March 26, 2013

Tasmanian Devil Trivia Quiz Answers

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Taz_devilLast week we posted some wild 'n' crazy Tasmanian Devil Trivia. Did you guys dig up the answers about these furry, ferocious little guys? Here they are, below!

  1. How are Tasmanian devils like kangaroos? 
    B. They carry their babies in pouches. Like kangaroos, they are also called joeys. They keep cozy in their mother’s pouches for about 4 months.
  2. What is NOT a characteristic of a Tasmanian devil?
    ANSWER: D. Cute wagging tail. This is more characteristic of a dog! Tasmanian devils are quite fierce — especially when they are after prey.
  3. When does a Tasmanian devil leave its mother?
    ANSWER: A. 6 months old. After about 6 months, the babies are weaned from their mothers, and leave to live alone in the bush. By 2 years old, they are considered mature adults.
  4. If the young Tasmanian devils can survive their first year, how long will they live?
    ANSWER: B. 7-8 years. If they can avoid predators and survive, their typical life span is 7-8 years.  
  5. What does a Tasmanian devil NOT eat?
    ANSWER: They typically do not eat donuts, but they are known to eat pretty much anything that crosses their paths, including animal carcasses and bones. So you never know!  
  6. TRUE or FALSE? When a group of Tasmanian devils feeds together at a carcass you might hear them screeching and emitting spine-tingling screams.

    ANSWER: True. Early European settlers in Tasmania named them "the devil," based on their fiery temper!  
  7. Like a skunk, Tasmanian devils can have:
    ANSWER: A. A strong odor. But this is only produced under stress, not when they are calm and relaxed. Another reason you don’t want to upset a Tasmanian devil!
  8. Most farmers appreciate Tasmanian devils because they:
    ANSWER: B. Eat mice and keep the mice population down. I guess the Tasmanian devil figures, "Who needs to eat crops when there are delicious mice aplenty?!"

The San Diego Zoo might actually be getting a real live Tasmanian devil when the new Australian Outback Exhibit opens in May. Fingers crossed! Would you want to meet a real Tasmanian devil in the flesh? Let us know in the Comments. Until next time!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

Facts and images courtesy of San Diego Zoo

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