January 14, 2009

The Hunger Games Soundtrack!

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Hungergames_130 Due to the amazing response from you guys about the dream cast for a Hunger Games movie, I thought to myself, “What’s a movie without a soundtrack?” After my previous entry, How I Survived Middle School soundtrack, I realized that a Hunger Games soundtrack would have to go in a completely different direction of music. And though I enjoy pop music, for this soundtrack to be true to the book/movie, I’d have to scrap Miley, Taylor, Carrie, David, and the Jo Bros from the list for more alternative music and some less well-known bands.

Now if only someone or some group would write a song based off of the hook on The Hunger Games book cover: “Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone fighting against you?”

Vampire Weekend_51exXgX0+oL._SS500_Carly M.’s picks for the The Hunger Games soundtrack:

“Do The Panic” – Phantom Planet
“D Is For Dangerous” – Arctic Monkeys
“Let the Flames Begin” – Paramore
“The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” – Vampire Weekend
Duffy _51xNrzL-+lL._SS400_ “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay
“Mercy” – Duffy
“We Belong Together” – Gavin Degraw
“One Foot Wrong” – Pink
“We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands” – The Academy Is . . .
“Push & Pull” – Nikka Costa
Coldplay _7090171“This Is Our Town” – We the Kings
“Fate” – Lydia
“Rise From The Ashes” – Quietdrive
“When I’m Gone” – 3 Doors Down

Also, take a look at Carly H.’s Hunger Games soundtrack.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Malorie

    i think Won’t Let Go by Rascal Flatts would describe Katniss and Prim’s relationship. “I will fight your fight”, would be the best part to describe it.

  2. Erin

    I think Fences by Paramore is perfect because it says how its obvious that, they are dying and the cameras are, lying and “you’ll go out in style”!

  3. Dani

    Oh my god! Lol there is one perfect and I mean PERFECT song for the soundtrack that they missed! Fences by Paramore! It is unbelievably accurate with Katnis situation! I can’t believe you didn’t even put that on there! Hear it and you’ll see!

  4. Emma

    For the mockingjay movie, i would suggest the song vanilla twilight by owl city. This would be a great song to be played when katniss is missing peeta

  5. Fiona

    they should play help im alive by metric definitely has that type of sad and energetic mood.

  6. Chloe

    Long Live by Taylor Swift reminded me of all three books so I think they should definately insert that song in the last one when they’re looking back, or for the trailer its so good!

  7. Mac

    I think fly by nicki Manaj would be perfect for this movie. If you don’t believe me look up the lyrics!

  8. Stephanie

    I think the perfect song would be Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. Too bad they made the movie before the song came out. Hopefully it will be in Catchong Fire <3

  9. Hazel

    Safe and sound Taylor Swift
    Haunted Taylor Swift
    Change Taylor Swift
    Long live Taylor Swift
    I think these should be perfect. Safe and sound is already going to be not there, and I think it would be great for katniss and peeta in the cave. Haunted would fit nearly all the parts. Change would be good playing in the background right before they go in because everything is going to change right there. And long live, for when they come out of the arena winners.

  10. magic-esi

    Oh, come on, those songs are hardly unheard of. Although I only know songs from the radio…
    Hmmmmm… “Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon. I listen to that while writing battle scenes…
    “Whisper” by Evanescence
    “Cracks” by the Freestylers
    Yeah, three songs, that’s all…
    Also, any idea when the Write It boards will be back up? :)

  11. Twinktoes87

    Also, the theme song for the rebellion is Uprising by Muse, no doubt.

  12. Keshia

    This soundtrack is missing “If I Die Young” by the Band Parry. Everytime I listen to that song I think of the Hunger Games.

  13. H

    All We Are by OneRepublic. It’s absolutely perfect for Peeta’s perspective.
    Make sure it’s the album version though, some edits absolutely stink.

  14. bailey

    the perfect song for hunger games is “dog days are over” by florence and the machine. in this one part it says “run fast for your mother run fast for your father run for children and your sister & brother” another part says “leave all your love & loving behind you, can’t carry it with you if you want to survive” the song is absolutley PERFECT for Hunger Games. & so is the song “arms” by christina perri for the scene in the cave whenevere they kiss and he conforts her. another good song is “good life” by one republic as sarcasm in one of the funny scenes. i wish these would’ve goten used :( only a few on the sound trackactually relate, but whatever, i cannot WAIT for the movie this march!!!!!! :)

  15. Cheri

    Okay, I heard a song from Katie Perry that really fits the story. It’s called Who Am I Living For on Teenage Dream. I know she is pop, but this song is not.

