May 19, 2010

Summer Movies LIVE CHAT

6a00e55007a3148834010536cbf2da970b-800wiSummer is almost here, and for some of you lucky people, school is out already. *sigh* That must be nice. . .

Well, with summer, there always comes a whole bunch of great new summer movies, and this year’s crop is looking really good! Ramona and Beezus, Eclipse, The Last Airbender, and lots more (including Diary of a Wimpy Kid on DVD). Come to our Live Chat to talk about the movies you are most excited about seeing this summer — and maybe find out about some movies you haven’t heard of yet!

WHEN: Wednesday May 19, 2010 6-7 p.m. ET (3-4 p.m. PT)

TOPIC: Summer Movies!

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Thanks for joining the chat. Here’s the transcript!

  1. aquaelf

    hey guys:) Any great movie recommendations? Shout out a name!! Btw, I’m a new user here;D

  2. laura

    I just love what they do but i like the awesome movie they do and they are omg they are cool too

  3. Fearlessvampire48

    OMG this summer of 2013 on July 12, Grown Ups 2 is coming out!!!!!!!! Grown Ups was my favorite comedy movie and now its coming back. except its the SECOND ONE!!!!!!!

  4. jasmin

    i cant wait to go to the movies this summer some scary movies or funny movies or a mistery movie

  5. dragondragon1420

    i wanna talk about the goosebumps’s so cool.i am gonna buy the goosebumps wanted the haunted mask.i have never read any of the goosebumps books so far. i hope that it would be nice.


    im so excite dfor the last twilight movie to be on dvd so i can buy it. but why is nobody awnsring my psts :(


    omg i love twilight to! who do you like robert p or tatlor l it is like the awesomest book ever! it stinks that my mom won’t let me read the last 2 until i’mlder

  8. blizzardcat34

    i want to see marmaduke and i also want to see beverly hills chuwawa 3 it looks so cool and i also want to see batman so want even girls can see it

  9. vampirepixie6

    the movie is really funny i totally aprove my bro has the whole avengers movie set! i was like omg! we got the movie!!

  10. cupcakeswimming8

    im at the beach on my laptop and enjoying my summer this is the best
    but how will i survive middle school

  11. silveremerald20

    OMG!!! I Really want that book called the Diary Of The Wimpy Kid!!! Somebody told me about it in school NOW i forgotten what they said you know i don’t really see the point of writing this letter!!!!

  12. red heart


  13. ariana

    i didnt know it is a new ramona and beezus movie coming out on july 23
    did you comment back to ariana

  14. Abbie<3

    Hahaha I guess I can live chat and dose everyone think I am a boy because I am not I am a GIRL

  15. violetsoul4


  16. Magenta

    U are totally right about the pepole that are all ready out of school. They are ALL so LUCKY! Chat with U later.

  17. brainbird161

    This book rocks. I always read this book including the whole book sieries to.

  18. bluecake340

    I know they r alsome.What do u think of them Dairy Of A Wipey Kid I think they r alsome

  19. bearblack

    i cant wait to get out of school for the summer??????? who is with me:):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) WHO CANT WAIT FOR THE SUMMER CAUSE I CANT LIKE FOREAL

  20. platinumcash2

    i looooooooooooove ironman movies there soooooooooo cooll try to find me on stacks you have the same name as my friend.

  21. nevershoutnever :)

    books are good becuase you can feel what any character is feeling, you know whats going on from all the charcters and you feel the tence but movies are good to becuase if you havnt read the book then there is suspence and the people are created so you dont have to imagine them yourself.

  22. amberblue72

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII can’t wait for DAIRY OF A WIMPY KID to come out!!!!!!! I’m CRAZYYYYYYY already. P.S.(crazy I tell u,crazy!!!!!!!

