November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_thanksgivingWriting Prompt: What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful I had a mom who raised me with lots of love and good values. I am thankful I was born in the United States. I am thankful I got to go to college. I am thankful I love my job. I am thankful I don’t have the chronic disease that runs in my family. I am thankful for my failures because they made me stronger. I am thankful for God. I am thankful for good friends, good books, and good desserts.

There’s a lot more I’m thankful for, but this is a start! With so many things going on these days that can be hard, sad, and thought-provoking in our lives, Thanksgiving is a good time to get thinking about some of those simple, basic things we have to be thankful for.

So whether simple, serious, or silly, drop us a line in the Comments, and tell us what YOU are thankful for.

Happy Turkey Day!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    I am thankful that I was born and I still and my mom and dad.I am thankful that black people and white people become friends.I am thankful that all wars ended! And I am thankful for having a friend who is nice and cares about me.

  2. starr

    i am thank ful for my family and friends and im thank ful 4 so mant things.when my family and i say wat we thankful 4 we all sit down on the couch andv tell everybody wat we are thank ful for and thas the time i told my family wat i want to be thankful 4 on disney channel YEEEEEEEE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD DAY people

  3. Whopper24

    Hey!! u shoud get rid of this!! It’s not Thanksgiving anymore!Its Christmas! And I got a Wii and a Blackberry slide

  4. Bundleboo

    Im thankful for everything that god has done in my life. Like givving me a family and friends.Im thankfull for him givving me clothes on my back, choes on my feet, a roof over mt head and for him not givving me and disorders. Im also thankfull for alot of other things but im gonna stop typing here.

  5. Courtney

    I am thankful for alot of things. I am thankful my friends i love them so much. I am thankful for mrs. l she is awsome she makes coming to her class fun. She likes making it fun instead of boring and i love that. Also i am thankful my my mom and dad for helping me be the person that i am today. I am thankful for being active i just love sports my favorite sports is soccer basketball . Sports are my life if i did not have sports i would not no what to do so i am very thankful for alot of things i can keep going on and on but i am going to stop here

  6. kaitlyn

    I am thankful for my family able to eat and,my church i am thankful for my mom raising me ,feeding me , and my sister to play with . my dad to show me how to do a lot of things. and i a thankful for alot of things

  7. Stantaya

    I am thankful for EVERYTHING that happens in my life even the bad things because all it does is make me stronger.

  8. Adam

    I am thankful for food on my table and a roof above my head.I am also thankful for computers and cellphones and TV…..I am thankful for a lot other things to like a mom and a dad plus a good school.

  9. josh c

    I am thankful for my friends and family. i am thankful for my house and my dogs and my four-wheeler and my good food and a whole lot other stuff.

  10. P

    I am thankful for my good friends. I am thankful for waking up this morning. I am thankful for my mom and my dad. I am thankful for basketball, baseball, and football. I am thankful for the lord and everything he done for me.

  11. Gevin

    I am thankful for life. I am thankful for the Lord and all he has done for me. I am thankful for baseball,football, and basketball. I am thankful for food and shelter.

  12. Lollipop

    I am thankful for allot of things like my mom,dad,brother,sister,cousins,aunts and uncles,god and i am verrrrrryyyy thankful for my perfect life!!!!!

  13. maria


  14. Mh3

    i am thankful for my family
    and my good life ,and my cusins and my mom for giving me life.
    have a good
    turkey day.

  15. JeNnINFeR

    I am thankful for my family I was addopted so I very lucky to have the family I have I am thankful for freinds, enemy”s for they make me stronger wiser and better I am thankful for who I am and not for who I wanna be and I am thankful for the milltary with out it when
    I get to collage I would have no way to serve my country…… god bless everyone and happy thanksgiving!!!!!!

