June 25, 2014

Tales from Grimmlandia

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Grimmtastic Girls: Cinderella Stays Late book coverGrimmtastic Girls Series

In faraway Grimmlandia, there’s one place you have to visit: Grimm Academy. All the coolest fairy tale characters go to school there, from Cinda (a.k.a. Cinderella) and Red (Red Riding Hood, of course!) to Rapunzel and Snow White (but you can call her Snow). The Grimm brothers founded the realm of Grimmlandia and built Grimm Academy long ago to help protect all fairy tale and storybook characters from the wicked E.V.I.L. Society.

Cinda and her friends go to classes (like Bespellings) and to the library (to check out magical objects), but when they hear the E.V.I.L. Society is back in business and making trouble for Grimm Academy, they’ll have to stick together to save their school, even if it means entering Neverwood Forest where even the bravest of fairy tale characters never would go. Want to learn more?

Check out this exclusive excerpt from Chapter 1 of Book 1: Cinderella Stays Late and catch up on all the adventures at Grimm Academy!

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  1. ice princess

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    My crush
    I have this big crush. He loves playing soccer and he’s really cute. I’m in the orchestra with him. (I play the piano!) You can’t play long pieces on your own, when you need to turn the page, right? We had to sit together on a chair together, and I thought it was ever so romantic. I really want to date him. What should I do?
    My diary entry 2
    My icky little partner
    There’s this kids in my class who picks his nose. I have to sit together with him, but that’s not happening. I always pushes my desk left so I can’t touch him properly. So I get the shivers when I’m near him, but I can switch partners in April.
    My diary entry 3
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    I see him every Saturday (orchestra practice)
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    I see him every lunch. (I always just look at a place, and he appears. He’s so cute!!!!!!!!!)
    But he’s going to middle school next year and I don’t know if we’re going to be in the same school. That means I only have one year :(

  2. Ta'Ajha

    I think it sounds like a good story…I guess. It should sound more exciting because right now from the little summary thing it sounds boring. I might read it if a chapter is provided. THX!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!

  3. poptart543

    I’ve never read that book but I really want to! How do you read it on here? I’m despret! P.S. i’m new. I need friends!

    1. ice princess

      I’ll be your friend. But I never discovered how to read it here. I don’t think you can read it here anyway. I’ve been here for about a week, and all week I’ve been searching……………..

  4. ice princess

    One more important thing: Happycat’s my little sis. You know her, right? I heard that you were fifteen, and OMG I’m almost fifteen too! So I just decided to chat a little :)

    1. Isobel ~The White Queen~

      If you’re talking to me, yes I do know Happycat, but I lost contact with her. I’d like to talk with her again; she was super fun and funny… Very energetic, like me! I think its cool that you’re her big sis… I have two little sisters myself!
      Yes, I’m 15, and btw, congrats! ^-^
      Have a happy life!!! ;)

    2. Isobel ~The White Queen~

      Hi Happycat! OMG! I missed your silliness… LOL ^-^ No but seriously, I Kind-a (kind-of) missed you… :)
      And no worries! I understand that you were busy… I sort-a (sort-of) was too… ^-^ I’m thinking about posting part 1 of 6 from “The Heart’s Shivers” here (its a short story I’ve been working on… I think you might just love it! ^-^).
      I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it and I think I’ve got it now… But I tried posting it already; I waited 24 hours, but it still doesn’t show up.
      I have to contact the moderator, but as soon as its done, I’ll tell you so if you want you can go and read it in the write it boards :)
      Take care!

    1. Isobel ~The White Queen~

      I would love to be your friend sweetheart! In fact, we could even be bffs! My name is Isobel :) How about we get to know each other better? ^-^
      For starters…
      ~I’m 15 years old
      ~My fave colors are all blues
      ~I go gaga all over Eddy’s mint & chocolate chip ice-cream
      ~I totally love dogs/puppies and ferrets

      This is just a bit about moi; we’re just getting started… Tell me a bit about you ^-^

    2. ice princess

      About me.
      1. I’m 14. Fifteen in five months.
      2. I love cute shades of blue.
      3. I love puppies and ice cream: my fave is mint chocolate chip.
      4. I really like singing and dancing.
      5. I totally like reading books. (romance is my fave! <3)
      6. I like writing novels. I'll show you some of my latest books if you would like.
      7. Really important: I'm from Korea, but I'm good at English. Do you like k-pop?

