June 18, 2014

The Doll Graveyard

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TThe Doll Graveyard book coverhe Doll Graveyard (for ages 8-12) by Lois Ruby

“Chester sniffs at the ground and whimpers. It’s a graveyard, a miniature cemetery with five tiny wooden markers close together in a horseshoe shape, and one larger one set apart, as if someone didn’t want that body buried with the rest.”

When Shelby’s parents divorce, she isn’t happy that it means she has to move 200 miles away from where she grew up. Her great-aunt Amelia has died, leaving a house at Cinder Creek to Shelby, her brother Brian, her mom, and her dog Chester. It’s a beautiful house, but old and kind of creepy at night. And oh yeah, there is also a weird miniature graveyard in the backyard.

Brian and Shelby dig up the miniature graves and find dolls. They take them inside and put them in a doll house that is an exact replica of their house. When the dolls start moving around the house and talking, Shelby and Brian try reburying them, but they won’t stay buried!

Shelby finds a journal written by the dolls’ first owner, Sadie. Shelby is horrified to hear that Sadie went through the same things Shelby is going through. The same things happened to Emily, the next girl to find the dolls. Emily ends up in a psychiatric ward because her parents and doctors think she is crazy.

Are Shelby and Brian going crazy? Or can they figure out a way to make the dolls quiet at last? Read and find out! Then comment in the section below!

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  1. a

    if it had a movie then count me in freaky…. love it i’m into freaky movies but books aren’t that scary cause stuff can’t pop out at you comment if you know what i mean

  2. dolphinring19

    i’m reading the book right know in my school and everyone in my class like the book and they are guessing whats going to happen in chapter 15!!!! I’m also wondering whats going to happen in chapter 15!!!!

  3. DressBasketball21

    It is a good book, my class is at chapter 15 and it is getting better and better! You guys `should read it, you’ll be amazed!

    1. Shelby s.

      It is so wierd that we have the same first name. It totally creeps me out because I had to move when my Aunt died!!!!

  4. laiba b

    I don’t have much to say. I just read the blue part under the book,s cover. I read it and I said maybe I,ll like his book and I think I will like it I have watched a lot of doll moves.But I still want to know what store the book is going to be selled at and how much money does it cost o OMG have been right to much ok I am stopping buy.

    1. green dragon 497


  5. Anonymous

    that sounds really interesting I wish I could keep reading it. it sounds really interesting all my life I’ve been a reader and never heard anything so interesting before cant wait to read on

  6. ketchuphappy

    I love these kind of scary books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would read the rest of the book THE DOLL GRAVEYARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous

      some are but some aren’t I should know once you get over it their not so scary I know my friend jess she has a bunch of dolls and they had no eyes it was just pitch black and it use to freak me out cause I use to go to her house a lot

    2. Anonymous

      so do I but I don’t even know were they sell it. it sounds really awesome and I’ve read scary books before that’s the scariest one I’ve heard of so far

    1. ketchuphappy

      I like this book ,it is sound and looks like it is really scary. I would buy these book ,also i would like to the rest of the book THE DOLL GRAVEYARD.If Shelby and Brian going crazy?Or can they figure out the way to make the dolls quiet at last?I would read the rest of the story ,I love these kind of scary books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the mystery kids

    1they must have been scared. now i want to read the rest of the book
    2 they must have been depressed with all the bad things happining in there life. then they are getting haunted by some creepy dolls.

    1. Jessica

      yea I would be scared if dolls were haunting me every were I go that would be scary but I love scary books I would have probably just ignored them or at least searched up haunted dolls and get as much information as possible

    1. Angelmusician01

      Yes, I’m not a fan of popular horror. However, I love Gothic Horror, such as Shelly’s Frankenstien, or Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera. I love how this genre combines horror, mystery, romance, and sometime the toll of society or philosophy in them. To me, a great book is not only extremely well written but also has a message to society in them. even if it isn’t explicitly there, like in the Harry Potter books, (which is undoubtedly why they remain popular {and will remain popular}). The greatest book I have ever read so far is Hugo’s Les Miserables. It combines French history (in the battle of Waterloo),

    1. the mystery kids

      you havent read the book bad girls dont die or the movie the congering?????????????????????????????

  8. clubbloodhound44

    if that happed to me, i would of smashed the dolls with hammers and say ‘Bye Bye dollys’.