May 13, 2014

Summer Camp Personality Quiz

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What’s Your Dream Camp? Which summer camp is right for you?

If you could create the perfect summer camp for yourself, what would it include? Would it be hiking and fishing all day? Would it be playing sports, or learning photography, or learning to be a fashion designer?

GopherChess4 has done some thinking about this on the Message Boards and came up with this Summer Camp Personality Quiz for you. Answer the questions below and find out where you belong this summer!

  1. Your fantasy tree house would . . . A) have big windows. That way you could sit and watch the birds, squirrels, and other animals in the tree. B) have autographed posters of sports stars you admire. C) contain tons of art supplies – everything from paintbrushes to a potter’s wheel. D) serve as an extra closet for your clothes.
  2. What would you use to wrap a gift? A) A decorated brown paper bag. B) Wrapping paper in your favorite team’s colors. C) A gift bag you painted yourself. D) Patterned paper and a sparkly bow.
  3. Which of these snacks do you like the best? A) Trail mix. It’s great to nibble on during hikes. B) Celery sticks and peanut butter. This snack gives you lots of energy before a big game. C) Fruit salad. You love seeing all of those bright colors mixed together. D) Smoothie. The best part is adding the final touches like whipped cream or shredded coconut to make the smoothie look perfect.
  4. Instead of lemonade, which of these homemade items would you sell at a stand? A) Pressed-flower bookmarks. B) Braided sports headbands. C) Pet portraits. D) Colorful bracelets.

If you answered mostly A’s: Camp Green Earth
You love the great outdoors and you’d have fun at a camp where you can go on lots of hikes, help take care of animals, and learn how to be more eco-friendly.

If you answered mostly B’s: Camp Whoo-Rah-Rah
At this camp, you would get to play every sport imaginable — all in one summer. And the best part? Your favorite athletes would be the counselors!

If you answered mostly C’s: Camp Paintbrush Pines
At this camp, you’d paint beautiful nature scenes, make pottery, take amazing photos, and create your own comic books. And you’d get to display your masterpieces in an art show at the end of camp.

If you answered mostly D’s: Camp Sew-a-Lot
Sketching, sewing, styling . . . this camp is a fashion paradise. You’d hang out with people who love fashion as much as you do, and at the end of the summer, you’d get to display outfits you’ve designed in a fancy runway show.

Are you excited for summer camp? Tell us about YOUR dream camp in the Comments.


  1. Maria

    Hi guys!
    Sorry it’s me again (after a month) but I entered this website again and found a mistake which I had made. Not that it is so important but even so… In my comment it is 3 D. I had written a wrong letter because I had thought C was for Smoothie. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    You should maybe go back and do your second favourite answer if you are not satisfied.Anyways,you like all sorts of everything.LUCKY DUCK!

  3. Anonymous

    You got Camp Sew A lot.Just like me and many other people!What types of art do you do?

  4. Wrestlercolonel11

    My dream camp is at Camp Sew-A-Lot. It’s perfect for me because I like to style things and I loveee fashion. It is sooo perfect for me!

  5. cutecupcake143

    1.c 2.b 3.a 4.d
    MY dream camp is a place that has fun activities such as sports,arts,and nature. Mostly any simple camp. I like simple!!!

  6. aquapenguin738

    My favorite summer camp would be like Camp Half-Blood, except we also learn magic and there would be more gods in Mount Olympus

  7. Andrea

    Hey. Im Andrea and o love art and i also want propery and space. Because i love reading. Do yall guys like reading? It’s fun

  8. NZ

    1) a
    3) d
    4) d
    i got camp Green earth or camp Sew a lot!
    i’d love to go camp sew a lot! i am soooo into fashion!

  9. chessmaroon30

    I want a lot of pottery at Art camp this year. I also want to go to my horse camp again I like ridding houres.

  10. flyingpig365

    My dream summer camp would have adventure stuff like hiking and animal stuff. Also, there would be time for crafts and do-it-yourself things. It would be an overnight camp for 2 weeks. there should be a beach and the best food ever!!!

  11. soccersnake59

    My dream summer camp would have soccer, lacrosse and more soccer! It would have all McDonald’s food, too! This camp would be a overnight camp.