  23. fashionfuschia58

    i love diary of a wimpy kid books ohhh yaahh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!bring on the money kching kching$$$$$$$

  24. bulldogbrown4

    thanks jeff kenny for all you do for me i appreciate it please aprove this comment to everyone to tell them how good you are with your books and i also want you to read the comment

  25. bulldogbrown4

    i want to see diary of a wimpy kid the 5 books and the movies because jeff kenny is the best at making the books and giving the away if i ever get to do something that special i will vote jeff kenney

  26. funkysarah0223

    i have seen 17 movies this year and hope to see more the lateset movie ive seen is monte carlo and,judy moody and the not bummer summer it was really cool it reminded me of ramona and beezus anyway there are millions of movies i’d love to see so get ready movie theaters cuz here i come love,sarah LOL

  27. screamingdomogirl

    I’ve seen them all already, except for eclipse. I’m not a twilight fan.

  28. gustlaunching3

    I love the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Also, I loved the first movie so I can’t wait to see Rodrick Rules! And, I can’t wait for New Moon to come out in November!

  29. dragonflydawn3

    i loved the new movie lemonade mouth! I just saw pirates of the carribean this weekend, Awesome movie. I also want to see zookeeper. That looks so funny

  30. Coachenormous

    omg cant wait to look at some movies this summer nd keep the chats commin pplznd stay safe this summer dont talk to stangers XD

  31. courtneyh11

    well those who are actually out of school already…….(sigh) im not so it kinda stinks so my E.O.G for science on friday May,19,2011, wow it stinks i probaly will make a 3 and it actually is a good grade because thats my second best subject well back 2 the subject……sigh lol thxs well peace out :p

  32. nilaja

    diary of a wimpy kid was a laughing out loud moment once u saw it i mean for real that was just crazy espically the stinky chesse part it was totally grossing me out when rowelly had to eat it was so totally disgusting that i almost barf and my was just saying ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww because it was freakin her out about him eating and win she said that milk squirted out my nose with laughfter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  33. nilaja

    avater is the best movie and i can’t wait till they make a new one and plus i never thought that ang was never taught how to be a earthbinder or water binder or fire binder that was such a breath taking movie hope they start thinking a new one better than the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol smiley face

  34. dramadrama1

    we all need to just stop judging ppl nd things so just live with that he made a stupid video because maybe he might just wanna try to do something diffrent dizz time so we cnty judge cuzz personally i rlly think it wazz boring to.

  35. bumblebeebuzz

    I want to see the movie twilight soo bad but my parents won’t let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. cleo

    i love twilight and i want to see eclipse i havent chose a team yet and my frinds are always buggin me but so far im goin towards jacob hes cute

  37. unfabulous

    i like th books but i havnt cn th movie yet but i think it would b a cul movie since all of the diary of the wimpy kids r so cul and lol.

  38. snowflake2009

    I need to see a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Suffercat

    Iwant to the movie marmaduke omg………it looks so funny and cool!!!!!!!and i so want to see aliens vs monsters and its look so cool omg………….



  41. tangelo

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  42. caramelkisses

    I watched the Megamind movie. It was pretty good. Is it weird that I still like cartoons like that? oh well, i still liked it.

  43. caramelkisses

    Hey, the Iron man movie is cool, and i am a girl too, and I dont think that it is weird to like Iron Man… it is about my favorite move!

  44. vampirebaby12

    ohh… vampire baby 12 in the place ohh yea check me out and if u want ask if u wanna be my friends thanks and check me if you need me!!

  45. jada

    I think ashley one was the best and I LOVE Iron man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Buck


  47. crazydejah

    i want to see vampires stink even though i love the twilight series i kinda feel bad but wat ever its gonna be awsome

  48. casey

    i don’t know if you guys like pokemon, but i do. and i’m in the 5th grade and last but not least, i’m a girl.

  49. max49r

    its marmaduke not manduke?
    oh and last airbender got bad reviews and eclipse WAS STUPID!!! iron man was really good reviews


    I love the Twilight books. I have read all of them! Just saw Eclipse! It was so good!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for Breaking Dawn!

