May 3, 2012


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Sweepstakes_1This post is sponsored by Con Edison.

Student Contest: The Power of Green

How do you and your family save energy at home?

Want the chance to win a family day trip to New York City for fun, food, and fine arts? OK! Are you already saving energy at home? Good! You're halfway THERE!  

  • FIRST: Create an original artwork on an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper that explains how you and your family are saving energy. It can be a poster, drawing, comic strip, collage, or painting.
  • THEN: Pair it with a short essay (50-100 words) about your artwork and your "green" ideas.
  • ALSO: Read the rules and download the entry form.  
  • ANNNNND . . . FINALLY: Mail your completed entry in with your contest submission!

Easy, right? Entries are due May 22, 2012. Good luck!

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  1. ele

    great idea this is a chance to practice my writing and think about the ways my family helps the enviorment