April 24, 2009

This Book Is Making Me Hungry

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Cookbook2I do LOVE reading fiction and looking at fun recipes, so that’s the reason like I finding cookbooks based on fictional books..

Marypoppinsinthekitchen Mary Poppins in the Kitchen: A Cookery Book with a Story by P. L. Travers
She’s everyone’s favorite English nanny! With her endless bag of goodies, creative quips, and innovative methods, only this nanny would let you mix sugar with your medicine to make it taste good. Author P. L. Travers has filled this cookbook with an abundance of recipes that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth, such as cherry pie, jam tarts, candy kisses, lemon soufflé, and a dish called the Queen of Puddings. Yum yum!

Theboxcarcookbook The Boxcar Children Cookbook by Diane Blaine
Growing up, I absolutely loved the Boxcar Children series! Not only did Violet, Benny, Jessie, and Henry Alden solve interesting mysteries, but these orphans (who lived out of a boxcar) always seemed to make the most delicious-sounding food with the simplest ingredients. So if you like simple and yet scrumptious food without the hassle of tons of ingredients, you’ll want to try out this cookbook. Plus, cooking in a kitchen is undoubtedly a lot easier than cooking in a boxcar.

Fairytalecookbook The Fairy Tale Cookbook: Fun Recipes for Families to Create and Eat Together by Sandre Moore
Who can resist a good fairy tale? I know I certainly can’t! But when you mix a fairy tale with food, it’s even better! That’s why I recommend this cookbook. With recipes such as Aladdin’s Date Bread, Sleeping Beauty’s Birthday Cake, Cinderella’s Pumpkin Pie, Grinch’s Green Beans, and many more, you’ll wish you had a magic wand so that you could immediately try all the recipes in here.


Disney Recipes: From Animation to Inspiration by Ira L. Meyer and Marcello Garofalo
What do you get when you mix the world of Disney with a cup of chefs, a couple tablespoons of creativity, a few teaspoons of innovation, and a dash of pizazz? Bam! You get a cookbook completely inspired by a plenitude of Disney movies and their characters. Though I don’t currently own this cookbook, I’m looking forward to getting it because it is my kind of cookbook! With nutritional information, easy recipes, quotes from the characters, and most importantly, pictures of the food, this cookbook is sure not to disappoint. Plus, with recipes such as Merlin’s Magical Broth, Mickey Mouse’s Special Breakfast, Peter Pan’s Crispy Spinach with “Pixie Dust,” and more, this cookbook will have you acting and singing along to your favorite Disney movies in no time.

Fairiescookbook Fairies Cookbook by Barbara Beery
Author Holly Black is absolutely right about what people usually think of fairies. I know I think of fairies as cute pixies with wings, dressed in pink flowing gowns, and flying around sprinkling fairy dust, much like the Disney fairies we’re all so familiar with. Though Holly Black would probably quiver in her shoes when seeing this cookbook, I personally find it totally sweet . . . and I mean that literally. With recipes organized according to whimsical categories — Sugar Plum Fairies, Garden Fairies, Rainbow Fairies, Snowflake Fairies, and Secret Fairies — you’ll probably want to throw on some fairy wings and dance around the house when tasting these unbelievable morsels. However, I wouldn’t recommend using sugar as fairy dust unless you want a sticky floor.

Now I only wish more books would come out with fun, themed recipes. For example, how cool would it be to have a cookbook based on The 39 Clues series? Or maybe an Allie Finkle cookbook of cupcakes? That sounds good to me! What kind of cookbook would you love to see?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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    Those books sound good! And so does the food… I read the Boxcar Children when I was little and I loved the easy-to-make food.

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