July 16, 2013

Sun Safety Trivia Quiz

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SunSun Safety Trivia Quiz

Now that the dog days of summer are here to stay, we bet you’re having fun in the sun, lounging by the pool, going to the beach, running through the sprinkler, playing summer sports, and just plain soakin’ up the sun.

But to make sure you’re protecting your skin, and staying safe in the sun, slather on some Tuesday Trivia. Sunny side up! TEST YOUR SUN SMARTS!

  1. How often should you reapply sunscreen? A) Every 30 minutes. B) Every 2 hours. C) Every 5 hours. D) Once at the beginning of the day.
  2. What does SPF stand for?
  3. True or False? A sunscreen labeled SPF 30 blocks twice as many rays as one labeled SPF 15.
  4. What’s stronger: waterproof sunscreen or water-resistant sunscreen?
  5. Oh no! You fell asleep at the pool and got bad tan lines. You should: A) Apply SPF 100 to the tanned area, and expose the unburned areas to the sun to even it out. B) Hide under a rock. How embarrassing! C) Wait until your skin is healed before going out in the sun again.
  6. If you do get a bad sunburn, which of the following can help? A) Aloe vera gel and moisturizers. B) Slathering on peanut butter. Yum. C) Peeling off the skin with your nails. Scrrratch! D. Rubbing a banana peel against your skin.
  7. The best type of sunscreen is: A. Something that smells like yummy coconuts! Mmmmm. B. SPF 15 or higher that blocks UVA and UVB rays. C. Tanning lotion. D. Something with cute pictures on it.
  8. In which area of the world is being tan looked down upon? A) Florida. B) Asia. C) Canada. D) Tazmania.
  9. Some of the good things about getting sun are? A) It boosts your mood & makes you feel happier. B) It helps you sleep better at night. C) It gives your body Vitamin D. D) All of the above.

So get comfy in your beach chair and let us know your answers in the Comments below. Check here for answers!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. laylah

    2.sun protection factor
    4.water resistant
    6.a)aloe vera gel and moisturizers

  2. cowart38

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  3. pinkbrilliant20

    1. B
    2. Sun Protection Factor
    3. True
    4. Water-Resistant
    5. C
    6. A
    7. B
    8. A
    9. D

  4. danielle

    Whoo- hoo first comment!!!!
    2.Sun Protection Factor
    4.water resistant
    6. A
    7. b
    8. c?
    9. d

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