June 16, 2009

The FIVE: Best Greek Mythological Figures

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Don’t you just love Greek mythology? I know I sure do. I mean, come on, it’s like one of the first soap operas ever. You have Zeus, king of the Gods. Then there’s Ares, the God of War — of course he’s the one who starts all the world’s conflicts and battles. And then there’s Hephaestus, son of Zeus, who is married to Aphrodite, but she doesn’t love him because he is ugly, and then she goes and cheats on him with Ares. Talk about drama! And that’s only one of the shockers facing the Greek mythological figures. It’s no wonder we’re still reading the famous works of Homer, Euripides, and Sophocles after all these years — look at all the great material they wrote!

Pjato_book1 Well, you might not be familiar with Homer’s The Odyssey, Euripides’ The Bacchae, or Sophocles’ Oedipus the King. But have you heard of a little series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan? If you said, “Heck, yeah!” then you already know a bit about Greek mythology.

However, if you aren’t familiar with any famous figures of Greek mythology, then get ready to meet my top five:

5. Poseidon
I just love the sea — the waves, the dolphins, everything! — and that’s why the god of the sea, Poseidon himself, makes it on my top five list. Unfortunately, he’s also the god of earthquakes, but I’m just going to let that slide for the moment because what other god can make horses out of sea foam? That’s pretty cool in my book. Wonder what Poseidon looks like? For some reason, King Triton in Disney’s The Little Mermaid comes to mind.

4. Aphrodite
She’s the goddess who all the Gods on Mount Olympus fought over. In a competition between goddesses, she was even deemed the most beautiful by Paris of Troy. Unfortunately, that didn’t end well considering it spawned a war known as the Battle of Troy. Ring a bell? I’m talking about the one . . . the only . . . Aphrodite, the goddess of love, lust, and beauty. But remember, such extreme beauty can be deceiving and often lead to tough circumstances.

3. Nike
Nike, depicted with wings in most paintings and statues, was a goddess who personified triumph throughout the ages. As the goddess of strength, speed, and victory, it only made sense that Nike was friends with Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Together, they could make mortals fittingly wise and victorious.

2. Apollo
Without the god of music, prophecies, poetry, and archery, how dull would parties be . . . honestly? That’s what I thought! Not only would Apollo have been the life of every shindig (surely he’d bring the tunes and tell great stories), but he would have been the hottest one there since he was also often referred to as the most beautiful of the gods. Cute god + music + poetry = my kind of guy!

1. Kronos
Who is even more powerful than the almighty Zeus, king of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus? That would be Zeus’ father, Kronos. Well, that was until he was overthrown by his own sons, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. But before that day, Kronos ruled during the so-called Golden Age and was revered for his devotion to harvesting.

Those are my top five picks from the many Greek mythological figures written about over time. After all, I didn’t even include most of the Olympian deities, Primordial deities, Titans, Cyclopes, river gods, nymphs, or giants! I really wonder how people in ancient Greece kept all of these mythological figures straight. Well, I suppose it’s similar to knowing the entire cast of High School Musical as well as all of the songs and lyrics from HSM1 through HSM3 . . .

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. owlo360pop

    i say that this is my list!
    1. athena- supa smart lady whose caused her daddys head to split!
    2.hermes- mysterious bad boy with pet snakes
    3.hades- lone, sensitive, dark mysterious!!!
    4.artimis- permantly single hunting chic!
    5. appolo- uhh just cuz

  2. nick

    1.medusa!(i know shes evil but she(it) is pretty awesome)
    @ michael, percy or persesus was real and was specifically known for slaying medusa, he did not though save the world so drastically.

  3. Momo

    I love the Percy Jackson series too! I was just wondering… Is Percy really in greek mythology as saving the heavens or is he a character that the author made up?

  4. Mikael

    The tragic story of sisyphus..
    Was doomed into the underworld to push a gigantic boulder up a moutain top, and just before he could rech the top… He drops it. This punishment was senteced for eternity (Which is after my knowledge…a very long time)

  5. Sam

    Bacchae seems pretty cool – they’re showing it at Shakespeare in the Park! I LOVE Greek mythology. Can’t wait to see if Rick writes a new series!

  6. AndiSkadoo

    I LOVE greek mythology!! And i’ve read the PJO books, they rox sox!! it’s awesome the rick riordan put a modern twist on the ancient myths we know and love (-=

  7. Camila

    You do know Kronos is the supreme lord of the titans, evil, cruel, evil, obsessed with destroying the gods,and evil!? Did I mention he is EVIL!!!!!????

  8. Camila

    Iv’e read the series myself and I love it! But I would NEVER put Kronos on my list. Sure Kronos’s power is cool, but i my opinion he is evil, cruel, and is obsesses with destroying the gods! After all he is the lord of the Titans.

  9. Natethegra

    Personnaly I like Nike Zeus Athena Hades and did you ever notice that the god of victory is Nikke and there is a sports compony calles Nike?Weird.

  10. A Major Bibliophile

    I love the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series by Rick Riordan and have read the first four books in the series three times and number five four times! I had a five-day Percy Jackson Marathon and read each of the books in one day! They are super awesome! “The Last Olympian”, book five, is the best of the series! I started reading “Nicholas Flamel” (young adult) book one, but I didn’t like it, so I quit reading it. Kronos stinks; Percy Jackson rules!

  11. annabeth98

    I love greek mytholgy and all but dude you forgot artemis she is THE HUNTRESS and i am really emphasizing on THE HUNTRESS (as you can see)

  12. Ethan (spideymen42)

    I love percy Jackson and the olympians it is one of the best book series ever.
    p.s. rick might make another series

  13. corrine!!!

    I love mythology!!!!, and couldn’t agree more with what the top 5 are. I would change some thought but anyway there great!!!!!!!!!

  14. Missi (4everhp)

    My list would be:
    5. Nike – she’s friends with Athena; coool!
    4. Athena – WISDOM GODDESS!!! =)
    3. Zeus- He controls electricity.
    2. Hades – he’s nice in the end
    1. Poseidon – cuz he’s in control of water!
    And, Aliyah (feelin’_sorry_4_sev)I’ll attempt to get my hands on that book! It sounds good! =)

  15. Crystal

    Ha ha! I really like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. :) I’m on book 3 right now.
    What is the series called, Aliyah?

  16. harrypotterfan17

    I read all the Percy Jackson books and they are awesome, I knew almost nothing about Greek mythology before I read them. I also read the first Nicholas Flamel book (young adult), are the rest similar to the first?

  17. Valkyrie2b

    I love both Percy Jackson and Nicholas Flamel (young adult)! Greek mythology is probably the best literature out there. I like Hera better than Aphrodite, though, Lol.

  18. corrine!!!

    I just love mythology!!!! I could not agree more with that list but I would change some things, like Konos. In the Percy Jackson books he is bad! Well any way love the list!!!!:)

  19. warriorgurl

    I love Greek mythology! My favorite goddess is Artemis, goddess of animals. I also like Persephone, goddess of spring and Hades’ wife.

  20. Aliyah (_feelin'_sorry_4_sev_)

    Has anyone read the series about Nicholas Flamel (young adult) by Michael Scott? It has loads of mythology from around the world. I really like it.

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