August 11, 2009

The 39 Clues Book 5 Is Here!

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39clues5_130 Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another wild ride because The 39
Clues Book 5 is finally here! Everything about this book has been top secret, from Amy and Dan’s next destination (I’m not telling. You have to read the book!) to the book cover itself. THAT at least I can show you. In fact, here is the author Patrick Carman himself posing with his copy.

Patrick Carman reveals final cover of The 39 Clues #5_The Black Circle

And speaking of Patrick Carman, don’t miss the live chat with him here at the STACKS talking about The 39 Clues. Who knows what Clue leads will be revealed!

— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. AmyCahill

    in few days i will take the book 5. i love amy and ian!!! and dan is my favorite but i am not sure yet…

  2. JanusMan

    Jonah disappears with his dad in Book 4 when no one knows who he is and he says ‘bomb.’ OMG, im so glad they did that.
    SPOILERRR: In book 6 Irina dies and in book 7 another team joins the race. Could it be Isabel kabra? SHe helped her kids in book 6, so it might b her and Vikram (Isabel’s husband, leaders of the Lucian Branch)

  3. _luciancahill39_

    book 5 is my favorite coz i wanna know about my branch’s and madrigal’s secrets and book 3, too coz its funny. GLORY TO THE LUCIANS!

  4. ethan

    My son Ethan wants to go to book week at school as a character from 39 clues. Any ideas for a good costume?

  5. taylah

    i love these books because i love advetures. i am up to the second so far but i am getting an atachment to the books so far.

  6. cenzo

    i love these books soooo much. I read 1 through 4 but i cant find 5. i must of went to fifty stores but im goanna check some more today and hopefully they have it im dying to read it. Book 6 looks really good tooo im dying to read it and all the rest. I will always remember these book. PEACE

  7. Taylor431

    i read the book it came out and it was AWESOME!!! my fave. part was when (SPOILER if u havent read it) amy kicked ian in the shin! u go girl! I have a question though, wht happened 2 Jonah and his daddy?

  8. Scout

    And, of course, book 5 is pure awesome. The second chapter in particular. Because (Spolier) there`s nothing better than the character Ian Kabra in pain.

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