    3. Isobel ~The White Queen~

      OMG I totally love singing and dancing!!! Music is my passion… I literally can’t be a minute straight without thinking about music ^-^

      I also LOVE books!!! I’m kind-of like a book worm… And when I’m done with a really good book, I would DIE if I don’t find another amazing book in three days (All the books I’ve read are romance BTW. My passion for books started with a romance novel. Can’t breathe without a good romance book! ^-^)

      I’m also a great writer, if I do say so my self. I’m studying new writing techniques for my future books; I’d love to be a writer someday… And really, I would love to read your books! It would be an honor!

      I’m Latin and my first language is Spanish, but I also know English and am learning Greek :)

      I kind-of like k-pop, yeah, one of my bffs since childhood showed me some songs about a band, EXO? I believe that was their name, right?

      Any-who… I am truly positive we could be best friends you and I ;)

      BTW, I thought you should know that, I’m also loneangel35 you know, since we’re directing ourselves towards the friendship road I thought we should start by being honest with each other :)

    1. ice princess

      Thank you for answering. I thought you wouldn’t reply for quite a long time. Loneangel 35? And the band is EXO. You got it right!! I think we’re done telling each other about us, let’s tell each other what exciting happened every week! :)

    2. Isobel ~The White Queen~

      Sorry for not answering you sooner ice princess :( I didn’t notice your reply here…
      Well, this week I went to Bush Gardens for like the first time ever!!! It was AWESOME and I totally LOVED the rides ^-^

  5. kim

    I really enjoy reading this books there my favorite and I like some of the pictures that the illustrator drew .

  6. Jennie

    i love it i thank it is fun for the all the kids to read if they don’t have toy to play with i give it 5 thumbs up* it is 5$ dollars to get.

  7. Kittens

    Hey. Vote! It’s Victoria Justice vs Ariana Grande. I love Victoria Justice but some people say that Ariana’s better than her. I want your opinion. Every vote counts!

  8. scholastickids Post author

    Dear No Name,
    I read your comment about being bullied, and I am so sorry you are going through this. PLEASE tell an adult you trust about what is happening. Keep telling people until someone helps you. You do not have to deal with this alone!
    Sonja, STACKS Staffer

    1. No name

      Thank you. They’ve stopped bullying me now anyway. But I try to avoid them at school. I’m still scared. I’m going into fifth grade soon, what if I’m in the same class with them? I still have some worries. But you made me feel better.

  9. michel

    i have this and it is a really good book and that i love book that i love to read loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee books

    1. a11

      don’t make a mistake next time kay , lol just kidding ” everybody makes mistake, everybody has does days” , ” hannah montana”, ” miley cyrus” , doehhhhh

  10. Twinkle Fairy Love :)

    Hello!! I’m Twinkle Fairy Love. :) I’m new here, and I’m into romance. Quick facts about me:
    1. My favorite color: I don’t have favorites. I like all colors mixed together. I guess you could say that I’m quite a mixed up girl
    2. I’m quite sporty, but I like books and just staying, and doing nothing.
    3. I write books and poems mostly about romance.
    4. I guess you could say that I’m a romance addict. I once had a crush, but now I figured out that he was a sporty geek.
    5. I like playing piano and I like singing and dancing. I like music!!
    6. My favorite animal is puppies or dogs.
    7. I am ten years old, and I live in Korea.
    8. I can speak two languages. English and Korean. And I’m thinking of learning Spanish or French.
    9. I like chatting with friends for ages and not stopping.
    10. I would really want to be friends with all of you if I could and I would hope you would be my friend too.
    P.S. I would love to share secrets and be your bestest friend.

