July 14, 2009

The FIVE: Detectives and Spies

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Detective and Spy Mystery Books

I’ve always thought it would be so cool to be a spy or detective. Besides getting all that really cool gear, you’d be able to solve cases and find out secrets that no one else could. But unfortunately for me there are three things getting in my way of being an ultimate spy and/or detective. One, I’m about as graceful as a chicken on skates. I’d probably blow my cover by knocking over something or running into a wall. Two, spies need good hearing, and mine is less than stellar. I’d most likely mistake “I took the money” for “I’ll look for honey.” And third, detectives need to pay really close attention to detail, which definitely rules me out. You know you’re looking for ketchup in the fridge and can’t find it, but it turns out that it’s really right in front of your face? Yeah, that’s me.

So in lieu of my improbable future job as a detective, I live through the characters in books. I bring you my Top Five Favorite Detectives and Spies!

Nathanfox Nathan Fox from Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times by L. Brittney
When I think of Nathan Fox I think of James Bond 007 if he lived in Old England during the time of Shakespeare. What makes Nathan Fox an amazing spy is he’s also a gifted actor. This old school spy has all the skills needed: acting, swordplay, dagger-throwing, street fighting, code breaking and intelligence gathering. Oh and did I forget to mention that Nathan is one of the key players in influencing Shakespeare’s stories? That is if he makes it through all of his missions alive of course . . .

Boxcarchildren Benny, Violet, Henry and Jessie Alden from The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner

No matter what your circumstances are or where you live, these kids show that anyone can be a detective. What’s awesome about the Alden’s is that they can stick together and never once get into a fight. Heck, if I tried solving a mystery with my brother, things would be sure to go awry. However, what would happen if the Alden’s tried solving something like “The Missing Television Remote Control”? Now that would be sure to spark disagreements between the brothers and sisters.

Spyx1 Evie and Andrew from the Spy X series by Peter Lerangis
Though I’d be a terrible detective and spy, I’d definitely rise to the occasion if my mother went missing. That’s why Evie and Andrew make it on my top five list! When a case becomes personal…watch out because there is no stopping two children on the hunt for their mom.

Hardyboys Frank and Joe Hardy from The Hardy Boys series by Franklin W. Dixon
Two handsome teenage boys on a mission to make their town safer…how could I not include them on the list? These two brothers have been solving mysteries for over eighty years with their exciting stories. They’ve solved about any crime and mystery imaginable: murders, drug peddling, race horse kidnapping, diamond smuggling, medical malpractice, big-time auto theft, and even hijacking of strategic materials and espionage. Now if that doesn’t get them a job with the CIA or FBI, I don’t know what will!

Nancy-drew Nancy Drew from the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene

I certainly couldn’t have a top five detective and spy list without the famed Nancy Drew, now could I? As a role model for all young girls, Nancy Drew is the epitome of a strong and independent young heroine. Hailed as the “teen detective queen,” Ms. Drew never lets us down, solving any mystery that comes her way.

After listing my top favorite spies and detectives, I kind of want to go out and find my own mystery to solve. However, due to my obstacles and weaknesses listed above, maybe I’ll just stick to crossword puzzles and cryptograms.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. lindsey

    nancy drew is great!! i read her books 2-4 grade. A series that i like better than hers is the hardy boys, basically the same try them too!

  2. Livia

    Nancy Drew is a great series. Its a good read for children of all ages, whereas the boxcar children is simple and for smaller kids around 5.

  3. Ashen

    You can’t forget Alex Rider, forteen-year-old spy working for MI6… reluctantly. He’s probably my favourite spy.

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