  12. Morrissey Fan

    It siad I wold go to a fashion campp and that is like so true. I love fashion and everything purple and sparkly. I picked all D’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Maria

    Camp is for hiking and living in a tree house, watching the woods, drinking hot chocolate and reading a book. Be outdoors!

  14. Poison Ivy

    I got the same thing. I guess it just means we’d go to camp ” Sew Green Rah Pines” or something of the sort.

  15. sara

    the two camps that would be right for me would be camp Whoo-rah-rah and camp green earth

  16. Anonymous

    to much to read!!!! love summer!! read chapter book instead of short books chapter book give u more knowledge!!!

  17. flyingenergetic22

    GO CAMP WHOO-RA-RA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. cupcakecandy209

    what tree house would i want well i would say A ” have big windows so i can see animals ” and i don’t know what i would chose for the others.

  19. sillyschool5

    Hello im gonna have a good summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best one ever!!!!!! I can see my family and my cousins because i’m on vaction!!!!

  20. chickencorporal41

    My dream camp is camp B,Camp Whoo-rah-rah. I chose camp b because i love sports and it would be awesome to have your favorite athletes would be the counselors. That means you basically get to meet any athlete you want to meet that is awesome. I am really into athletic stuff. I am really good and tennis and other sports. This website is amazing. You can share your opinons.

  21. optimisticmystery47

    My favorite or dream camp is camp b; camp Whoo -Rha-Rha because im into sports and im a tomboy and dont like girly stuff and having any athletes as counselors is awesome and i would want Stephen Curry as one of them hope you get back to me love red call me red

  22. scarfflipflops5

    my favorite camp would be camp b camp Whoo-Rah-Rah i lllllooooovvvvveeeee sports especially soccer and i would totally want to meet Carli Llyod my idol and i also love softball and would want to meet Paige Parker on the oklahoma sooners college softball team aka the pitcher and i am also a total tomboy

  23. carefullynutty5

    My favorite camp that i want to go to is B:Camp Whoo-Rah-Rah because i love to play sports. I am a girl but a tomboy and don’t like girly-girl things i am mostly into athletic activities. I really like Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and is entertaining me!
    For a councelour i would want to have Steph Curry and Carli Lloyd(if that is how you spell it). Thank you, Bye

    PS:if you have the chance can you please try to get back to me!

  24. mermaidpuppy135

    I tied between D’s and B’s. Camp Whoo-Rah-Rah sounds like a blast and so me but camp Sew-A-Lot does to.

  25. rollingkitten

    1. c
    2. b
    my camp is camp paintbrush pines

    I love art. Art is my life. And will all always will be forever!!

  26. DogSoccer1310

    I chose mostly B so I am going to Camp Whoo-Rah-Rah. I Loooooooooooooooooooooove sports.

  27. steakpajamas7

    For question one I chose A. For question 2 I chose C. For question 3 I chose D. And for question 4 I chose B.

  28. Juliana

    Lolololollololollollollolloloolooloollollolollololololoolloololooloollolololol. LOL
    So good

  29. sappirebitter10

    you know what. I actually had a lot of C’s. And I am proud of that. CAMP CREATIVITY, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jaelyn

    YAY (:

  31. valaina

    i would go to a camp that all my friends where at because i would get to see my friends and that have good lunch room that every day there would be a movie every day

  32. jadeangel1256

    1. D
    2. D
    3. C
    4. B
    Yay! Camp Sew-a-Lot! Sketching, sewing, styling . . . this camp is a fashion paradise. You’s hang out with people who love fashion as much as you do, and at the end of the summer, you’d get to display outfits you’ve designed in a fancy runway show. Oooh-La-La, sounds totally me!

  33. sciencegown2

    I have two camps that would be write for me 1: Camp Whoo-Rah-Rah 2: Camp Sew-a-Lot I would Also Love all the camps my personality is all about fashion, painting, nature, sports, and being outdoors. So if all of those camps were combined would be the perfect summer camp for me.

  34. moonstone43

    I answered mostly D’s, but I would enjoy Camp Green Earth more than any of the rest.