    1. loneangel35

      Hey Twinkle Fairy Love! I totally get you… Im a romance addict too ;D I compleatly love dogs! :) And I love singing and dancing. I play the Cello and other instruments. You sound a whole lot like my friend Happycat! ;) I would totally love to be friends with you! It would be my pleasure… I’d be honored actually :)

    2. Twinkle Fairy Love :)

      Hello loneangel 35. I’ve been superbusy and didn’t get to use the computer :( But I’m free now!! :) Wanna be friends? I’m really really new here. What do you do here? I have tons of questions I must know. Well, if you don’t find it rude to ask too much………………

    3. Twinkle Fairy Love :)

      Hello, Loneangel 35! How old are you? For your information I am 14. I’m really busy with middle school and I can’t concentrate on my birthday or other personal things, like writing here to you. Sorry if my answers are a little late, but it’s because I’m really busy with schoolwork. We can still be BFFs. You know what? I had the best breakfast today. A gorgeous egg white omelette with tomatoes, bacon, and mushrooms, and parsley sprinkled on top. It was the most delicious breakfast I ever had! Gotta go. It’s my pedi-mani time!! I absolutely love going to the spa to get a fruit facial, seaweed body wrap, and after, Starbucks to get a green tea latte!! What’s your favorite spa routine? I always go to the spa when my big sis takes me. And who’s Happycat? Can you introduce her to me?

  11. Happycat

    Would u be my friend? I’m talking to everybody here. Loneangel 35? I’m still your friend and I hope you feel the same way too. So here it goes again. I’m talking to everybody on this website. I want to know how many kids would want to be my friend.

    1. loneangel35

      I’m here ^-^ And I do feel the same way too! ;) Hope you are having a fabulously fabulous day! ;D

    1. clear

      your book is like tot amazing like it one of the like best book ever not that it was like tot the first like not a that nit was not the first book i read in like my live thas not a magazin i gust love your book

    2. Happycat

      Hi shanika. We just chat about and say whatever we like here. We make friends and talk about books:)

  12. Loneangel35

    Hi! I’m loneangel35. I’m new around here and still learning how things work in this website. Could you please help me and explain to me how it works?

    I’ll tell you a bit about myself… My favorite colors are all greens and blues, I totally love puppies/dogs, and I’m a directoner (1D Rocks!!!). I dominate English and Spanish perfectly and am thinking about learning french and portuguese. My fave hobbies are reading, writing books and poetry, singing, dancing, skateboarding, designing shoes and clothes (I’m a designer), and I LOVE to take artistic pictures. I love making new friends and meeting new people :) Would you please please please be my friend? We’ll have a great time you and I ;D

    P.S. Happycat, would you be my friend? Plllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee… :)

    1. Happycat

      Hi :) I would absolutely love to be your friend. But I’m sorry to tell you that it hasn’t been too long since I’ve been here too. I can’t tell you much and I didn’t read the book. Now I’m just using this place as a chatting booth :p And I speak Korean, and English, and I’m learning french right now. And important: Did I tell you that I’m from Korea? Do you like k-pop?

  13. Happycat


    1. Loneangel35

      Hey Happycat! I also love writing books and poetry! I,m actually taking classes to improve my writing and make it even better :) And I think you should write a fantasy romance :) If you want a better challenge, make it about angels :D Btw, I’m new around here. Could you please explain to me how this website works? And also, would you be my friend? ;) If you love chatting and witting books I guaranty we’ll have the best time! ;D

  14. Happycat

    I said that I was going to write a book. What topic should it be? The first one to answer gets their topic!! CONTEST: THE FIRST PERSON TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION GETS THEIR TOPIC!!! I’m still thinking and reading a lot to get my inspiration. What should I do? I’ll write comedy, horror, romance, and just life or diary type, or fantasy. Or about friends or animals. I REPEAT, THE FIRST ONE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION GETS THEIR OWN TOPIC!! IT’LL BE A BOOK JUST FOR YOU :) It’s not like I’m a professional or anything but I wrote plenty of books already and my hands are itching for more!! I play the piano, so I can type very fast. So if any one of you want your own topic, just write comments on this message!!