  51. S

    okk i have neva heard of this and u have all the books weird but i want to watch if it comez on disney channel if u know what that is and did u mean marmaduke it iz crackup but dont wanna ruin it 4 u

  52. cutestuff

    i read all the books and i got the new book too!!!
    they are awsome!
    gotta get them people!
    thnx bye;)

  53. shabookey

    i finally seen toy story 3!! it was awesome!! and touching!! if yooh haven’t seen it go see it!!

  54. tonni

    can’t what etiher but school is geting boring i don’t have to do any home work and i had a food i happy for now

  55. shabookey

    i want to see toy story 3!!! my older brother always sees everything first and he said its a really good and somehow touching movie!!

  56. Sat71

    I love team Jacob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  57. Zoe-_-

    Tired and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa summer i cant wait and cant wait for eclipse and no homework and if i do have i will do it on the first :) so i am luving being able to go to the beach and pool like everyday…I hope you guys have a great SUMMERRRRRRRRR
    LOL :) AND HOPE YOU GUYS DON’T GET HOMEWORK…plz we all pray right,and at least we don’t have to get up early and be tired -_-..thank goodness but we will miss al our friends right but in all it is gonna be an OD fun and funny summer,right. i’m i right or am i wrong :( or do you just feel like smiling lol :)

  58. jumpingvolleyball

    i have read all of the books at least 5 times a piece my fav one though is number 4 but then can not wait to see the movie and read the 5 book of the series

  59. SimplyCatsFan

    Hey there! It’s SimplyCatsFan! How many of you out there are Hunger Game Fans?!?!?!

  60. 26zen79nc

    OMG,OMG,OMG!I can’t belive
    that Eclipes is coming out sooner than then other 2.I mean come on November for a movie that famos?As if.Well; I have to run so,PEACE

  61. BFFcrazy


  62. brianna0206

    I cant wait to see ramona and bezus the movie!!!I love the books then Ill love the movie!!!!!

  63. lilmama_1998636

    i love to read books and movies.
    and a diarys
    and a cool things
    is the books good or bad.

  64. C@t$ 43v3r :]

    I CANNOT WAIT till i see Toy Story 3!!! I’m so excited!!! & i can’t wait to see Twilight saga: Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Yaya!!!

  65. Juliet

    Eclipse is the best book I’ve ever read, but you probably want to read Twilight and New Moon first or you probably won’t get anything. Enjoy your reading time!!!!!!

  66. MormonGirlTotalAwesomeness

    I’m not a big Twilight fan. Okay, fine. If I had to choose between seeing the new Twilight movie, and going to the most boaring opera in the entire world, I would go buy my opera tickets right now, and I Hate opera.

  67. karaann9798

    I cant wait to c twilight saga!!1 i read all the books. plus the host by stephanie meyer is really good but kinda mature

  68. gabby

    today is a reg school day tomorrow is 6 grade promotiom and the thursday is the last day and i have the pool party on the last day
    cant wait till summer

  69. gabby

    cant wait to see diary of a wimpy kid…i know you guys will love the final chapter.cant wait to see eclipse…also cant wait to see the last airbender!!!!

  70. summers ice cream 2

    dude this is so cool and it is so funny I can’t belive it at all. OMG LOL!!!! this is so cool I can’t wait to see the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid the movie I want to see it is sopused to be really good that is what I hear from my best friends they have seen the trailers online check it iut it is really good…!!!!!!!!!! still OMG AND LOL I an so happy!!!!!!!@!!@!@!@!@!@

  71. dontae

    i can’t wait to finish off the twilight series once and for all and the new a harry potter movie it stinks that it has two parts why not just one big movie

  72. chiz34

    i am also going to have a virtual party here on 5/30/10 so be here on my profile see u

  73. Star

    the Diary of a wimpy kid!!! i enjoy their books soooo much i do i had the quizz and i did sooo great on it it’s so relaxing and i think that the movie is Geneous!!! Goooo Wimpy Kidd!! u rock!!