  35. Katie r

    you should add more the 1 ? I’m not being mean I’m gest saying so you can make it beater its like a book you never now how good or bad its going to be so I thought want if the site maker made a game where you can make your own camp then after your done the game give you a real camp like the camp you made on the game like it said in the ? if your camp has mostly art then go to Camp Paintbrush Pines then it give you info about the can I’m not being mean I’m gest saying :-)

  36. R

    1. 1950
    2. biker
    3. jump between 2 cliffs on a motorcycle
    4. “ting” thing
    5. singing
    6. hot pink heels
    7. beach sand

  37. springkind14

    I love the outdoors and like taking care of animals so Camp Green Earth (which is A) is a good summer camp for me!!!!

  38. Malaak

    I am in camp A Camp Green Earth
    I like the outdoors,animals, and I want to learn how to be more Eco friendly.!!!!

  39. Agentfashionista27

    1. D
    2. C
    3. D
    4. B

    My result: If you answered mostly D’s: Camp Sew-a-Lot
    Sketching, sewing, styling . . . this camp is a fashion paradise. You’d hang out with people who love fashion as much as you do, and at the end of summer, you’d get to display outfits you’ve designed in a fancy runway show.

  40. robefingers15

    raina telgemier is the best author I have ever read.I just need to read drama (age 10 and up)

  41. PinkPanda1128

    I will going to Camp Sew a Lot I don’t like to sew I don’t want to go there I hope this camps are fake:(

  42. Anonymous

    I will going to Camp Sew a Lot I don’t like to sew I don’t want to go there I hope this camps are fake:(

  43. PinkPanda1128

    I will going to Camp Sew a Lot I don’t like to sew nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:(

  44. Evelyn

    Yeah,this is really FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I empathize every word I say.

  45. Evelyn

    Yeah,this is really FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I empathize fun.

  46. eyebrowsfantastic1


    Which camp do i go to? Camp Green Earth or Camp Sew-a-Lot? Shouldn’t there be 5 questions? Are these real camps. I don’t think so but i am just making sure!

  47. ReadingHero10

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  48. ReadingHero10

    i got 2 c’s and 2 d’s. So i got camp Sew-a-lot and Paintbrush Pines. Im a MIXTURE!!!!!!!!

  49. meadowsearcher16

    1. C
    I got Camp Sew-a-lot. I would also like to go to Camp Paintbrush Pines because I LOVE art!!

  50. phonecomposing27

    my dream camp would be a singing and dancing camp. Their you would meet your favorite stars .

  51. footcreek21

    I love scholastic games, especially the quizzes! Scholastic personality quizzes are awesome!

  52. pizzaparty20

    My dream summer camp would include SAFE ziplining for all ages and pool or boating time with your cabin every day. You could choose to live in cabins or a treehouse. The food that would be made would taste really good, and there would be cool craft making sometime during each day. The counselors also wouldn’t wake you up until 7:00. That would be a camp I would want to visit!

  53. Studyingwings18

    I’d be in a Harry potter camp.
    In a castle.
    With lessons and exams.
    That’s my dream summer.

  54. Blue Peacock

    My camp would be at the beach and I would do science experiments and cool art projects in a fort made from palm trees.

  55. Edlin

    Actually for summer I will go visit my family in Mexico. We will go on a day of camping were there is pools and we will be in a tent. And have lots and lots of amazing time together. :)

  56. twilightpink44

    I love fashion it’s my favorite activity .IIlove to dress up with my friends .It is so much fun.I hope you lpove fashion as much as i do.

  57. periwinklesliding5

    Hey! Ithought it will be like you bubble in the answers.
    Its cool though. Very creative.

  58. Elijah

    nice…. my dream camp would be a canbin that was like a castle and everything was solid gold.

  59. admiralwind14

    I wouldn’t go to a summer camp, I would go to an amusement park and ride A TON of roller coasters!!!

  60. chickenpeaceful28

    my dream camp would be a log cabin on the inside would be builted like castle

  61. The one and only,DSC

    I think my kind of camp would probobly be spending time for animals or fashion. Either animals or nothing for me, I guess.

  62. snakepegasus14

    I had 2 Cs and 2 Ds so my camps are Camp Sew-A-Lot and Camp Paintbrush Pines. I love to paint and do fashion!

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