  16. :Dan

    I kinda think like some sort of acoustic version of “We Found Love” by Rihanna would work for Katniss and Peeta <3. Also, “Trouble” by NeverShoutNever for when Peeta tells the story of when he first met Katniss, “Ships in the Night” by Mat Kearney, also for Peeta and Katniss, and “Up With the Birds” by Coldplay for I don’t know when, I just kinda thought it went well with the book. When I was reading it, I was constantly hearing songs that reminded me of it, but now I’m having issues remembering :P . OOH and I would add “Death and All His Friends” by Coldplay. Pretty sure that one is self explanatory…

  17. shraddha

    I love one more, d is for dangerous and change by taylor swift. i think that blow me away by breaking benjamin is also good.

  18. Dariann

    Get out alive by three days grace
    Uprising by muse
    I dare you by shinedown
    Beauty from pain by superchick
    Mad world by Gary Jules
    You found me by the fray

  19. katie

    i think taylor swifts song long live should be on there because of the lyrics “Promise me this
    That you’ll stand by me forever
    But if God forbid fate should step in
    And force us into a goodbye
    If you have children someday
    When they point to the pictures
    Please tell them my name
    Tell them how the crowds went wild
    Tell them how I hope they shine”

  20. apolloartemis10

    THE PEFECT SONG EVER IS ‘KEEP HOLDING ON’ BY AVRIL LAVINGE. whenever is to it reminds me of katniss and peeta in the arena. And i think ‘CANNIBAL’ BY KE$HA, is a good song for the carrers!

  21. AliLove

    I think any and all Paramore and VersaEmerge songs would fit but this song called “No Curtain Call” by Maroon 5 that i think could fit the beginning in the arena…thats all now, for but I think some of the songs people post are not sad or tragic enough for this series.

  22. dakota

    this is like a playlist for the series as a whole:
    arrow by tegan and sara (katniss theme)
    so jealous by tegan and sara (how gale feels about peeta and katniss)
    ignorance by paramore (katniss to snow)
    let the flames begin by paramore (over all theme)
    set fire to the rain by adele (perfect song for katniss)
    turning tables by adele (i picture a duet for like peeta and katniss)
    someone like you by adele ( gale)
    beauty from pain by superchick ( katniss during first games or during rebellion)
    monster by paramore (katniss)
    are we there yet by ingrid michaelson (katniss or peeta during games)
    howl by florence and the machine (katniss+peeta)
    parachute by ingrid michaelson (parachutes during games or katniss needing peeta to survive nightmares)
    let’s kill tonight by panic at the disco (rebellion)

  23. Devan

    Hurricane – 30 Seconds to Mars
    Paradise Lost – Hollywood Undead
    Iridescent – Linkin Park
    When they Come for Me – Linkin Park
    E for Extinction – Thousand Foot Krutch

  24. Jennifer

    I think Rascal Flatts “I Won’t Let Go” is the perfect song for when Katniss finds Peeta and for when she’s taking care of him when he can’t take care of himself.

  25. Taysia

    I LOVE PARAMORE!!!!!! =D
    I think it should have the song “We Are Broken” by Paramore. It fits, I mean what these teens have to go through.

  26. Casey

    Here’s mine. Some of these you guys will recognize…others, not so much. Consider checking them out if you don’t know them!
    Welcome to the Black Parade/MCR
    Man in the Mirror/Michael Jackson
    Not Afraid/Eminem
    Satisfaction (Song for the Capitol, pre-revolution)/Benny Benassi & The Biz
    Airplanes (Song for the Capitol, revolution)/BoB
    God is a Girl/Groove Coverage
    Shadow of the Day/Linkin Park
    Build Me Up Buttercup/Save Ferris
    Bad Romance/Lady Gaga
    Animal I Have Become/Three Days Grace
    Hope Street/The Levellers

  27. Isabella

    Iradescent by Linkin Park.
    Just….I don’t know. Powerful song, super sad, but inspiting.
    You’re Not Alone by Saosin
    It’s a reassuring song, something that I could see playing with both Katniss and Peeta together.
    Uprising by Muse
    No reason to elaborate here.
    Breathe by Superchick
    Maybe not for this movie, but if there ends up being a Catching Fire, it would be really good for when Peeta walks into the force field.

  28. abc

    I’d add ‘The Story of Us’ by Taylor Swift for Katniss & Gale. Not really for the Hunger Games book itself but for the entire series.


    I need help with a project & I have to find atleast 5 songs that match the 1st Hunger Games series. Anyone got anything??