  74. mrz.t

    my favorite book to read is diary of a winpy kid i only have the books 1 and 2 but i wanna get more because it is a good bokk for kids to read

  75. Star

    i can’t wait to see any books i think i am a book person sometimes books can be boring but i do i really like books and i think one day i will write a book because i am soo genorous of my quality to picture greatness

  76. soccercrazie

    These are all good movies, but a great movie that came out this year is New Moon.

  77. edl18

    The diary of a wimpy kid movie is the best I read all the books Every one should read them

  78. Poppink

    i want to see the movie the last song so bad.meily cyrise is in it.OMG……it looks so good.
    thanks poppink10

  79. Poppink

    ok i kinda like reading i have to do it all the time.i only read germal stiliton.the best books ever.ifyou ever read them before than your awesome. but i like other books too. i read them SOMETIMES.thanks

  80. BasketballLegend

    I already saw all thoese movies. My Favorite was Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Also I wanna See Marmaduke and Shrek

  81. BeastBlitz11u


  82. Faithyu86

    OMG!!! I am SO excited to see Eclipse i’ve read each of the Twilight books 6 times and Eclipse was my favorite. So the movie should be awesome!!!! I have both of the movies and Eclipse needs to come sooner.

  83. CEAL

    I am so excited for summer to finally come. I can’t believe I’m almost going to be a 9th grader! (: The bad thing is, I broke my ankle so now I have to keep my crutches and cast on for six to eight week’s! BUMMER! but, I hope to meet lot’s of new people on here so I’m very excited to share my ideas with many people. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

  84. kellii

    i wanna see eclipse and today im goin to the bookstore to get breaking dawn oh ya im so exited lol did i mention the diary of a wimpy kid movie was hil ar ry ous u should go see it if you havent oh by the way……………………………..GO TEAM JACOB HE IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE

  85. gabrielle

    hey gabrielle here!!!!
    i love reading a great book how about you?
    i can’t wait to see what other awesome movies are coming out this summer…i wonder. hahahahaha!!!!

  86. volleyballbabe18

    I cant wait to see Eclipse!!!!! i have read all of the books and am soooo excited to get to go c it in theaters theyt could not have picked better people to be the characters!!!<3

  87. S

    Pretty pink ninja i wanted to see that movie did not have time hope it was good!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  88. S

    Check it out people! Go see The Karate kid when it comes out! It it is supposed to be awesome! It is something u can do this summer! Check it out hope you think it looks awesome too!

  89. S

    I would love to see the Diary of A Wimpy kid movie! But i have not found any time!I have read Diary of a wimpy kid and Rodricks Rules but not the 3rd! I hope to get the 3rd book soon! The last Air Bender does not sound interesting to me! But i will stick with Diary of a Wimpy kid stuff!

  90. lena64

    i really want to see eclipes im such a fan!!!!! marmadule and airbender look really cool too

  91. hollie9

    Omg! Can’t wait for the last air bender to come out.My teacher lets us eat in the classroom and we watch “Avatar The Last Air Bender”.But it’s in CARTOON and I really wanna se it NOT in cartoon!

  92. pinkkiwipink

    I cant wait to see Avatar the last airbendar,omg it looks so awsome.I wached the cartoon and its so cant wait ti see Avatar the last airbendar.:)

  93. OeroPanda911

    SHREK LOOK AMAZING PEEPS☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻

  94. BELLE

    hey savanah want are you doing have you finshed the book called stang fritgh
    deack said sade had read the book called stage firtgh i hope you can read it to see you at school

  95. sweetcoco

    This stinks can you give me an update on the movie Diary of a wimpy kid !!! I can’t wait for the new Shrek movie!!!Amen!!!