  15. Happycat

    Hey :) I’m Happycat. Would anyone of you be my friend? I’m quite lonely here, alone, talking to myself and writing comments on somebody else’s comments. Oh! And I’m also Pink glitter!! I thought it was pretty boring to be someone else. When I’m Happycat, I’m really bright, and I’m also funny and sporty. But when I’m Pink glitter I’m mysterious. Fashionable, and I only hang with the best people. If you wanna be my friend, I’ll be your bestest friend. So would you be my friend? Come on? no name? ikd? Anonymous? grace? kk? ava? Would any one of u be my friend? I’m looking for a girl (or a boy) who’s nice, and willing to be my best friend forever. I’ll introduce myself finally. I’m Happycat and I love animals, books, sports, and playing the piano. And I also like writing books and I like writing poems too. My fav celebrity is Victoria Justice, and I really like her songs and all. She’s from Victorious. Do you know her? Tell me what your fav celeb is, and talk with me a lot. I might not be able to contact you everyday, because my father likes traveling and camping, and even this Saturday I’m leaving to my Grandfather’s house and I’m staying there for a day. So if you want to write me a comment: Wait, can we comment from all over the world? If we can, maybe we can be friends over the world. I really am writing a lot because I’m really tired right now and I gotta find something to do. And what I’m saying, it would really be a pleasure if you were my friend. I like writing, and I write a lot of comments. Would u please be my friend? I’ll always be trustfull and nice. Please be my friend. Pretty please with a cherry, whipped cream, sprinkles, and sugar on top!! Oooh! And ice cream!!

    1. BlueElf823

      im looking for a friend to.my fav celebs are jamie grace and emma watson im a girl and im homeschooled are you homeschooled please be my friend please

  16. Happycat

    I think that’s such a cute pink dress she has on , cute lip gloss, and I think those boots are awesomely cute!! Anyway, I’m Happycat, and I’m ten years old. I live in Korea, so I can speak two languages, Korean and English. I’m hitting on French right now, but I think that Spanish might be easy to learn! What should I do? Anyway, I should introduce myself. I like the color blue, and I like playing sports, and I like to have a lot of friends. And OMG. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Well, I like a guy in homeroom. Well, I told you all my secrets. Would one of you be my bestest friend? I totally want one. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Kay, I’ll count on u guys. Thanks anyway :)

    1. Skylar

      sure. My favorite color is sea green/blue , I love dancing,singing , and reading, I also have a lot of friends

    2. Happycat

      Ava? You’re new here? It hadn’t been long since I’d been here, too. I don’t know much about this website, so maybe we can be friends. And your sister?

    3. Happycat

      Hey, Skylar. I really wanna be friends with you too! I think we have a lot of common things. Do you think we can be BFFs?

    4. Happycat

      I think I know what new people have. They write tons of comments, and they check it out really a lot. I did that when I first was here, and so does Ava, I guess. I guess we’re really excited at the first visit of a website. Well, do you read How I Survived Middle School?

    1. Happycat

      Hey, Ava :) Who’s your sister? Tell her to write me a comment. I have a feeling that she’s gonna be cool. How old is she? Check it out !!

  17. Happycat

    You know, I wrote a really lot of comments. Three in a row!! I’m kind of new here, but I think this page will be great!! Help me through!!

  18. Happycat

    I really never read this book before, but I think it would be great! :) Can you tell me what this book is about, blue boots 25? I want to read it whenever I can. What’s is this about, girls?

  19. Happycat

    I totally love this book. Blue boots 25, we’re so common! Want to be friends? I really like having friends in online. I’m happycat, and I would really love to be friends with you. And you too, anonymous!

  20. blue boots 25

    I so totally love this book series its magical ,funny and it has a lot of heart . It also helps me learn how to be a friend and how to make new ones

    1. Happycat

      I’m sorry but I love these books. They’re friendly, and they have a lot of heart in them. They taught me how to be a friend and how to act to a friend!

  21. skydolphin50

    O.M.G! i so love to read!
    you should so read:the son of neptune. it`s a Percy Jackson book.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE Percy Jackson!

  22. candypink481

    that a lovely girl she has a cute pink dress on and cute lip gloss and a very cute face and very cute boot heals shes so pretty and cute I never seen a girl like this .

  23. songcalm20

    I’ve never read one of your books before, but i think i will like ‘em if i read one.


  24. amber amber4064

    i love it i want to get it or read it but a already read it i love that book cause it all about girls amber amber4064

    1. dog pink3125

      pppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee write more books

  25. Anastasia ( lionunlocking20)

    I’ve read those books before… PLEASE, someone, write more of your BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!