February 4, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

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Superbowl_130Hi everyone,

The Super Bowl on Sunday was amazing. There were at least three records broken in one night. (I think the Cardinals may have broken a fourth — the most penalty yards in a Super Bowl!) I thought I’d share my favorite moments with you and see what you thought about the game.

Santonio Holmes had one of the best catches of the day to win the game. I’m always amazed at the speed and agility of players that are able to make it to the edges of the field and then hold up long enough to keep their toes in bounds while making a catch. He definitely deserved the MVP.

The safety that the Cardinals forced in the end zone was the first ever in a Super Bowl. Even though this was a holding call, it was still great defense that made the play happen. Overall, I thought the Cardinals did a great job on both defense and offense, and they definitely made every minute of the game exciting.

For me, the best moment was James Harrison’s interception and return. He did his job perfectly: stepping right in front of the pass, holding on to the ball, and running a record-setting 100 yards to score a touchdown. I loved watching the replay of the last two yards, where he avoided being down by rolling over the Cardinals player. Harrison broke the record for the longest scoring play in a Super Bowl and the record for the longest interception!

It has been two great Super Bowls in a row, and I’m sure everyone will be talking about this one for a long time. Did any of you watch the game? What were your favorite plays?

— Rob, STACKS Staffer

  1. Kane

    I’m a Steelers fan and I sure went crazy after that amazing catch by Santonio Holmes on the end zone to win the game.

  2. jacketrack

    I’m such Steelers fan i even stayed on the bed all night long with all the superbowl stuff around me.

  3. star vp

    yo that game was amezing the cardinals did a good job but the steelers win i thought the steelers gonna lose but they win

  4. thomas

    yeah!the steelers won the superbowl and i have been a steelers fan for 5 years.6 superbowls all right!!!!!!

  5. Bluesummer1013

    i thought that it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1

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