhero OR super-villain?
  4. Have as a pet Dr. Colosso (cute evil rabbit) OR Judy Hopps (the police officer bunny from Zootopia)?
  5. Live in a family full of superheroes OR a family full of royal kings and queens?
  6. Fly OR be invisible?
  7. Max become a true villain OR change to a good guy?
  8. Get eaten by a Venus flytrap OR get turned into a rat by the Animalizer?

Power up your answers, and transport them into the comments below! And let us know if you love The Thundermans as much as we do.


  1. allie

    family of superheros
    change to good guy
    get eaten by a venus flytrap

  2. Pajamasblue53

    1. Phoebe
    2. Telekinesis
    3. superhero
    4. Dr.Colosso
    5. Family of Superheros
    6. Fly
    7. change to a good guy
    8. Turned into a rat by the animalizer

  3. LoveMonster

    This is soo cool pheobe,telekinesis,superhero,Dr.Colosso,kings and queens,fly,good guy max!,rat by animalizer once again sooo cool

  4. silversparrow291

    1. Max
    2. Teleportation – I’d never be late to school again. (which means I can wake up later.)
    3. A supervillain, but I wouldn’t do anything really bad such as kill people (unless they deserve it).
    4. Judy Hopps, definitely. If only she came together with Nick. As a set.
    5. A family of superheroes – being royal is stressful.
    6. Fly
    7. Become a true villain
    8. Get turned into a rat, because at least I’d still be alive

  5. rubyicecream28

    1. Phoebe
    2 telekinesis
    3 Superhero
    4 Judy Hopps
    5 fullhouseof super heros
    6 invisable
    7 be a good guy
    8 get turnto a rat

  6. Anya919

    1. Phoebe
    3. Superhero
    4.Judy (because of those cute purple eyes)
    7.Good guy
    8.Rat(don’t judge me!!)

  7. makya

    be phoebe
    Judy Hopps
    family full of superheros
    max become a good guy
    turn into a rat

  8. LOLz

    I’d rather be phoebe
    Have telekinesis
    Be superhero
    Kings and queens
    Invisible (to do anything like skip school)
    Have no idea what
    Bro ya serious

  9. bandsly18

    phobe telekinesis hero judy hopps kings and queens fly max good guy flytrap I LOVE THE THUNDERMANS

  10. D

    Judy Hopps
    Family Full Of Super Heroes
    Change To A Good Guy
    Turned Into A Rat By The Animalizer

  11. artisticeyes97

    2. Telekinesis
    3.Super hero
    5.Superhero family
    7. Change to a good guy
    8. Turned into a rat

  12. C

    4.Judy Hopps
    5.Family full of superheroes
    7.Become a good guy
    8.Venus flytrap

  13. Madelyn

    1. Phoebe
    2. teleportation
    3. superhero
    4. Judy Hopps
    5. Family full of superheroes
    6. Fly
    7. Max become a true villian
    8 Get turned into a rat by the animalizer

  14. vampiriebull84

    1. be phoebe
    2. telekinesis
    3. superhero
    4. Dr. colosso full of superheroes
    6. fly
    7. max become a true villain
    8. get eaten by a venus flytrap

  15. twinklingrascal17

    change to A good guy
    eaten by venus flytrap

  16. sekyiwa welcome Max
    6.Be invisible
    7.become a true villian
    8.get eaten by a Venus

  17. Padma

    3.Be a superhero
    4.Judy Hopps as a pet
    5.a family full of royal kings and queens invisible
    7.change to a good guy
    8.get turned into a rat by the Animalizer

  18. energeticdragon264

    1 phoebe
    2 teleportation
    3 superhero
    4 judy hopps
    5 live family of superhero
    6 fly
    7 good guy
    8 turn in to a rat

  19. azurediving13

    1 phoebe
    2 be able to move thing with my mind
    3 super hero
    4 judy hopps
    5 super hero
    6 invisible
    7 good guy
    8 turn into a rat

  20. dogpajamas113

    1 Be Phoebe
    2 teleportation
    3 Super hero
    4 Judy Hopps
    5 Live in a family of super hero
    6 be invisible
    7 Max as a good guy
    8 get turned into a rat

  21. surfgirl1

    1. Phoebe
    2. teleportation
    3. Be a superhero
    4. Judy Hopps
    5. a family full of kings and queens
    6. invisible
    7. change to a good guy
    8.get turned into a rat by the Animalizer

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