January 22, 2009

THE FIVE: Best Places to Read

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I was recently thinking about my favorite places to read a good book, so I thought I’d share them with you:

5. Anywhere with good light makes a great place to read, so I always enjoy having the free time in the summer to sit underneath a large tree and read in the sun.

4. I love reading on the subway. I always have at least an hour a day to read on the subway, and I find a good book makes the ride go by quickly. I usually read nonfiction books on the subway because if I get caught up in a good story I sometimes miss my stop.

3. I’ve always found the floor to be a great reading place. As a kid, I used to lie down next to the dog and read for hours on end, propped up on my elbows. If the book was good enough, I’d read until my arms fell asleep and I had to shift positions.

2. The library at my school had a room with an armchair surrounded by bookshelves. The chair was positioned next to a window that could be opened when it was sunny and warm, letting in a nice cool breeze. I loved reading a good book in the chair, but usually I’d fall asleep after a few chapters.

1. The absolute best place to read books from a long series is in an armchair with a warm blanket next to a large window in the middle of a driving rainstorm. I used to have a corduroy armchair, and I’d read while storms from the Oregon coast beat against my house.

Do you have any places that you go to read? Where do you like to curl up with a book? Are there any types of books you like to read in a certain place?

— Rob, STACKS Staffer

  1. Krystal

    Its also fun reading in the deck or on the porch especially if youre under a a sun protection umberella. It will be very peaceful because of the nice shade and the cool breeze.

  2. Abi

    I love reading in my armchair in my bedroom its so private and cosy. I want to start reading outside with my back against a tree it sounds fun to do.

  3. Izzy-belly

    I love reading next to my guinea pig. She likes when I read out loud to her too. I like reading in my special chair next to the window while it’s open on a hot summer day.

  4. OP

    I love reading in the library because i’m surrounded with good books so i have many options what to read next and references on what i am reading…it’s good to be in the library

  5. vballchick8771

    I love to cover up with a blanket and have hot chocolate in winter time and read a good book with my dogs sitting next to me!!
    i love that!

  6. catnappi

    my place to read is in my couch with a good book soft blanket and a storm that makes me read beter

  7. summergirl537

    I agree with elflulu but not just because i’m her best friend but i do have grass in my yard i thought you did to lizi girl

  8. elflulu

    I luv sitting on the floor or an arm chair to read but i don’t live near a subway i dont have grass so the ground outside my house is dirty

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