June 29, 2011

Animorphs: The Invasion

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9780545291514_xlg[1] Imagine if you could transform into a hawk flying high above the trees, or an elephant stampeding through an exotic jungle. Wouldn't it be cool to trade places with your favorite animal for an hour or two?

Well, that's the special power given to the Animorphs! Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and Tobias were five average teens before they encountered an injured alien, who gave them the ability to morph into any animal they touch. Now Jake spends time in the body of his dog Homer, while Marco becomes a 400-pound gorilla.

But life isn't all fun and games for the Animorphs. These friends must rely on their new powers to defend Earth against an army of alien invaders called Yeerks, brutal extraterrestrials that take control of the human body. Follow these five heroic teens as they try to save the world from the evil Yeerks in The Invasion, the first installment of the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate.

If you're looking for a hot summer read with adventure and suspense, or you just have a love of animals, I highly recommend picking up The Invasion, the first book in a series that will be hard to put back down. Read an excerpt now!

Brian, STACKS Summer Intern

  1. turtlecreek6

    I LOVE the animorphs so much that am reading it twice! but the thing that gets me is ax, in every book, is not called a animorph.

  2. Andalitelover4

    Hi, i’v red aaalll of the books, and am reading them agian! so awesome! but, in like ever book, they don’t say ax ( the andalite) is a animorph. whats up with that?

  3. AnimorphsVisser1

    I’ve just started to read this series and I’m on the fourth book, “The Message.”

  4. screamingdomogirl

    Animorphs have been around for a while. Maybe their just reviving the series.

  5. Somebody

    I mean, why read an excerpt when the whole 40-something book series is in libraries everywhere? Not to mention a couple companion volumes… :P

  6. Somebody

    Wait wait wait. I’ve read those books! They’re an old series, so why is Scholastic acting like they’re new?

  7. dolphincheerful11

    it would be cool to turn into another animal but i think that it would be bad to turn into a elephant because it would cause humans to want the iron in your tusk.[JUST NAMING THE GOOD AND BAD REASONS]

  8. I love unicorns

    Um…. Brian? Are you like a teenager that got a summer job on the STACKS? Well,if you are, could you help me out? For som reason, I can’t seem to log into my account. Is something wrong with Scholastic? Or is it just my computer? Please help me. Thanks!!! Oh also, please reply soon. Thanks!!!

  9. 44maplesyrup

    the books are pretty cool,and the whole animal transforming thing is wicked,but i don’t like those alien invasion type of books.

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