July 21, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012 Giveaway

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Sweepstakes_1Teen Choice Awards 2012 Giveaway

You too can be a star! If you subscribe to the free STACKS Blast e-mail newsletter, then you already know about our monthly sweepstakes. Well, this is just to announce that in the next STACKS Blast sweepstakes, you can enter for a chance to win some of the same gift bag items celebrities like Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, Victoria Justice and Jordin Sparks received at the Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat at Teen Choice 12.

You need to sign up for the STACKS Blast newsletter to enter the sweepstakes, but don’t worry. It’s free.

Items in those celebrity gift bags are subject to change based on availability. Some colors and styles may vary, but most likely include:Giftbag

  • Blingles™ by Moose Toys- A new arts and crafts line that lets girls create beautiful gem stickers perfect for personalizing and decorating accessories like cell phones, notebooks, lockers, headphones and jewelry.
  • Furby from Hasbro, Inc- Feed it, speak to it, tickle it or play music for it – the personality of each FURBY is shaped by these experiences.
  • Hasbro Gaming- Hasbro will be giving celebs one of the first looks at three hot new games: Twister Dance, Bop It! Smash and Scrabble Catch Phrase.
  • iiJin- The most sought after shoes by celebrities in Asia.
  • Just Dance 3- Just Dance features more than 40 tracks, ranging from chart-topping Billboard hits to classic dance party tracks. Whether it’s pop, Hip-Hop, rock, R&B, country, or funk, there is something for everyone.
  • LENA Jewellery- Edgy and unique, limited edition, hand-made jewellery, using semi-precious materials, 14k gold vermeils and 0.925 Sterling Silver.
  • MCFADIN- Handbags and luggage made in Texas by 2 sisters- Stacy & Laurie McFadin.
  • NERDS Unite! by Wonka- Wonka will have a candy buffet filled with Nerds, Laffy Taffy, SweeTarts, Gobstoppers, Wonka merchandise including t-shirts, plushes and more. Every celebrity joining our movement will bring us one step closer to our goal of 10,000 NERDS United! When our goal of 10,000 NERDS is reached, Wonka will donate $25,000 to Stomp Out Bullying.
  • North Shore Goodies- Coconut and chocolate peanut butter, honey, gluten-free coconut pancake mix.
  • Office Depot- Expressing individuality and originality is no easy feat in today’s school environment, so just in-time for the new school year, Office Depot has announced a partnership with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, to help empower students as they head back to school, in order to create a safer, braver, kinder world. The partnership will provide students, parents, and teachers with insights and limited-edition products that support the Born This Way Foundation’s mission of helping to encourage today’s youth to grow up feeling confident about their individuality. To help spread this message, Office Depot and the Born This Way Foundation have created several special, limited-edition products for Back-To-School this year.
  • Ryka- A Women Only Sport Company celebrating their 25th Anniversary.
  • TATTOO BANDZ- The hottest silicone product to come to the market. Kids and teens would love to wear these non-stick, non-invasive assortment of super heroes, Dora the Explorer, and many more.
  • Acoustic Research- A personalized wireless speaker featuring Bluetooth Wireless audio streaming as well as standard headphone cable plug in built right in for easy connection to smartphones, tablets, MP3s, and more.

Also including:

  • Alex Detail’s Revolution- 17-year-old Alex Detail, former child prodigy, is kidnapped and forced to a secret mission to save Earth from a mysterious alien force that wants to extinguish the sun.
  • Liberated China Surfwear- Board shorts & tees.
  • Mead® and Five Star®- Bold colors, attention-grabbing patterns, and pop culture icons like Angry Birds® grace the covers of this year’s Mead® and Five Star® back-to-school products. Notebooks, folders, files and more incorporate what you need (organization, order and durability) with what you want (style, colors and cool features) – for back-to-school and beyond.
  • Princess Vera Wang is providing a chic striped knit cardigan and neon fringe necklace.
  • So So Happy Studio- Our mission: Stomp out bullying. Make cool stuff. Embrace individuality. Build self-confidence. Inspire positivity and acceptance among all beings, real or imagined. Our hope is that our little world of wonder and weirdness will encourage people to believe in themselves, embrace their individuality, to approach each day as a gift, and to never miss an opportunity to practice love, respect, and kindness. We contribute 10% of our profit to organizations that support youth in crisis.
  • Archery Tag- “Tag Master” Archery Set (includes bow and 3 exclusive foam-tipped arrows).
  • ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes is a brand new toothbrush that uses unique patented technology to deliver the best sound while brushing, broadcasting two minutes of popular songs from the bristles through the teeth- allowing kids to hear their favorite artists in their head while they brush!
  • Bananagrams, Inc- Limited-edition London 2012 Olympic Bananagrams featuring five colored Olympic sport joker tiles.
  • Cartoon Network- ‘Adventure Time with Finn & Jake’ Jake the Dog knit laplander, ‘Adventure Time with Finn & Jake’ fitted women’s t-shirt
  • Dakine- The Dakine Hana and Explorer packs are spacious with room to carry all of your essentials, perfect for everyday adventures, and are built to last.
  • essie – Mirror Metallics Collection.
  • Harper Collins- The Temptation. From The New York Times bestselling author Alisa Valdes comes the first book in a unique supernatural romance trilogy about true love…with the dead!
  • Invitation Consultants- Stylish personalized stationery featuring fresh designs.
  • Kspin Designs Children’s Clothing Boutique
  • SCOUT by Bungalow- Spring/summer promo bag.
  • SoCoolKids is providing a classic all-cotton, hand-dyed logo t-shirt.

OK. Now I know why the stars take limos to these events. They need a giant car to carry all this stuff home!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Images Courtesy Backstage Creations

  1. Maddilovesdogs

    How do you enter? I love the adventure time stuff and the furby!!!!!!!! I also love the blingos and the scout handbag!

  2. katie

    if i won i would be so happy because a furby is in the gift bag and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee furbys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps i love furbys

  3. Zelda S.

    I LOVED that book!!! – “Alex Detail’s Revolution”. I hope they make it into a movie!!

  4. Gabriela

    so i signed up for the email, but did that enter me already? I didn’t quite understand. The instructions were a bit vague.

  5. Andrea

    Wow! I’m not going to enter, but wouldn’t it be nice if you went to a party and you got all that in your goodie bag! I would! :)

  6. smartprincess1

    I need to join this sweepstakes, and now. So wait, if you win, you get one of these?! The best thing is, I like everything here so if I win I won’t care what I get!! OMG this is SO COOL! Thank you the Stacks!

  7. Downpourketchup3

    I WANT TO WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. indescribableauthor3

    I am so excited for the teen choice awards! Demi Lovato is my favorite celebrity and I am glad that she is hosting it. :)

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