  96. just girls


  97. ICEDEMON96

    I LOVE Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson! I cant stand twilight!

  98. Gamer8080

    In my opinon I think That Iron man 2 is the best movie this summer. Just saw it with my friends it it was worth it if you want to go to a movie some Saturday choose iron man 2. Great movie with a lot of action.

  99. Emma

    I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid I SO want to see it!!! Plus to all those Percy Jackson fans out there did you know that The Sea of Monsters is coming out in 2011?!?!? I’m SO EXCITED!

  100. Miloshlomo

    Please someone HELP ME!!!!! I have tried everything and can’t find where the Summer Movie Live Chat is! Please tell me where it is…there are only 14 mins. left of it!!!!

  101. crazymonkie

    guys talking about diary of a wimpy kid………… that seires and that movie was amazing i loved it!!

  102. Ealf8

    I totally wanna see Shreck the third! I love all the Shreck movies <3 They’re so funny and weird @ the same time!

  103. prettyblueeyes4

    SO excited for Summer books and Movies!! Yay!!!! Cant wait!! *looks at the clock* oh. uh…

  104. sweetpea97

    is the 5th wimpy kid book out yet?! please answer!!!!!!!
    thanx again to whoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. sweetpea97

    i can’t wait to see the wimpy kid movie!!!!!! is it out in theaters yet?
    please can someone answer?
    thanx!!!!!!! i luv the wimpy kid books to!!!!!!!!!!! peace!!!! :)

  106. cuteytigerluver

    i want to see marmaduke coolest lookin movie ever!!! PEACE OUT COOL MOVIES!!!

  107. 101woody101

    I ♥ blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺
    esp. live 1′s
    gdby now stp tlkng pls☺ :) :0 :] :[ :(

  108. Limellama

    Hey what about the last Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I really want to see that!!

  109. earthsaver08


  110. ICEDEMON96


  111. Flames

    I can’t wait for Beastly to come out. I wish I could just see the Hunger Games movie right now

  112. Puffybubble

    i saw the movie ironman 2 i cant wait to go see marmaduke and letters to juliet!!!!!!

  113. purple2010

    i lved the movie eclipcese and i cant wait till they come out with more movies just like that one or closely similer:D

  114. Gamer8080

    OK Don’t do anything thing to me for saying this but really a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. Thats kinda blowing the piont of reading. just saying

  115. iluvcheeseforeva

    OMG people!!!
    cannot wait for the last airbender bender movie i luv the shows!!!
    And i just think that zuKO IS KINDA CUTE

  116. whitneys

    i also want to see THE LAST SONG…i dont really like miley cyrus but it looks like a good movie and HANNAMONTANA THE MOVIE
    was good to.

  117. Olivia

    Oh my gosh i can’t wait to see eclipse i have read the book several times ahhhhhh!

  118. jordan

    i can’t wait to read the 39 clues book 9 (storm warning) and book 10 (into the gaunlet) the movie will be soooooo good oh and avatar will be cool and percy jackson the lightning movie is good ( i’m home schooled ha ha!)

  119. qtypie123

    LOL. I love summer movies. They are sooooooooo awesome. I them even more when I see summer movies with friends. LOL.

  120. 16bell

    OMG!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for Eclipse to come out!!! I’m team Edward! I’m a total twi-hard!!!!

  121. percyj99


  122. mp10713

    Is there a way someone could send this to my email? It sounds intresting! Also I need to know how to add friend of mine in the real world. How do you get to their profiles? Thanks a bunch! :)

  123. Attackit78

    I’m thrilled bout the live chat but, bout the diary of a wimpy kid? come on. it’s nothing but about a wimpy kid who’s life is the worst ever. i don’t get the point in how they are funny. the thing i’m really thrilled about is if a new percy jackson and the omlypians book comes out. =) /\_/\!!! this live chat thing has got my excited though! YA! schools going out! wooo hoooo!

