July 23, 2013

Sun Safety Trivia Answers

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SunSun Safety Trivia Answers

Happy Summer! Last week we posted a Sun Safety Trivia Quiz. We know you are busy with lots of pool time, camp fun, and sprinkler running, but now the answers have arrived. How are your summer sun smarts? Check out answers below.

  1. How often should you reapply sunscreen?
    ANSWER: B. Every 2 hours. The American Cancer Society also recommends people stay under the shade in the middle of the day, and cover up with hats and sunglasses. (Ooh la la! Great summer fashion!) Even if you’re applying sunscreen every 2 hours, don’t broil in the sun. Be sure to take lots of breaks!
  2. What does SPF stand for?
    ANSWER: Sun Protection Factor!
  3. True or False? A sunscreen labeled SPF 30 blocks twice as much as one labeled SPF 15.
    ANSWER: False. The number actually means how long it will protect your skin from burning. You multiply the number by 15 (because your skin will start to burn in 15 minutes). SPF 15 x 15 minutes = 225 minutes protected. SPF 30 x 15 minutes = 450 minutes protected. Of course, this is only if you’re not swimming, or it doesn’t get rubbed off. So still reapply sunscreen every 2 hours!
  4. What’s stronger, waterproof sunscreen or water-resistant sunscreen?
    ANSWER: Waterproof sunscreen is stronger. It protects your skin for about 80 minutes when you are swimming or sweating. Water-resistant only protects for about 40 minutes.
  5. Oh no! You fell asleep at the pool and got bad tan lines. You should:
    ANSWER: C. Wait until your skin is healed before going out in the sun again.
  6. If you do get bad sunburn, which of the following can help?
    ANSWER: A. Aloe vera gel and moisturizers can help. Also, a cool compress. Stay away from a hot bath! Drink plenty of water, because sunburn can dehydrate you. Some people also say a cool cloth dampened with skim milk! The coolness takes out the initial fire, and the milk creates a protein film to ease the pain. But stay away from cats if you do this!
  7. The best type of sunscreen is:
    ANSWER: B. one with SPF 15 or higher. Also make sure the label says it blocks UVA and UVB rays.
  8. In which area of the world is being tan looked down upon?
    ANSWER: B. Asia. Traditionally Asians did not think being tan was beautiful because it was associated with poor peasants working in the fields (and being tanned from the sun). Being lighter was a sign of being rich. Even today, many trends in Asia are for skin lightening, and women stay out of the sun.
  9. Some of the good things about getting sun are:
    ANSWER: D. all of the above! There are many benefits to getting sun like Vitamin D, better sleep at night, and a happier mood, but you just have to be extra careful in the summer.

What are you guys spending most of your time doing this summer? Let us know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Icecreamsmart7

    I never knew that to apply sun-screen for 2 hours.. Anyway, this Summer I’ve been going to many places to Shop.

  2. gymnasticspurple125

    that’s cool! I didn’t know hardly any of those facts. trivia is super fun. keep up the good work!

  3. chartreusesports10

    I love to read Harry Potter books because the are so good and excting to read and it talks about how he flies on a magic brom.

  4. detectivewitty10

    I love the trivia questions but I think that you should make it just a little bit harder.
    I mean it seems so easy to answer these questions why don’t you make it a challenge.
    People don’t won’t to learn something they all ready know that would just be boring !
    I’m just asking you to make it harder to answer these trivia questions.

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