  30. vanessa

    i think battlefield by jordin sparks and the story of us by taylor swift…they seem to go well with katniss and peeta

  31. Ashley

    My dream job is to be a music supervisor, that being said, I think the following Zola Jesus songs would be fantastic for various parts of the movie. her songs are darker sounding, and her voice is very powerful and a little haunting at times. check out:
    Zola Jesus – Night
    Zola Jesus – Manifest Destiny
    Zola Jesus – Trust ME
    Zola Jesus – I Can’t Stand
    Bat for Lashes – Glass
    Bat for Lashes – Moon & Moon

  32. Ellie

    I think the hunger games soundtrack should include the following songs:
    Sound of fire – By This Century (Ending Credits)
    Uprising – By Muse(Theme Song)
    Bodies – By Drowning Pool(During The Blood Bath)
    The Archers Bows Have Broken by Brand New (The Feast)
    Waiting For the End – By Linkin Park.
    The Requiem – By Linkin Park.
    Everybody’s Fool – By Evanescence(During her makeover session)
    Leave out all the rest – By Linkin Park (In the Cave)

  33. Seth

    I would add Florence + The Machine’s – Dog Days Are Over. As soon as I finished the last book this song came to mind. I think it sums it all up very well.

  34. Kelly

    Alright so I thing time to mend by barcelona could fit like pretty much any scene with peeta and katniss! It so perfect, when they say “this world is all turned round” it’s the perfect description of katniss’ thoughts of the hunger games. Plus when they say “please be my love.” it’s perfect for peetas feelings for katniss. If you listen to this song, you will realize it is the PERFECT song for the hunger games!

  35. katniss

    I was online and i found info about this guy who has made music for the hunger games. His name is Memphiston. My favourite of his songs is Let the games begin

  36. Tayler

    Definitely anything MUSE. like Uprising, Resistance, Stockholm Syndrome, Our Time is Running Out, or Undisclosed Desires. Anything from 30 Seconds to Mars’s new album This is War would work too… for example: Hurricane, Stranger in a Strange Land, This is War, or Search and Destroy.

  37. Victoria

    Without You by Breaking Benjamin.
    It more fits the last book, Mockingjay, but I can’t help but think of the series when I listen to it

  38. awesomi

    the line and they read off our names in long live and where it says the time we stood with our shaking hands and the crowds in the stands went wild also reminded me of hunger games

  39. Noah

    I actually really love this list, especially D is for Dangerous, Let the Flames Begin, The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance, and Viva la Vida. The only one I would add is Fences by Paramore.

  40. galeprimrue

    I would add lots of songs!
    “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin
    “Bring me to Life” by Evanescene
    “Long Live” by Taylor Swift
    “Rue’s Lullaby” by Katniss Everdeen!!!!!!!!

  41. Aubry

    I think Mad World by Gary Jules is perfect for the scene where katniss is in district 12 after the bombing:)

  42. Morning

    NO, no Lady Gaga or Kanye West or stuff like that. I’m thinking Breaking Benjamin’s So Cold, Muse, Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, and Three Days Grace. The story is based on survival, and “Just Dance,” is the worst one ever. It’s like Hannah Montana at a goth concert. Result? Destruction. The movie will fail if it has Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift happiness. Just please, no. It has to be on true emotion and survival, not partying until the cops break it up. Come on.

  43. Love =) ;}

    U should put songs about the charaters in the book like Katbiss, Peeta, Hamich,Prim, Rue. i just giving u ideas k.=);P

  44. V i c T o r i A

    “How Does it feel” and “When your gone” by Avril Lavigne are some good songs for Katniss and Peeta.
    “Everybody’s fool” by evanescence, “final straw” by snow patrol, and “spotlight is on” by mutemath are some other good songs for their time in the capitol, or even in the games.
    “never think” by robert pattinson, and “black parade” by my chemical romance might be good too.

  45. asdkfjsdk

    I saw that somebody already posted this but I think Uprising by Muse would be perfect for the soundtrack. Also:
    United States of Eurasia by Muse
    Knights of Cydonia by Muse
    And The Final Countdown By Europe(:

  46. Alice

    It seems, like I’m the only person who read The hunger games and listening to Rhapsody of fire. Their music brings this feeling, that connects with The hunger games book and plot so well! Every melody brings the book to it best and I can’t help it; I CANT read the hunger games triolgy witouth listenting to Rhapsody.
    Try it , this song ; Lost in cold dreams
    Because if you read it when Prim dies, you wont regret listenting to it! PRomise!
    Shadow of death
    The last angel calls
    and Lost in cold dreams are best to the book.
    But every song got a special event in the books for me. I cant imagine the movie without rhapsody :(

  47. Russell

    I wouldn’t use a Song by Paramore cuz it reminds me a little too much of twilight.
    I think there are enough matching Songs out there.
    Please don’t get this wrong, i like Paramore a lot too, but i think they should use other Bands/actors for the Movie since People are already comparing it to twilight.
    This Movie should be completely different to the rest! Because the storyline is one of a kind.

  48. Spaghetti

    If you listen to the old song Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days, it fits the story perfectly!

