September 2, 2011

The Cartoon Network Dudes Reply!

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DWWH10 Last week we asked you to fill in the blank to this age-old question: Dude, what would happen if___? Well, CJ, Jackson, and Ali from the show Dude, What Would Happen have read your questions and they each chose 2 to answer! Read on for their answers and a super nice compliment from Jackson.

But. . .um. . . a public service announcement first. . . I know you are all smart enough not to try these dangerous stunts at home, but I just have to say this. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

Q from Lucas: What would happen if you filled a swimming pool with jello? Would you stay on top or sink?
CJ: This is actually something I’ve personally wondered since I was a kid. And honestly I think the answer is both! It’s all about weight distribution; I think if you were to lay flat on the surface you’d float, but if you tried to walk across you’d sink.

Q from Chickenpox914: Dude, what would happen if you had a race on stilts?
Ali: Well, it would be a long race. In the aspect that it will take a while and that you will be long. Now the race must be through an obstacle course. The first phase of the race would include mountainous terrain. Then once that part is over, the second phase begins. Bring in the sticky mouse pads. Now you’re on stilts and you’re getting stuck to the ground, all while watching out for birds nesting on you because you’re so tall they might mistake you for a tree. Now when the second phase is over, the third and final phase begins. Can you say bring on the marbles? Imagine the only thing standing between you and the finish line are thousands upon thousands of marbles. Now you have trekked through mountainous terrain, gone through a path of a ton of sticky mouse pads, while on stilts and fending off birds from nesting on you. Now you’re in a dead sprint between you and your competitor, and as you cross the finish line, you trigger a hundred pies to fall on you. To top it all off, a lab dude puts a cherry on top of your head!

Q from DragonBeak5: Dude what would happen if you used a wedding dress as a parachute?
Jackson: The wedding dress would create airways that flow through the seams – the dress would open out the same way that a parachute would and the dress wearer would safely fly down and land wherever they wanted to.

Q from cnahk: Did you guys have to get permits for this or is it your typical backyard kind of thing?
CJ: Not only do we have permits for everything we do, but we have our own professional stunt personnel around at all times making sure everything we do is safe. That being said, you shouldn’t try anything you see us do at home.

Not even this? Well, alright. Random dancing in place is ok.

Q from Robin: Dude, what would happen if you built a staircase of books? Would it be safe to climb? How long would it stand?
Ali: Now the length all depends of what type of book we use. If it was pamphlets, I’m pretty sure it would not be the longest standing structure. Or we can use paperbacks, and maybe it can last a couple weeks. Of course this depends on the thickness of the book. The ultimate solution is hardback novels or even encyclopedias. Those are the sturdiest and they’ll last as long as the Pyramids. Well, if it’s not safe, we wouldn’t do it, so we would make the lab dudes make sure if it’s safe – and then we would be climbing the staircase of knowledge!

Q from Ryan: Dude, what will happen if someone was a bowling ball in bowling?
Jackson: The person would have to be the size of an average human, which if my calculations and research are correct is currently 7 feet tall, which means that if I were doing this stunt, I would need huge roller skates and possibly large pillows surrounding me for safety. So the person would have to have to be big, and to even out the playing field, the pins would have to be even larger than the bowling ball (me). Now to gain speed for this extravaganza, there would need to be a helicopter tow in. This would get just enough speed in order for me to bowl myself a strike!

Jackson: Great questions by the way! I think these guys need to be hired for the show!!

Nice! Huge thanks to CJ, Ali, and Jackson for answering our questions! You guys rock!

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  1. gustglue12

    i love diary of a wimpy kid it is amazing and awesome
    did you hear about kate and william baby his name is geroge
    thats all from have a good summer holiday

  2. BlackHorse124

    Dude,what would happen if you filled a THIN plastic tetherball and let wrestelers lay with it! Love, blachorse124

  3. greencash141

    i love ur show theres nothing id rather watch then u guys u guy make science fun with all these awsome thing u do keep it up ily

  4. Sammantha

    awsome show, So dude what would happen if a man of juice or jelly got hit by truck and if it was in water

  5. TigerChasing7

    i always say if you dont really like something you dont have to do it. i think these guys work too much and most of the stuff they do they are just going to hurt somebody but they dont put it on the t.v because they want kids just to get hurt.

  6. sergio

    My favorit epesode was when you put the fish and water in the car.I also liked when you dudes made popcorn.aaawwsooommm!

  7. Dee dee

    I Love this SHOW!! What would happen if a bear ate jelly while swimming in a pool with the dudes?! That would be too funny!

  8. Stormie

    i’m new here but umm…I need friends please i only got one friend on here!!!! please be my friend! please?

  9. Giovanna

    Dudes, I might be a girl, or a woman more like it since I’m 18, but I wished I would join you no matter how unexpected things were going to be. It’s nice that you took the time to answer a few questions to your fans, who must be happy that their questions were answered by you guys. Keep up with what you do and forget about the negativity that people give you because this is what you guys are. Until then, I’ll be watching you in my computer and my college roommate’s television. Love ya!!!

  10. TangledHairxd

    wow….this is hilarious. What would happen if someone ate a bear,then turned into a bear?…weird.

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