February 16, 2009

The Buzz on Queen Bee

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Queen_beeQueen Bee is a cool graphic novel for ages 12 and up about two middle-school girls with psychokinetic powers . . . and a major rivalry! It’s been out for a while now, but we’re still getting questions about it. Check out the Queen Bee website for sneak peeks, and here are some burning questions from some fans:

Q: How old are each of the kids in Queen Bee? — angelbaby
A: The kids are all about 12 years old.

Q: the second book of queen bee out?? — sweetlucy11
A: At the moment, we don’t have another Queen Bee book scheduled.

— Sheila, Scholastic Graphix Editor

  1. Tammy

    Ppppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee make another book I can’t stand it because there is no 2 second book wwwwwaaaaahhhhhhh

  2. MusicFairy28

    GRRRRRR!!! It’s not FAIR!!! You don’t do that to people. You don’t say there will be another book and never make it! Will you ever let people know or will you keep doing this to every one?

  3. Celina

    For those of you who have read it and have the sneek peek and don’t get it:
    After she doodles on her face; check out the neckalace Alexa is wearing.

  4. bastfairy5

    i wish she’s make the 2nd book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Danielle

    Is there going to be another Queen Bee book coming out soon? I think that there are too many fans that love he Queen Bee book that the series should stop. I know that the book hasn’t come out since 2005, but I think that Chynna should continue her series because so many people love it and it would be a huge disappointment if she didn’t continue. I know that it has been a few years since the releasing of the Queen Bee, but I hope that she continues. It’s never to late.

  6. Aaliyah

    Okay, now I finally know that they are never ever ever ever going to make book 2 because it has been 7 years! I’m sad now because it’s sooooooooooo awesome. T_T

  7. Kisa

    The story was good, but when is the sequel coming out? It’s been more than six years. Also, there’s no way that the kids are about 12 years old. They look like they’re at least seniors in high school (I have friends in college who look younger than the characters in this book).

  8. queen bee lover

    please make a volume two!!
    i read the first one when i was in year 4, i think… and i read it again just then and im in yr 7……
    i have an idea about whats going to happen but i still want ro read it <3….
    chynna clugston rulzzz!!!!
    are there any other books he made??? because i am dying ro read ALL of them!!!
    i usually dont read books or comics but ‘queen bee’ made me interested in them ☺

  9. Victoria

    OMG!!!!!!!!! i read this book years ago and just gotit at my schools book fair. SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO GOOD! I just found out that its a series and can’t wait love it!!!!

  10. Nijah

    I was really hoping that there would be a vol 2 but I bought the 1st book when I was in 7th grade….but it would be really awesome for to be vol 2. Leaving me with a cliffhanger totally not cool :(

  11. jada

    its ovious that there sisters read what 1 of trinis friends say they look alike look in the front cover they look alike pretty ovious

  12. Ophie

    The locket on Alexa(at the end of the book)looks like Haley’s.It’s been like what,6 years vol.2 han’t come out but i will not give up!Chynna Clugstone if your reading this comment,plz make vol.2 of Queen Bee!A lot of people is hoping for you to make it PLZ!!!!!!!!

  13. Ophie

    Ya know at the end of the book,i saw that Alexa(on the poster)had the same locket as Haley!NOW im super duper curious plz make a 2 volume!

  14. Ophie

    I really loved Queen Bee!
    I hope there will be a 2 book.I am soooo curiouse it doesnt even look like its finished the story!I wonder if Alexa and Haley are sisters.
    P.S.Chynna Clugston please make a 2 book!Im begging.I wanna find out what happenes.

  15. Jasminer

    Thursday in my school libray and i checked out my first queen bee book and it was good ,and it was about a girl named Haley and and she was a geek.Please keep making more and more book about queen bee!!!!!!

  16. Sarah

    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY want the second book to come. Please write the next book. *prays*

  17. Saphireblue

    I read this comic in 5th grade, I’m a Soph now and I been trying to track down this book I remember reading it but I can never remember the title or the author what I did remember was that it was really good. When I finally did find it again, I was so happy. I still love the comic.
    Is there a 2 Vol that’s comming out or is there one already???

  18. Maxi

    I need tosee if there is a 2nd book or not! I <3 these books. Im just like Haley. Im unpopular but now cool I guess. Its great. Im compettitive with a girl as well just like Alexa.