  49. AMY

    You Already Know You’re A Goner – In Fear and Faith
    “Stay close, the flames are closing in.
    Breathe deep, the smoke is on its way.
    Look west, the ocean is calling.
    Follow. The air that still remains.
    Oh, Can you feel it, the fire is burning.
    Oh, can you taste it. the smoke in the air…
    That fills up your lungs.”
    God Wears Gucci – Blessthefall
    I think that song goes well with the “annual Hunger Games” and how Peeta feels when Katniss tells him her love was just for the camera.
    Justice and Mercy – Flyleaf
    “Life here sacrificed,
    Someone who paid the price,
    Blood in our hearts,
    Blood on our hands,
    We cry out, we’re fighting, it’s warfare, we’re dying,
    Believing we’re winning, it’s ending, we’re singing,
    It’s already done, we’ve overcome”
    I think those are all great songs

  50. Lilinette

    I think the song Justice and Mercy by Flyleaf REALLY matches the book. Everytime I listen to it, I think of Hunger Games.

  51. Kessie

    I think some of the songs don’t fit at all like Vida La Vida, it sounds kinda weird and trust me I tired reading almost every part of the book listening to that song and it just doesn’t fit to me.Oh,well that’s just what I think.
    I would suggest;
    “The requiem” Linkin’ Park
    “Waiting for the end” Linkin’ Park
    ” Exogenesis Symphony:Part 3″ by Muse

  52. serenity

    I think a great song for the hunger games is Mosh by Eminem, because it subscribes how the war feels and when they peeta and Katniss are in the arena thats how they feel.

  53. Sarah

    i would put cross that line by super chick
    saltwater room by owl city and strawberry avalanche by owl city:)

  54. Heather

    How about “Brand New Day” by Ryan Star as Peeta’s theme? I picture it playing during a montage of scenes alternating between Katniss & Peeta running, setting traps, getting ready for a fight etc. and their pursuers, the Careers, coming after them. Just has that “a fight is coming but we’re ready” feel to it…

  55. chelsers

    I would use “Welcome Home” by Coheed & Cambria, “Uprising” by Muse, and “Mad World” cover by Gary Jules. :)

  56. riah

    I think savior by rise against is the best possible song for the hunger games although the lyrics fit better for mockingjay :)

  57. Heather

    “World Spins Madly On” by the Weepies. MUST be in the movie. Heard it first when I was reading the book. Every time I think of the scene in the cave with the weeping walls and Peeta and Katniss’s quiet moment…this song runs through my head.

  58. Suzanne

    Listen to “Howl” by Florence and the Machine and look up the lyrics!
    It is THE PERFECT SONG for these films.

  59. Jolene

    I think dream by priscilla ahn is good for the death scene of rue, it may not directly relate to the lyrics but the tone is there. whenever i hear that song i just imagine the scene.

  60. Roger

    Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine… or also Drumming Song (same artist). Seriously, look them up if you don’t know them.

  61. ally

    i know its kind of far fetched but i would add one day you will by lady antebellum. please listen to it and you will see why. it would work out for the end or the credits

  62. David

    In the end-Linkin Park
    Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
    Wake me up when september ends-green day
    Boulevard of broken dreams-green day
    If today was your last day-nickleback
    Another one bites the dust-queen
    We did nothing wrong-Royal Bliss
    Shout- Tears for fears
    We are the champions-Queen
    These songs seem to fit the book and movie very well

  63. Grace

    impossible by shontelle for the end of the hunger games when peeta and katniss walk out hand in hand for the cameras one last time

  64. jessica

    let the flames begin by paramore although i like it better for catching fire born for this in one of the propos from mockingjay

  65. Bookworm

    Now I know (as mentioned above) Taylor Swift doesn’t really fit the dark mood of the Hunger Games but if you’ve heard her song Change is should hope that you would agree with me when I say it fits the whole series PERFECTLY. Here’s some of the lyrics:
    “You know it’s all the same
    another time and place
    Repeating history and you’re getting sick of it (the hunger games occuring every year)”
    And the chorus:
    “Cause these things will change
    can you feel it now
    these walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down (anyone remember the forcefield in Catching Fire?)
    a revolution
    the time will come, for us to finally win”

  66. Brielle

    I think Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, Eye of the Tiger by Surviver, and Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees

  67. Chris

    i agree with One More but if u listen to We Made It By Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park, it sorta fits in the part when Katniss and Peeta win the Games

  68. Hungergamesfanatic

    I would add a song Called, “The Scene is Dead- Long live the Scene” by Cobra Starship One Particurlar line reminds so much of the hunger games from the contestants point of view, “I’m Not playin’ this gane no more, I’m out of medicine, son call the medics”

  69. Anon.

    I like “Set fire to the third bar” by snow patrol/ martha wainright. It’s eerie, and the chorus is perfect for either peeta or gale. Every time I head it, I think of the hunger games. I love the songs “cosmic love” by florence and the machine, “so obvious” by runner runner (acoustic), “cold war” by janelle monae, “night starts here” by stars, “just say yes” or “you could be happy” by snow patrol, “i won’t be left” by tegan and sara, “reasons to love you” by meiko, “still around” or “colorado sunrise” by 3oh3, “animal” by miike snow, “soilder on” by the temper trap, so, yeah. I know I’m a little late on the post too haha.

