November 28, 2008

Book Games I’m Thankful For

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Here are my top five book games on THE STACKS:


Holes: Treasure Hunt
Don’t expect to make it all the way through on your first try. There’s a lot to this game and it’s worth the effort. Definitely don’t forget audio — Madame Zeroni is hilarious!


Inkheart: Quiz
What qualities fit your outlook today? Watch your true character morph and emerge as you answer personality questions.


Chasing Vermeer: Pattern Puzzles
Follow this funky puzzle to reveal a secret message from the characters. Play it again; it won’t be the same.


A Dog’s Life: Bone Travels On
Ever read a great story and then wonder, what if? Try this “choose your own adventure” trail and see where you’d be if you were Bone the dog.


Charlotte’s Web: Make Your Own Comics
How cool! Drag in adorable Wilbur — and don’t forget Charlotte! Add settings right from the movie. Pull in speech bubbles and print out your own comic. Most creative alternative to a holiday card, maybe?

That’s my five. Give them a try! Then tell me your top five book games. I’m ready to play.

— Amy, Editor