  19. HOpey

    i do agree…u guys should get another book out…i didnt read the first but i read the excerpt…and it needs to be a series…if you did people would buy alot…and reccomend it…it is truely a masterpiece plan though…

  20. HOpey

    this book looks REALLY interesting…i cant seem to find it at the library…but anywho i absolutely love the concept!!! two girls with the same prob, fighting against each other…true drama!!!

  21. peaceout21

    omg i am soooooo mad that they didn’t make a #2 yet whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?! It is an AWSOME book

  22. caroline

    omg im so mad its been 5 years half a decade and no volume two what a rip off bt i love the book!!!!!!!!!

  23. ultimatequeenbee101

    Ok,I’ve only read one of your books the queen bee and one thing you left out is that the main carector Haley Madison how does she get powers? idunno?

  24. Leanne

    I <3 this book. My only ONLY problem with it is that the girls look a little older than 12-13 years old. I think they look like they should be in 8th-10th grade! But the book is funny/awesome.

  25. Leanne

    No second book out yet?!?!? The ending is so suspenseful though! I wanna see what happens! Please write a new book, Chynna Clugston.

  26. Samantha

    PLEASE, please please please!!!!!!!!!!! Come out with another QUEEN BEE! You could call it Queen Bee: Reunite or the sting is on!! Or something. :D

  27. Sarah

    UMM…..no offense but i think there is a fault in your book…..The main character Haley Madison goes to a new school and becomes popular….soon she learns that being popular isnt all that great…and says…”is this what being popular is all about.” She pretty much says it stinks and that all popular people are stuck up snobs. so in conclusion – you have to be a nerd to be nice and friendly…….wrong i think!!. Being popular is actually about your character. sure it sort of depends on your looks and your clothes. but not nesessarily. i mean an unattractive or poor person could be popular easily. …i dont even know one person who is a stuck up snob and popular. the stuck up snobs are usually unpopular.

  28. pinkalot3

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I mean it’s such a good book but I think it’s been a bit long. Do you relly think thir’s going to be a second one?

  29. singingbird10

    Thats not fair for the little kids who read this like my sister. They need to be working on a second book. It was a little rude to not make a second book.

  30. iluvbooks4life

    i am upset with scholastics for not making another book! the book should have been made already!! I dont buy cliff hanger books they arn’t worth it.

  31. SHANIA

    i looooovvveeddd this book ive read it like 10 times in the grades 5-7 and i cant get anough of it in even writing a novel study about it.

  32. krissy2u

    About “Queen Bee,” how do they start the tornado in the first place? Does it start ot with the two fighting with each other, or what, because I was thinking of getting this book, and I wanted to see what other kids around my age thought of it.

  33. Sunshine

    When will vol. 2 come out? At the end of vol. 1 it said there could be a vol. 2! I hope your’e still working on it! If you are, then good luck!!!!

  34. Sunshine

    Can you please have vol. 2 ready for us to read? I’ve read vol.1 and it was very interesting! When I read it I could’nt stop! I just feel in vol.2 would be very interesting!I wish you good luck!!!

  35. mimi

    OMG !! i loved it! i read it first when i was in 5th grade but now i’m in the 7th grade and i read it again
    pls pls pls bring vol. 2!

  36. LuvMeCuzIHaveCooki3z

    I’ve read that book like about 2 years ago and it’s AWESOME! There should be a Volume 2. I mean really! You can’t just leave us with a cliff hanger! At the end, it’s obvious they’re sisters because I think they both have those necklaces. I dont remember much

  37. sarah

    omg i cant wait 4 it 2 come out if it does because alexa is her sister is wait im guessing and i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Dona

    I cant belive they didn’t make volume 2 yet. I loved the book but then they just cut you off at the end. I dont think there is going to be a volume 2. What I did is write a volume 2 myself but not to sell. Just for me to read until the new one comes out. If it comes out.

  39. rbc77

    i really want to know what happens. there is a prieview in the first book. what is the secret alexa knows? are alexa and haley sisters? what is happening to the school?! i really hope there is another book!!!!!!!!!!1

  40. rbc77

    i loved the queen bee book! is there a new one coming out soon? if there is please tell me. this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jamie

    Does that mean that theres not gone be another Queen Bee book or she’s just not done writing it

  42. Mikaela P

    Do you have any ideas or expectations for a second book and if so what would be the date be around when it would come out???

  43. Taya

    What is the Queen Bee books about? I’ve never heard of them and never read then so what are those books about?

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