March 6, 2013

The False Prince Sequel

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Runaway KingThe False Prince
Sequel: The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen

If you've read The False Prince, you will be excited to know that the sequel, The Runaway King, is now available!
If you haven’t read The False Prince, what are you waiting for? In this thrilling story, Sage and three other orphans are recruited for a strange competition: to pose as the king’s long-lost son and fool the entire kingdom into thinking he’s the prince. But the competition is not so simple. And along the way, layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold.
Trust me; you’ll be clinging to the edge of your seat as you read about Sage’s adventures.

But maybe YOU’RE the False Prince? Take the quiz and find out!

—Vanessa, Scholastic Staffer

  1. ruby

    was the second book good i have been waiting for it for a long time now i can’t wait to read it i love the first book yayyy.

  2. Scott F

    The fales Princesounds like
    an awsome book.I realy want to
    read it.The seting and plot are the best part.

  3. brainyathena

    OMG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I love you guys for telling me this O_O have to tell my friend now .-.

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