  16. raspberricandi

    I am thankful for my especially wonderful dad, mom, and sister. I am thankful for music. I could go on &on but i will stop there.Happy Gobble Gobble Day

  17. souadou

    I am thankful for family/food/friends/games/schools and a
    lot more stouf.Oh and i really love what you rite its

  18. Dominike

    u no wat yes i am thankful for a whole lot of things especially for the fact that i was able to come to my grams even though it was storming and i live almost four hours away i am also thankful for my god that protects me all of the time and pray for me please that i may travel back on saturdaY SAFELY BECAUSE YES I AM PRECIOUS CARGO ME AND MY SISTER PEACEOUT I AM ABOUT TO EAT THIS FOOD THAT MY GRAMS COOKED

  19. k1234

    I’m thankful for god for bringing me into this world.I am also thankful for my famliy.And my cousins for playing with me.I am also thankful for my clothes for keeping me warm.I am also thankful for my house too!I am also thankful for my school because we wouldn’t be learning.I am also thankful for shoes,socks,clothes,locks ha that would make a great poem.And by the way happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Floppy34747

    I am thankful for a lot of things. A couple of things I am thankful for are friends,holidays,my family,pets, holiday cooking, and memories. Thanksgiving gives everybody the opportunity to appreciate the things they are thankful for.

  21. Warriorgirl12

    I’m thankful for my friends, my books, my family, and the erin hunter team, because I love warriors! I’m also thankful for everyone here, because I love this website!

  22. 51dotfeg


  23. JustinDrewBieber-Beebs

    I am thankful to my Mom and Family. I am thankful to my Best friends.
    I am thankful to everyone and everything.

  24. crasycar

    I a thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for those who served in the military. I am thankful for being able to get my family all together and celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things I have. Have a happy holiday!!

  25. dhopekidd123

    I am thankful for my parents,god,the roof over my head,food water cloths shoes,my family,electricity, walmart,pricechopper,games stop,and I am thankful for not having any illnesses

  26. elyssa

    i am thankful for family, friends, my students and the people that care most about me and the people i care most about. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY. HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ON NOVEMBER 25 2010 A NEW YEAR TO CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING.!! -ELYSSA

  27. nancydrewsmart

    I’m thankful for my parents, my house, and my belongings.I’m thankful for them because I know people who have lost them.

  28. madi

    madi madi madi madi madi madi madi madi.madi madi madi madi madi madi. madi madi madi madi madi madi. madi madi madi madi.

  29. Mikie Mouse

    When i think about Thanksgiving i think about people coming together and telling each what they are thankful for.I also think that Thanksgiving is about the pilgrims and Native Americans working together to what is now is AMERICA.

  30. spongebob1548

    im thankful that god gave me a family to have thanksgiving with and we have enough money to have a big feast.

  31. dhopekidd123

    I am thankful for just having a roof over my head and having clean cloths having good parents and god

  32. Bonnie Wright-Ginny Weasley

    I am Thankful that the Harry Potter Series are over. I am thankful to my friends and Family. I am thankful to Everyone and Anything in my Life.

  33. Crispyskater

    I am thankful for my parents because without them i wouldn t have a home to live in and a roof over my head and food to eat.Without them i wouldn t be here right now

  34. Youseerightthroughme

    I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for God waking me up every morning because he didnt have to.Another thing I am thankful for is clothes and a big big house.I also am thankful for having good rolemodels such as school teachers and parents. Even though they don’t do you like burger king have it your way they just want whats best for you.

  35. BasketballStar12

    I am thankful for people that thinks i can make it somewhere in life and that i can make it to college.
    i am thankful for my mom that helps me provides for me and think i can be the best that i can be

  36. pineapple80426

    I am thankful for my family and that my dad is still here and survived his heart attack. Im also thankful for haveing great friends and a really good sister, and for haveing good teachers. Im also thankful that my mom puts up with me!

  37. Diann

    Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. I’m thankful for may family, friends, and classmates. Let’s keep the thanksgiving tradition alive!

  38. 44maplesyrup

    I am thankful for harry potter,eragon,pendragon,and diary of a wimpy kid.
    O books,without you I am lost.