  70. Lily

    I just heard (again) Uprising – Muse (it’s the one being played on the Tom Cruise/Cameron Dias “Knight and Day” movie trailer. I think that would be a great theme song for Katniss & Peta.

  71. Rachel

    On my playlist I have:
    Unbreakable – Fireflight
    Indestructible – Disturbed
    Sweet Sacrifice – Evanescence
    Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace
    Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin
    Tear the World Down – We Are The Fallen
    plus a few more that were already mentioned…
    Can’t wait for the last book!!

  72. Ruby

    i would add Larue by Paramore. it’s really good. there’s also that one sone called Wish right now that would go with when Katniss is on the train to the capitol.

  73. Jess

    i found a peeeeerrrfect one!!
    Woods- Bon Iver
    I’m up in the woods
    I’m down on my mind
    I’m building a still
    to slow down the time
    repeated heaps of times, getting more and more intense.
    i think all the soundtrack should be very raw and not built up and glam.
    can you seriously imagine a poor ordinary girl like Katniss and baker’s son like Peeta in a movie with songs like “Paparazzi”? no.
    i will be soooo let down if the soundtrack is awful.

  74. Megan

    Definately “Hero” by Skillet and “Hurricane” by 30 Seconds To Mars. The rest should be either instrumental or orchestral. Too many songs with lyrics is overkill.

  75. E

    THE best song EVER to describe this book would be one song.
    Me Against the World.
    BY FAR.
    Here are the lyrics.
    We’re not gonna be just a part of the game
    We’re not gonna be just the victims
    They’re taking our dreams and they tear them apart
    Till everyone’s the same
    I’ve got no place to go
    I’ve got nowhere to run.
    They want to watch me fall
    They think they know it all
    I’m a nightmare, a disaster
    That’s what they’d always say
    I’m a lost cause, not a hero
    But I’ll make it on my own
    I’ve gotta prove them wrong
    Me against the world
    Its me against the world
    We won’t let them change how we feel in our hearts
    We’re not gonna let them control us
    We won’t let them shove all the thoughts in our heads
    And we’ll never be like them
    I’ve got no place to go
    I’ve got nowhere to run
    They want to watch me fall
    They think they know it all
    I’m a nightmare, a disaster
    That’s what they’d always say
    I’m a lost cause, not a hero
    But I’ll make it on my own
    I’ve gotta prove them wrong
    Me against the world
    Its me against the world
    Its me against the world.
    Now I’m sick of this waiting
    So come on and take your shot
    You can spit out you insults
    But nothings gonna change us
    You can sit there and judge me
    Say what you want to
    We’ll never let you win.
    I’m a nightmare, a disaster
    That’s what they’d always say
    I’m a lost cause, not a hero
    But I’ll make it on my own
    I’ve gotta prove them wrong
    Me against the world
    I’m a nightmare, a disaster
    That’s what they’d always say
    I’m a lost cause, not a hero
    But I’ll make it on my own
    I’ve gotta prove them wrong
    Me against the world
    I’m gonna prove them wrong
    They’ll never bring us down
    We’ll never fall in line
    I’ll make it on my own
    Me against the world
    I think it’s either written for this book, or for teenager rebellion. Lol.

  76. Haleigh

    what about now by chris daughtry is a good song at the end. i was actually listening to that cd, and it is the whole book on like one disk. i cried at the end because chris daughtry’s first cd related to it that much.

  77. Beth

    Ok, NO!!!
    “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay
    Is HORRIBLE for this story! It doesn’t go with it AT ALL!

  78. Beth

    You should add “The Uprising” by The Muse!!!
    Me and my english teacher agree that that song reminds us sooo much of the world Katniss and Peeta live in!!!

