March 19, 2013

Tasmanian Devil Trivia Quiz

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Taz_devilTasmanian Devil Trivia Quiz

Not only does the Tasmanian devil exist inside Bugs Bunny's world of Looney Tunes, but did you know there are REAL Tasmanian devils? This sort-of-cute but deadly creature comes from the island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia. Tasmania is the only place Tasmanian devils exist!
How much do you know about the Tasmanian devil? Feeling quizzy? See if you can guess the answers to the trivia questions below.

  1. How are Tasmanian devils like kangaroos?

    A. They like to hop. B. They carry their babies in pouches. C. They eat grass, regurgitate it, then eat it again!  
  2. What is NOT a characteristic of a Tasmanian devil?

    A. Sharp teeth
    B. Large head
    C. Wide open mouth
    D. Cute wagging tail  
  3. When does a Tasmanian devil leave its mother?

    A. 6 months old
    B. 5 years old
    C. 18 years old
    D. Never – It stays by its mommy always!  
  4. If the young Tasmanian devil survives its first year, how long will it likely live?

    A. 3 years
    B. 7-8 years
    C. 30 years
    D. 80 years  
  5. What does a Tasmanian devil NOT eat?

    A. Live animals
    B. Dead animals
    C. Donuts
  6. TRUE or FALSE? When a group of Tasmanian devils feeds together at a carcass, you might hear them screeching and emitting spine-tingling screams.  
  7. Like skunks, Tasmanian devils can have:

    A. A strong odor
    B. A white stripe C. A crush on a pretty French cat
  8. Most farmers appreciate Tasmanian devils because they:

    A. Look so pretty. B. Eat mice, keeping the mice population down so the mice don’t eat the crops. C. Enjoy waking up to their high-pitched screams at sunrise.

 Let us know your answers, and click here for the official answers!

 —Ratha, Stacks Writer

Facts and images courtesy of San Diego Zoo

  1. catbird717

    I <3 this page the tasmanin devil is SUPER CUTE and this page is FULL of true facts that i never knew! plus i thought these animals were fake and extict untill i read this tasmanian devil thing!

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