February 5, 2014

The Lost Boy Book Review

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The Lost BoyThe Lost Boy by Greg Ruth (a graphic novel for ages 8-12)

There’s something spooky about Nate’s new house in Crow’s Woods. When Nate gets to pick his own room, he never expects to find a note addressed to him in the floorboards. Along with it is a series of old recordings, all made by a boy named Walter Pidgin.The Lost Boy book cover by Greg Ruth

Walt’s story takes place in the 1950s. Walt takes his mother’s tape recorder with him wherever he goes, documenting his life, especially when weird things start to happen. Dogs and cats start to go missing, and Walt thinks he sees crickets riding dogs and a doll that moves and speaks. And there’s a talking squirrel. He thinks he is going crazy, so he sets off to investigate.

Meanwhile, in the present, Nate starts seeing the same things Walt described on his tapes. His nosy neighbor Tabitha joins him when he decides to seek out answers. Signs are beginning to show that a dark force is about to escape, and Nate and Tabitha must save the town from the evil Vespertine before his powers completely take over Crow’s Woods.

The Lost Boy is a suspenseful mystery with a twist of fantasy. The artwork and the writing makes the characters jump off the page, sucking you right into the story. Read Chapter 1 and let us know what you think in the Comments!

–Elysse, STACKS Writer

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  1. Ashleyswag

    Omg a doll speaking thats crazy i wish this book was for free or else that is dumb its not even for free maybe you should give books for free ive read a thousands of scary books and thats all

  2. astronyfangs21

    I suggest if you are old enough my age 15 but to read the Divergent series It is full of adventure, action, suspense and romance. I sincerely love this series I just finished the first book and I felt like crying on what happened and I was mad because I finished the book so fast.

    1. jenna

      lizabeth if you read on into the story i am sure it will tell and the athur doesnt want to give it away right away

  3. samantha

    Graphic books don’t really get my attention because you dont really have much to read .I like reading especially novels. I liked the pictures , though.

  4. K Y L E S. BOO-BOO

    I like the texture in this article. It was deep and creepy somehow but amazingly swagged out.The bubbles for the text was so cool and detailed. The antimated pictures were cool and nice. It was silly. TBH