  124. sammirox79

    i love the new moon movie but i really want to see eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twilight is my destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. sarah

    i love harry potter i really want to see th 4th movie i know its not a knew movie or book but ilove them i’m on the 5th book and love it i recomend it for people who like magic

  126. sammirox79

    i want to see the movie diary of a wimpy kid i have all of the books except for the do it yourself book i read dog days in 1 night!!!!!!!!!!!omg

  127. nick

    I really want to go and see letters to juilet it
    looks really good i might
    have go and see it

  128. prettyblueeyes4

    I think a lot of the movies are going to be GREAT! What are kids talking about when they say I don’t have anything to do this summer?! Hit the movies!!! :)

  129. Daje

    I can’t wait until “Shrek Forever After”is coming up on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s my favorite movie also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. SAM


  131. babacup8

    I want to see a tree grows in Brooklyn. I know it is an old movie but i just read the book and have to see the movie

  132. taylor <3

    i like the movie diary of a wimpy kid (LOL)i <3 the part when is when gregs little bro says bubby during gregs pla and i <3 the part when greg trys out for the play and he sings sssssssssssooooooooooooo goood

  133. Sabrina

    I have read all the books of diary of a wimpy kid and seen the movie and + i have the movie journal. i wish there was a diary of a wmpy kid movie 2. Lol

  134. vampireteeth13

    Twilight, ahhhh I just loved the book I LOVE TEAM EDWARD! Although JACOB is soooooo cute

  135. vampireteeth13

    I am soooooo obsesed with twilight I just can’t wait to see Eclipse , I’m fustrated I can’t see it now! Go team EDWARD!

  136. bugadoo

    just like 2 i have read all the books and have them all plus the movie looks great i can’t wait to buy the movie unlike other movies i have i would probaly watch it over and over

  137. hiphopper

    i can’t wait till twilight:eclipse comes out i just can’t stop thinking about jacob, bella and so much more

  138. Valerie

    I love the book Percy Jackson and the olimpians:
    the lightning theif!Its
    very creepy!
    I also love the Dairy of
    a Whimpy Kid series.They’re
    always funny to read!:)

  139. Bella

    I agree that all those movies sound great!!! OMG i want to read Diary of a wimpy kid the dog days!!!
    I soooooo love the twilight saga and cant wait for the next movie!!! And btw GO TEAM JACOB!!!
    P.s btw Taylor L is OMG cute!!!

  140. cammie

    I cant wait to see Eclipes the third twilight movie ! I loooooove those movies! I cant stand the wait!Good Job Stephine Meyers

  141. Lacy A

    hey sosososo cool hoomie g i am so rockin on my kicks :) imma b awesome one day but i already am!!!!!!!!

  142. secretlove

    like omg im like so totally
    physched have yall like saw
    ALIVN AND THE CHIPMUCKS i have it is like sooooooooooo
    totally funny 4 yall whoever
    didnt c ALIVN AND THE CHIPMUCKS got 2 go c it now
    im serious go see it its so

  143. cat78956

    I so wish I could come! It would be my first live chat where I could actually stay for the whole time! ( I had to leave 4 girl scouts for the 39 clues chat) But, I can’t come because I have my Ice skating dress rehersal for the show. Have fun people!!!!

  144. clarinetsax

    All the disney movies that have come out lately all look really bad i don’t want to see any of them but Avatar was amazing!!!!

  145. tor-teshia_diva

    i love books and other movies an d other things that i learn. i went to get it really ………………

  146. sammirox79

    my name is sammi and i love chatting it is so much fun!!!!!!! also i am in 4th grade i love reading it is also so much fun

  147. Brandon

    those are all movies i want to see…omg… I want to see marmaduke, diary of a wimpy kid, and iron man 2 the most. I havent heard of the alcemist or ramona and beezuss

  148. blesser

    man i went to go c y did gt marid omg dat move waz sad but it still waz the stuff he got hit by a truck an da funaral waz at tha beach let the lil bloons go sad

  149. beartiger10

    OOOOOOOOOOOMG!!! can’t wait for Avatar: The Last Airbender; romance, fiction, the end of the world, elements, what could go wrong?