  79. Damaris

    It’s funny you chose Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance”, because I like them, but I don’t see the connection to The HUnger Games…? I think Vampire Weekend is a too happy and poppy band, think The Hunger Games soundtrack should be darker. So I suggest PATRICK WOLF to write some of the tracks. He’s very emotional, and his lyrics are wonderful and gripping. He would be perfect to make the soundtrack. And of course there should be som grand, frightening score soundtrack, that everyone would recognise after the movie’s success. ;D

  80. Jess

    PLEASE no mainstream stuff! aha
    BUT this song reminds me so much of Peeta. I could imagine it while Peeta and Katniss have been spearated in the arena, then they just find out they can be together, the Katniss shouts his name (that could be in one of the pauses.)
    Blood Bank- Bon Iver

  81. lindsey

    ok I found the song Savior by Rise Against matched the beginning of Catching Fire PERFECTLY! listen to it and you might understand…also YES! Let The Flames Begin by Paramore is an amazing song and it fits because it’s saying “yeah let’s bring it on and FIGHT!” :D

  82. Katniss_Is_Awesome

    Thank you Jag!You are awesome.Here is a list of songs I’ve compiled that would fit THG.
    Change by Taylor Swift
    Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace
    Smile For the Camera by Armor for Sleep
    One More by Superchick
    Cross the Line by Superchick
    Running Out of Time by BarlowGirl
    The Meaning of Life by Hawk Nelson

  83. Jag

    One More by Superchick
    So I Thought by Flyleaf
    Running Out of Time by Barlowgirl
    Unbreakable by Fireflight
    Wrapped In Your Arms by Fireflight
    but I think it needs a soundtrack, not just songs. My opinion

  84. Rachel

    I think Change by Taylor Swift,Smile For the Camera by Armor for Sleep and Breakdown by Jack Johnson fit the Hunger Games nicely.But what if,for the soundtrack,people actually write songs FOR the movie?That would be awesome!

  85. lizbeth

    i would add papparazzi(lady gaga) and
    run this town tonight(rhianna, jay-z, and sadly kanye west)
    -both add rebellion
    -and the scary thought of how fame hurts life

  86. Team Peeta

    I think “All the Right Moves” by OneRepublic would be great because it just tells most of the scenes in the arena really good

  87. Adrian

    I think you should look into Circa Survive, they have the PERFECT tone for the Hunger Games, and some of the lyrics are appropriate too. Id recommend “The Greatest Lie”

  88. Jami

    I really think the Hunger Games deserves an amazing soundtrack, possibly featuring songs that aren’t popular or well-known at all. I personally hope that the soundtrack won’t be composed of bands, but will make use of some of the brilliant instrumentals that are out there. There is an artist that I love who isn’t well-known, but who makes music that I could totally picture listening to on the big screen while Katniss is running through the forest or feeling emotional. Her name is Jami Sieber (and she’s not me; we share the same name) and I particularly like her songs called “Hidden Sky” and “Benediction”. I really hope someone would check these songs out. The Hunger Games is going to be BIG! I’m a little weary of it getting too big, though, because then I’ll feel like I’m just following the mainstream fads instead of discovering one hidden gem of a book. That happened with Harry Potter and Twilight for me, but maybe certain books are so good that its meant for them to get super popular. I’m such a bookworm!!!

  89. jessica

    Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield is a beautiful song, I think it would be great in the movie.

  90. Julie

    i think they should be painful songs with emotions. thats why i think imogen heap songs are absolutely PERFECT for this soundtrack for Hunger Games.
    for the first book i think the song “hide and seek” is really good. for the second book i thing “wait it out” is good. and for like peeta and katniss parts i like “speeding cars” and the song “earth” reminds me of gale and katniss hunting in the woods. if you havent heard of these… check them out! the lyrics go really good with them (well some of the lyrics are really random but most fit perfectly) and the sad and heart-wrenching feeling of the games is really in the songs. they are so good for the movie when they make one!
    check them out:
    Hide and seek
    wait it out
    speeding cars
    (all by imogen heap)

  91. catching_fire

    Everybody Hurts-R.E.M
    Shape of My Heart- Sting
    New Years Day- U2
    Lullaby to an Anxious Child- Sting
    I couldn’t think of anything else.

  92. cait

    Check out Are There Giants, Too by Meg & Dia.
    The song is about our government, but if you listen to it in the literal sense, it sounds like something for the rebellion in the districts.
    (not my lyrics)
    You best be quick,
    you got to run
    theyre coming at you with their guns
    They’re chasing after you with jail bars, haha
    Who ever thought we’d fall so far?
    Youve got to learn to act like god.
    You rule the world you get the word
    and if someone shall fall behind
    Just let their suffering slip your mind.
    Are there giants, too
    In this dance?
    ‘Cause this is about life
    and life isn’t about death.
    –In my opinion, it could also kind of go with whats going on in the arena just as well as the capitol.

