March 7, 2009

Meg Cabot talks Allie Finkle

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Megcabot Hey! Check it out . . . On March 12th at 7:30 p.m. ET, tune in to see the amazingly funny and bubbly Caroline Rhea (yes! The aunt from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who had her own talk show and does such hilarious stand up!) chat with me — LIVE — at Allie Finkle’s Super Sleepover right here!


Anyone can watch because it’s going to be right here! Yes, here! On the computer! It’s a webcast! How cool is that?

We’ll be talking about everything — including growing up, my family, my writing career, and of course all things Allie Finkle (because you know the new book, Best Friends and Drama Queens, will officially be out in stores)!

Go here for downloadable activities and a printable invitation to help you host your own Allie Finkle Super Sleepover!

(Hint: Allie totally has a Super Sleepover in Best Friends and Drama Queens. You will die when you read it. It’s the best sleepover ever.)

Okay, but seriously . . . that’s not all. Check out our newest game on, Allie’s Dream Room — NOW to design your own perfect, printable dream room!

FYI, Allie prefers CANOPY beds.


Much love,

  1. eliza101

    allie knows a girls life a lot LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my mom L&Ls (loves and laughs) at this book

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