December 11, 2013

The Third Door by Emily Rodda

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The Third Door by Emily Rodda (Sequel to The Golden Door and The Silver Door)

Twice before, Rye has risked his life to venture outside the walled city of Weld. He left determined to find his lost brothers and destroy the enemy sending brutal flying beasts called skimmers to attack Weld. But while Rye and his traveling companion, Sonia, managed to find Rye’s brothers, they couldn’t find the source of the skimmers. Weld is still under the gravest threat.

Now one Door out of the city remains: the wooden Door, an ancient entrance that has intrigued Rye thirddoorsince the start of his quest. Rye knows the wooden Door is his final chance. One way or another, Rye’s mission to save Weld will end here. But nothing can prepare him for the shocking discovery that lies behind the third Door.

When Rye and his companions step through the third and final Door, they immediately sense something is wrong. Darkness surrounds the door, and Rye can’t shake away his uneasiness. Where in the world are they?

As they explore the mysterious Fell End and beyond, nothing is as it seems. There are traitors everywhere, and Rye doesn’t know whom to trust with the secrets he uncovers. When he becomes separated from his brothers and Sonia, Rye struggles to remember who he is and what his mission is.

They are running out of time. The evil Shadow Lord is breeding skimmers to attack during the day, not just the night, and people around the world will never be safe. Will the third time be the charm for Rye and Sonia to save Weld? Read and find out!

Read a sample chapter here and tell us what you think about this action-filled book, teeming with adventures, magic, and mythical creatures! Then comment away!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

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