  93. Ally

    Here are some of the songs i listed-
    Strange and beautiful by Aqualung- Manily how Peeta feels to Katniss
    Lose control by Evanescence- How the hunger games sort of makes them crazy and how they wish it would all be over
    I’m so sick by flyleaf- I listened to this song alot when i was reading it and it just fits nicely
    While we wait for the others by Grizzly Bear- Reminds me of peeta and katniss and the song fits that eerie feeling in the hunger games.
    The howling by Within temptation- At the end when Peeta and Katniss set off to kill Cato.
    Hyseria by Muse- The carrers.
    The only exception by Paramore- Katniss.
    Numb by Evanescence- It kinda describes Katniss near the end to Peeta.
    Brighter by Paramore- Really fits it!
    There you have it! Best book ever!!! :D

  94. hungergames.you

    ever heard of paramore? Wayyy better
    the circle
    stay away
    let the flames begin
    i caught myself
    anddddd sunday bloody sunday

  95. Abby

    All That I’m Living For-Evanescence
    Sweet Sacrifice-Evanescence (predictably)
    Like A Stone-Audioslave
    Numb-Linkin Park
    Don’t Believe-Seether
    Pages-3 Doors Down

  96. HungerGamesAddiction

    I almost forgot, add there “Two is Better than One” by Boys like Girls ft. Taylor Swift. It could be the part where they team up to become the first 2 winners something. This could be their duet as star crossed lovers.

  97. HungerGamesAddiction

    Give me your opinion whether the song “Never knew I needed” by Ne-Yo wold fit as Peeta’s song for Katniss. And “Fearless” by Taylor Swift as song by Katniss to Peeta. Thanks. PS: “If this isn’t love” by Jennifer Hudson. This song could also be the part where Katniss tells Peeta the star crossed lovers was just an act. Pls give your opinion. Thanks again. :)

  98. Brittany

    I Think To KNow That You’re Alive by Kutless would be great. I encourage you all to listen to it. It goes with it so well. And Alos what I’ve done by Likin Park Would be good

  99. Molly

    Last of the Wilds- Nightwish
    Say Goodbye- Skillet
    Happy- nevershoutnever!
    We Are Broken- Paramore
    lol yaya!!!!!

  100. Molly!

    intense piano music for the arena. alt. rock for before the Reaping. whatever works…most of the book is serious so there should be serious songs. xD

  101. Diana

    i always imagened the soundtrack to be very
    metal or hard rock.. a perfect band that slams the goverment or in the “hunger Games” case “the capitol” would be system of a down…hypnotized, b.y.o.b, and chop suey…are some song tht i thought would be good or even lonly day…maybe “one” by metallica haha…well thts what i imagened

  102. Mallory

    So, I heard this song from flyleaf called Arise the other day, and I immediatly thought of the hunger games. Here is a bit of the lyrics. (note-I do not own these!)
    Tell the swine,
    We will make it out alive
    There’s a note in the pages of the book
    So sleep tonight,
    We’ll sleep dreamlessly this time
    When we awake we’ll know that everything’s alright
    And sing to me about the end of the world
    End of these hammers and needles for you
    Hold on to the world we all remember fighting for,
    There’s still strength left in us yet
    Hold on to the world we all remember dying for,
    There’s still hope left in it yet

  103. Alfonse

    wow. 3 doors down and paramore unpopular? those two bands are extremely popular. 3 doors down has been around since before miley and jonas’s were born, they are more popular than the “jo bros” and miley will ever be.

  104. Alishaa

    I think the song:
    Two Worlds Collide – Demi Lavato.
    B/coz it tells a story bout Katniss and her world colliding with Peeta/Gales relshionship. And I truly think Rue’s Lullaby.
    Thanks :)

  105. katnisslove

    Riot-Three Days Grace(when Katniss is getting shoot up the tube right before the games are about to begin then when everyone looks at each another then fighting begins.)
    get out alive-Three days grace(the last three standing..Katniss, Peeta and Cato while fighting the mutts)
    Burn Burn-LostProphets(when they are training)
    Everything-Lifehouse(katniss,Peeta kiss and taking care for each another)

  106. Luke

    I’m making a book trailer for the Hunger Games and I am wandering if you think Animal I Have Become suits it. It really suits how she is changing and becoming more of an animal and her rage for the Capitol. What do you think

  107. K

    I think One More by Superchickk is a great idea! Also, the songs ‘the kill’ by thirty seconds to mars and ‘stand my ground’ by within temptation sound good too. Especially ‘stand my ground’. it really reminds me of katniss

  108. jane

    Get Out Alive – Three Days Grace
    Goodnight Moon – Shivaree
    Hold Your Color – Pendulum
    Ignorance – Paramore
    In A Heartbeat – John Murphy (from 28 Days Later)
    It’s A War – Dukes Of Windsor
    OSaya (from slumdog millionaire)
    Joker And the Theif- wolfmother
    my delirium – ladyhawke
    nadia – jeff beck
    remember the name – fort minor
    rock star – n.e.r.d.
    supermassive black hole – muse
    uprising – muse
    these are all good for the book =)

  109. evanne

    eye of the tiger and natalie merchant my skin either while they are showing all the dead tributes or just some rely emotional part. NOT RUE’S DEATH i think when they show rue dying they should have absolutly no background music even after the hovercraft picks her up just to show exactl;y how bleak and cold her death was

  110. Jessie

    I think “Fences” by Paramore would work because she is lying to the cameras. I listened to the song after I read the book and I thought it was a complete match.

