January 15, 2014

The Lost Kingdom Book Review

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The Lost Kingdom (for ages 9-12) by Matthew J. Kirby

It is Billy’s dream to be like his father, a famous botanist in the American colonies who specializes in studying strange and unusual plant life. His garden has plants and visitors from around the world, including famous men like Ben Franklin. Billy always hoped his father would invite him to go on one of his expeditions in the wilderness, so he is thrilled when his father invites him to go on an unusual expedition: to find the lost kingdom of Prince Madoc.lostkingdom

Legend says that the Welsh Prince Madoc sailed to the New World and started a kingdom in Ohio centuries before Columbus. Billy’s father is a member of a secret society of patriots that wants to find the mythical Welsh-speakers and gain them as allies in the French and Indian War.

A crew of philosophers (and one stowaway girl) board a flying airship for their search. But the journey to the American frontier is full of dangers. Along the way, they encounter spies, traitors, French soldiers, and mythical wild beasts. How will they fare on their treacherous journey? Read the first chapter and let us know what you think in the Comments.

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. Hamsterbear114

    This book sounds quite fascinating. I am pretty sure my dad would like this because he LOVES action and mythical beasts.

  2. dancevolleyball55

    It sounds very fascinating and I really like the introduction to the book I might actually read usually I don’t read mystical or magical books usually I read true stories like a dear diary book.

  3. courtney

    I am in seventh grade and I hve a reading level of a high school student. What books would u recommend for me?thank u

  4. bob

    what is the price of this book please i need to know right now for something very impotant that someone will hate me if i dont finish

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