March 19, 2014

Swindle Sequel: Jackpot

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Jackpot book cover by Gordon KormanJackpot (for ages 8-12) by Gordon Korman

Here’s the scoop: Someone on Long Island bought a lottery ticket worth $29,876,454.53. The problem is they never cashed it in. It’s missing, and it needs to be found soon. The deadline for cashing it is one year, and that year is almost up.

Griffin and his friends live near where the multi-million-dollar ticket was bought. As revenge for multiple bullying incidents, they team up and send Darren Vader on a wild goose chase digging through the garbage cans of Cedarville (thinking that the ticket is in one of them). However, the prank goes awry and soon, people from all over are Dumpster diving, hoping to find the missing lottery ticket.

Plus, there’s a new kid in town who might actually hate Griffin more than Darren does: Victor Phoenix. Victor sees Griffin as a bully. Next thing he knows, Griffin’s friends are spending their time with Victor and not him. It seems like everyone is against him!

Griffin resorts to his worst nightmare: working with Darren to find out who purchased that missing lottery ticket. Do they succeed? Or is that prize money as good as gone? Read Chapter 1 now!

What would you do if you won almost 30 million dollars? Tell us in the Comments below!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. WarriorCatslover

    I would get a phone an ipad and a computer but save some money for getting a house when I grow up.

  2. Sean

    same here guys its not right to steal especially that much money well you still cant steal things anyways

  3. leafs rok

    gordan k is the sickest author EVER!!! I read practically every book ; my faves r the mcdonald hall series + i wanna go home. plz write a new 1 soon!!!

  4. dragoncat1774

    If I had 30 million Dollers I would by a lot of stuff but not too much or else I’ll run out room in my huse and I’ll by 30 cars with the cash and three big houses whenIi grow up.

  5. MellowYellowsMommy88

    I am the mother of a 5 year old little princess and I have an 8 year old niece, with whom I watched I watched the Swindled movie with. My daughter is reading EVERYTHING now and she’s looking forward to reading chapter books soon

  6. 0302Daijah

    Hi I’m a Big fan of Swindle. But I like Ariana Granda better. By hope you have a nice day or night.

  7. Brownwings18 (Check me out!!!)

    I would spend it on a lifetime obc ROBLOX card first :o .
    Buy an Olive Garden Gift card for my teacher for about a hundred =3.
    And ehh…
    The rest of that stuff.

  8. Brownwings18 (Check me out!!!)

    I have it! But I find it a little boring, because I can’t understand what’s happening most of the time. I love reading the newspaper articles in the book. They should’ve added more.

  9. ivoryclub30

    their is something cool about this picture i don’t know if it’s the dog or the dollar

  10. acrobaticsbird133

    that is some interesting book I will read it soon, if I won 30,000,000 I would return it to the person who bought it.

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