  111. Rachel

    OHMYHUNGERGAMES!I just found the perfect song for Catching Fire!It’s called Running Out Of Time and it’s by BarlowGirl.When I heard it I thought it was the perfect song for it because it describes the rebellion against the Capitol,in a way.If you don’t believe me,look it up!

  112. Chelsea

    Say When by the frey just tells the whole hunger games story. Skyway Avenue by We the Kings is also really perfect if you take it in context and not just word for word.

  113. jackie

    yall should put let the bodies hit the floor by drowning pool wen there barley starting the games wen every ones killing each other

  114. Kayla

    I made my own playlist about a week ago:
    Let the Flames Begin-Paramore-Maybe when she’s getting dressed for an interview
    Cold As You-Taylor Swift-End scene with Peeta and Katniss
    We Are Broken-Paramore-Would be good for a trailer or when Katniss is on the train after the Reaping
    Born For This-Paramore-when Katniss finally retrieves the orange backpack with Peeta’s medicine
    You Raise Me Up-many artists-Peeta and Katniss’ first kiss
    Broken Things-Lucy Kaplansky, Julie Miller-another good one for last scene
    Concrete Angel-Martina McBride-when Rue dies
    Change-Taylor Swift-good for a trailer or when Katniss and Peeta beat the Capitol and win
    The Island-Celtic Thunder-just generally goes with the story except it’s a little more like husband and wife
    Brothers in Arms-Celtic Thunder-again, just generally goes with the story
    So I Thought-Flyleaf-another good one for a trailer or the last scene again
    Cassie-Flyleaf-doesn’t really match the story, but it just reminds me of Katniss
    Battlefield-Jordin Sparks-maybe for the last scene again, but it describes Katniss and Peeta’s half-fake relationship really well

  115. Comic_Writer

    I think that Dream On by Aerosmith. I don’t know why, I just like this book with this song.

  116. Tiana

    I think “We Are Broken” by Paramore is perfect 4 it. It reminds me of the broken spirits in the Games as they realize the fate that they have to try and live through and naturally, when hard times hit they seek a safe haven

  117. katniss

    truthfully i dont really like any of the songs beacuse of there toon. there not going with how the feeling of the book is. the only one i actually like is
    LET THE FLAMES BEGIN by paramore – it would be really good to play in the scene were katniss is running for her life from the fire that they set in the arena. (ironic isnt it?)
    and since im a big paramore fan some other songs that i think would go are
    BRIGHTER- because it kinda describes her and peeta and how she feels.
    also another one is
    CONSPIRACY- beacuse it describes katniss’ feelings about the capitol.
    another one is the
    THE FLOOD by escape the fate- it might be to ,well, screamo but i think it goes well beacuse you need some more upbeat and wild songs in the scenes were theres the fighting and i think it describes katniss situation and how she might feel.
    thats all i got FOR NOW but ill keep looking some up. tell me watcha think?

  118. Tori

    okay, i really think you should add Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park
    listen to the lyrics and it SO goes along with the book!

  119. Kel

    I think the song “You’re Not Alone” by Saosin is perfect for The Hunger Games :) It could fit for Peeta, Katniss or Gale.

  120. fran

    u need rues song on there
    even is it is not a real song u need the song katniss sings to rue as she dies
    deep in the medow, under the willow
    a bed of grass, a soft green pillow,
    hear you are safe,
    hear you are warm,
    hear the daisys gaurd you from any harm…

  121. hill

    I would definately add the piano version of U2′s Sunday bloody Sunday for the last bit in the arena and right after

  122. Yevatron

    I think an instrumental version of Right Round by Flo Rida would be great, it sounds kinda violent, and i was listening to this song on repeat when i was reading it, so it seems great. But only instrumental version; the lyrics dont have anything to do with the book.

  123. Kylie

    I would add Come Home by OneRepublic. I also don’t like alot of the choices. They don’t seem sad or grim enough to fit the book.

  124. alexis

    i would add poker face by lady gaga cuz katniss uses her “poker Face” when she does not want to cry on camera

  125. equestrian_junior_author72

    I personally think that the song “One More” by Superchick is absolutely perfect for Hunger Games. It fits Katniss and her determination to win the Hunger Games (and save Peeta) so well, I actually heard the song in my head while I was reading the book!

  126. winterlily94

    i would i add one song from paramore its called brighter it reminded me of the book when i heard it :D

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