  150. peaceonearth7

    I am amazed by the fact that so many movies are playing this year. I love to read the movie reviews in the daily newspaper. I haven’t gone to a movie theater yet this year, but I did last year.

  151. misskaylee42278

    Ok if you are a cheerleader than you probly know the song coca cola so if you do just message me back

  152. tanya

    OMG did you just say THE LIGHTINING THEIF on DVD JUNE 22!!!!! THANK U LIKE A MILLION TIMES IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! i so cant wait !!!!! i have read the WHOLE percy jackson seires and waitin for the next one.

  153. prettypinkninga

    yeah i cant wait for diary of a wimpy kid to come out on dvd!!i loved that movie!

  154. Alexis

    I can not wait for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I’ve read all the books and all the movies except this one.

  155. SmileMonkey

    In Ramona and Beezus, it sort of bothers me that they use well known actors not us children and tweens who would love an actual chance! The actors are not even the same age as their characters. But, overall, the movie should be pretty good!

  156. Blake

    i know i want to see iron man to and i want the diary of a wimpy kid movie diary! and i seen the movie of diary of a wimpy kid its short actualy its ok but not the best. And twightlight is the best movie i seen in my life. its soooooo good i just love tht movie so much!!!!!

  157. Olivia

    I can’t wait! I am totally talking to all the Twilight people! All you Twilight people please add me and look for harryp12345678!

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  159. ciera

    i really want to know how the diary of a wimpy kid the movie is going to be but i dont want to know. i cant make up my mind.

  160. Ashley : ) (avatar super awesome movie)

    I want to see the movie manduke omg……… it looks so funny!!!!!!……….and i so want to see Iron man it looks so awesome i know i am a girl but so what it looks so cool!!!!!!!!

  161. Didders

    OH I tottally want to see Eclipse!! I have seen all the others!! I LOVE TWILIGHT! GO TEAM JACOB!

  162. AngieP

    I think I want to see the movie IRON MAN2 (rated PG-13).. I know I’m a girl but I like action movies.. I think I might go see DAIRY OF A WIMPY KID.. Most people say it was boring but I have all of the books and I think the movie would be okay.

  163. Lil Lightbulb

    I can’t wait to see The Alchemist with Nicholas Cage. The book is so amazing!

  164. mintchocolatechip100

    i am soooooooo there. i might miss the first 15 minutes because of school though. and i can’t wait for ramona and beezus!

  165. A Major Bibliophile

    Don’t forget about Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which comes out on DVD on June 22nd! The best movie in the world!
    ~Read the books. Seen the movie. Love the books. Love the movie.~

  166. kv99

    OMG i loved diary of a wimpy kid dog days and the movie diary and the movie? did any of you like the movie and the movie diary

  167. Jules

    IM SOOOO EXCITED FOR ECLIPSE!!!!!! I READ ALL THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also wanna see ramona and beezus

  168. babycaramel25

    I LOVE books and reading!!!! Can’t wait until book 9 comes out in the 39 Clues !!!!!!

  169. Emma

    Dang it! I’ll only be able to go to… 30 minutes of it! Stupid school!-Could you guys extend it, pretty please? *gives puppy dog eyes*

  170. cheeseboy47

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  171. GNOletsgo1

    The Last Airbender! OMG I can’t wait! Sadly I think HP 7 Part 1 is coming out in 2011! Like another year!

  172. ThePhantomAuthor

    I can’t WAIT for The Last Airbender!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the show and can’t wait for the movie!!

  173. 320687

    I seen the movie its not good the book arent but they are better than the movie…….. ITS GOT A HAIR ON IT LOL – DIARY OF A WIMPY KID THE MOVIE

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