January 15, 2015

Teens for Jeans

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make_a_differenceKids Collect Jeans for Teens!

Over 1.5 million teens and children are homeless. One of the items they need most is a pair of jeans. YOU can make a difference by helping to clothe homeless youth.

Teens for Jeans is a campaign to help get YOU involved!

  • WHAT: Jeans. Check your closet for jeans that don’t fit you anymore. Run a drive at your school, place of worship, or local community center to collect as many pairs of jeans as you can!
  • WHERE: Drop off all pairs at your local Aéropostale or P.S. from Aéropostale clothing store.
  • WHEN: January 12th through February 16th, 2015

Make a difference!  This winter YOU can help collect jeans for kids and teens who really need them!

—Amanda, STACKS Intern

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  1. Unicornkitten304

    For student council at my school we are doing a shoe drive! Since I am a rep maybe
    I can talk to the leader to maybe squeeze in a jean drive!

  2. Chocolatebrownie637

    Wow a good cause i am going to do it just an old air of jeans that dont fit can chage a kids or teens life IM IN :)

  3. Lea

    This is a really nice campaign. We do this every year and not only does it help those teens that need them, Aeropostale gives you a percentage off new jeans for yourself.

  4. Sherry

    We have alot of jeans that are in great shape and of different sizes. The only problem is the nearest Aeropostale store is hours away. Any suggestions?

  5. venusmystery7

    So sad, we have a lot of jeans that do not fit us.They deserve the jeans.