  39. 5cake

    I am thankful for my parents, cousins, house, food, school, friends, games, clothes, telivison , me,bed, cover, the news to tell pepole about servere weather, police, fire, fighter, hosbital, nures, and doctors .

  40. greenkoala39

    I am thankful for the fact that I have a good life, and good friends. I am thankful that I have good parents, and go to a good school. I am thankful for a lot of other things too, such as Harry Potter, and computers. I am thankful for everything, from pears to glue, from pencils to shoes. But the thing I am most thankful for is you. Ha Ha. That would make a great poem!By you, in this case, I mean The STACKS! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. Robyn

    What am I not thankful for? God has a plan for my life, so I try to be thankful even for the trials he allows in my life. I’m thankful for Jesus, my family, friends, house, food, church, and the list goes on forever!

  42. zinger14

    I am thankful for having a family that loves me i am thankful for having shelter and having a roof over my head and think about the family that dont have all these things i am thankful for EVERYTHING !!!!!!

  43. summer

    i am thankful for family friends a home food water happiness money to do the things most kids around the world cant do and have people who support me on my decsions

  44. B

    I think it was good but they could have not put so many I AM THANKFUL FOR THIS OR I AM THANKFUL FOR that but it was good!!

  45. petgirl33

    I’m thankful for a cousin who understands me and will always be there for me! Im thankful that scholastic has sooooooooooo many great books aswell

  46. Cailey

    i am thankful for my friends and family. they help me. they care for me and i do to. HAPPY THANKSGIVING every body.

  47. Cailey

    i do this in school and i thought it is very fun so i decided to go on the web site and see what its like and it wouldn’t let me go on mine by

  48. Ally

    I am VERY thankful for my whole family and my best friend i am also thankful for the veterans and all they do for our country!!

  49. s.snape2000

    I am thankful for the medicines that helped stop my migraines.I am thankful for the Stacks:)I am thankful for my talents.I am thankful for my friends.I am thankful for God.I am thankful for getting to be in the school musical.I am thankful for lots of things:)

  50. volleyball gymnast

    I’m thankful for sports!!! And I also am thankful for my family and friends. O and thanksgiving break!!!

  51. percyj99

    I’m thankful for God, food (just not turkey, turkey is just plain gross.),books (esp. PJ&TO), my church’s youth pastor and his wife, PureNRG, Rick Riordan (WRITE FASTER! I need to know what happens at the Roman CHB!!!), everybody at Air1 (best radio station EVER!), the creators of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, Neopets, and whoever invented chocolate. There is so much that I am thankful for I could fill a whole continent, but I won’t, because that would take too long.

  52. Daniel Radcliffe Fan

    I am thankful about The Harry Potter Series. I am Thankful to my Family and Friends. I am Thankful that the Last Harry Potter Movie is over. I am Thankful to Everything and Everyone in my Life.

  53. Pooja

    I am thankful that I have a sister. I am thankful that I have such a wonderful mom and dad. I am thankful that I have a good home to live in. I am also thankful that my dad has three cars. I am happy about all the things God gave me.

  54. Pooja

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is a time to thank everybody and also don’t forget about eating a very delicious turkey with hot sauce.

  55. Lady Kris

    I am thankfull for my faith, my church, my friends,the family I was born in to,the Satcks and the books that fill my heart with joy and love. The books that let me catch a glimps beyond my own smale world.

  56. Payal

    I am thankful for so many things, I don’t even know where to start. I’m thankful for a healthy family, a house to live in, clothes, good food, water, God, cures for diseases, and an education. I am thankful for the four seasons, a sun and a moon, animals, people, nature, cars, money, technology, paper, pencils and pens, electricity, Earth, the Solar System, sports, music, and good T.V. shows. I am even thankful for the silly stuff like socks, glue, string, the Scholastic website, concerts, jewelry, makeup, instruction manuals, fireworks, furniture, wrapping paper, and transportation. Those are all the things I am thankful for. (It’s a lot of stuff, huh?):)

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