March 22, 2011

The 39 Clues Trivia Quiz

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39clues_130 The 39 Clues grand prize finalists took this quiz to determine the ultimate winner. How are YOUR agent skills? Visit the 39 Clues website to answer these 39 questions. Then leave us a Comment to tell us how well you scored!

  1. Treble Clef

    I got 32 out of 39. I think mostly cause the last few questions were in Vespers Risisng, which I haven’t read yet.

  2. Caitlyn

    i bet you can’t beat me at the contest for the 39 clues if i participate in the contest.

  3. Mysterious Madrigal

    I got 39 of 39 i only had trouble with the one Nellie and her languges or something

  4. cnahk

    I got 13 out of 39 but that is because I only read the first 2.And I gussed allthe answers the only one I knew was what Amys favorite hobby was.

  5. Alexis

    22 out of 39. I’m an intermidiate agent. I just need to read more books and look at more cards.

  6. susie

    These books are so awsome. They make me stay up way past my bed time. They are so exciting and i hope that he makes more!

  7. nellieforeva

    i got like 35 out of 39 it said that i was a top agent i just needed a photographic memory like dans

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