June 4, 2014

The Great Greene Heist

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The Great Greene Heist book coverThe Great Greene Heist (for ages 10-14) by Varian Johnson

“I know exactly who you are,” the boy said as he clamped onto Jackson’s hand. “There are whole websites dedicated to the Infamous Jackson Greene.”

Hacking the computer system and scheduling a four-hour lunch period. Stealing the goat mascot and selling it on eBay. The “Mid-Day PDA “and the “Blitz at the Fitz.” Jackson Greene is known around the school for being able to get into and out of sticky situations, but he is also the kind of cool, funny kid that you would want to hang out with.

Jackson’s ex-best friend/ former almost-girlfriend, Gaby is running for class president. She wants new computers for classrooms and organic options in the cafeteria, among other things. But Jackson’s sworn enemy, Keith Sinclair is Gaby’s political opponent. Keith wants to cut funding for clubs so that he can get more money for the Gamer Club. Unfortunately for Maplewood Middle School, Keith might just get his way because of his insider connection to Principal Kelsey.

It’s time for Jackson to pull out his bag of tricks so he can outsmart Keith and Dr. Kelsey, secure Gaby’s presidency. . . and possibly change his personal status with Gaby.

Can he do it? OK. Disclaimer: There is no way any student in a real school could pull off half the things Jackson does in this book, so don’t even think about trying them yourself! But, if you like fast-paced books that are full of laughs, twists, and turns, books like Swindle and The Fourth Stall, then you will definitely want to read The Great Greene Heist to find out if he manages to succeed in his insane caper.


  1. Is there a first book

    Hey is there a first book because they keep mentioning what happened before

  2. niya

    i will run for student president for more computers. i could try but i don’t want to. i think he can do it.

  3. username

    this is the best book i ever read i love i read it over and over it was that good

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