1. Ana

    I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your arcltie. But want to remark on few general things, The site style is wonderful, the arclties is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  2. risingfire4

    if u mean medusa plot i already read it twice! its sooooooooo aaawwweessoommeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps who in this cahill world is STAN? hey, dudes, im just random now, but any of you read ‘double identinty’ by margeret pterson haddix? if not, READ IT!!! ITS AWESOME! ps, im all of the branches so yeah maybe thats why im so crazy *laughs hystericly*

  3. Jack

    @zack (Comment #2)
    I totally agree with you…
    …this is why I don’t want a movie for the series. It would ruin the books.

  4. becky

    the 39 clues story is barely a year and on the back of the first book dan is quite a bit shorter than amy and now he is most definitley taller, i reckon dan looks even older than amy!!!!!

  5. becky

    they looked super young on the back of the books and i thought they would be the perfect people to play amy and dan but now i think im canging my mind.

  6. sue

    can’t wait!!! i got into this series from my childs school. i love them!!! would be nice if they made it a movie series.

  7. BOB

    Both actors seem as if they were pulled in by some random dude and made them say this skit. They should have at LEAST tried to put some decency in this.

  8. Tim

    Ive read all the books so far and i have one card pack. Cant wait wait for the book to arrive…
    And I thought of amy and dan as alot different.

  9. grady

    i have the whole first series and i have ben waiting for this FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. i amagined dan and amy smaller

  10. onyx

    im waiting for the next book and man im exited oh, yeah am i the only one that thinks theses books are AMAZING

  11. poop

    yeah i guess im ready but lik umm wats rong with the characters i mean how does dan get a mustache anyways koooooooooooooooooooool this is awesome yeah

  12. sarah

    hmmm, howbout…. NO!!!
    wats with the characters anyway??? they were DEFINATLEY NOT THE CHARACTERS I HAD IN MIND!!

  13. sarah

    the books are great, but the characters i had in mind were, like written in da book! wats with these, ???!!!!

  14. sarah

    i thought that they were like, super young lookin, ESPECIALLY dan!!! on the first book they looked fine, but now, um, they look 16, and dan has a MOUSTACHE!!! wat kinda of a 12 yr old has a moustache???? these actors are bad.

  15. Not Telling

    Yeah I agree with some previous remarks. Dan looks 16 when he suppose to be 12 and Amy looks 15 – 16 when she is only suppose to be 14. Those two really destroyed my previous vision of Dan and Amy Cahill also they both weren’t enthusiastic and he looked/ acted like he’d rather be playing X-Box or something.

  16. Alice

    I really shouldn’t be reading this becasue I’m still on the 5th book, but I am excited to read on and see what will happen later. I really hope that Amy and Dan will finally get their break from all this craziness, but I guess they won’t after I hear about this.

  17. PianoGirl6

    I LOVE the 39 Clues Series! Each book is such a grabber, & the online game is addicting. SO… I guess I’m helping to save the world. As long as they don’t catch this elusive Lucian first, she’s in. Calling all Cahills!!!

  18. redwolf31

    AWESOME! FINALLY! Read every book in the series, bought two game card packs, and have an account for the39clues.com!

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