October 3, 2016

Start on Page 56

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Writing PromptYou may be familiar with this game but if not, here is how it works:

  1. Grab the book closest to you. Now!
  2. Go to page 56.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Write that sentence as your comment, and say what book it’s from.

The most important thing is that you DO NOT go looking for your favorite book or the coolest one you have — just grab the closest one!

Here’s my contribution:
“I was painting one of the new dwarfs that one of Mum’s friends had bought me.”
From Ways to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls

So leave a Comment and let’s see what you come up with!

— Karen

  1. Mani

    “I continued on when Eadric harrumphed impatiently, and we soon found ourselves hopping across pebbled earth where little seemed to grow.”
    From “The Frog Princess” by E.D. Baker

  2. Anonymous

    “The last postcard arrived two days after we found out she wasn’t coming back.” from Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

  3. Ally

    “Right. You remember Dale? Third row, fifth seat from the front? Blond hair, bat at math, wears a lot of black?” – Three Times Lucky by Shelia Turnage (age 10 and up)

  4. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

    Warm things, kind things, sweet things-help and comfort and laughter.

  5. readingbrainy

    Im at a theatre rehearsal and the book I’m reading is too heavy to carry about. It’s called “The Counte of Monte Cristo” (not a children’s book) sorry there’s a grammar mistake but i can’t underline things.

  6. Emily

    “‘you two are the strongest Zodiacs here,’ he said.”
    This is from the Zodiac Legacy: The Dragon’s Return.

  7. H_squad

    her crew had seen more of the world than piper was ever likely to.
    Jaleigh Johnson;The Mark of the Dragonfly (age 10 and up)

  8. forestbird67

    Front page of the daily prothet I expect ,cauldron leaks.
    Harry Potter and the gobet of fire.

  9. Allison

    Was Mackenzie actually doing something nice for a change?
    Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So perfect Pet sitter by Rachel Renée Russell

  10. Awesome_236

    ” I’m no longer sure that I will survive initiation.” From Divergent by Veronica Roth (for Teens)

  11. Christina

    I had to hand it to myself-I hadn’t lost my touch
    From The Friendship Matchmaker Goes Undercover

  12. Gameadventure172

    Lady Friday:
    It took her several more steps to realize that it wasn’t some sort of inner ear problem.

  13. midnightkitten133

    “As we left Pheobe’s house, there on the front steps was another white envelope with a blue sheet of paper inside.” -’Walk Two Moons’ by Sharon Creech

  14. Organic Life Form

    “I found men eager enough to deny me my rights, without providing them so convenient an excuse to dismiss me.”
    -Black Powder War (not a children’s book) – Naomi Novik

  15. Organic Life Form

    “Now you’re making me mad.”
    -Hamilton: The Revolution (not a children’s book)- Lin-Manuel Miranda

  16. Rachel

    “Have you ever had that feeling that no matter what you choose you’re going to regret it?” -from a book called “Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow” by the Miller Brothers.

  17. Rachel

    “It had a wonderful rhythm to it,their laughter-Dad’s tenor and Miss Summers’s alto.”
    -From “Alice the Brave” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

  18. Zoyanna

    “All I knew was if the steward overtook me-and he with horse-I’d not survive for long.” Crispin- The Cross of Lead, by Avi. Kind of a grim fortune…

  19. iluvdavidcook

    “I am preparing other surprises that are even more marvelous and more fantastic for you and for all my beloved Golden Ticket holders–mystic and marvelous surprises that will entrance, delight, intrigue, astonish, and perplex you beyond measure.”
    from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. That was a part of the message on the Golden Ticket that Charlie finds. :)

  20. hope

    “Where is Teresa?”,Nancy asked,quickly scanning the crowd.
    -Secert of Fiery Chamber(Nancy Drew #159)

  21. Aly

    “I’d like to show you a couple of my new discoveries.” -from Graceling by Kristin Cashore.
    This book is really good. I got it for the Holidays and read it in 2 days. (And it’s 471 pages long!)

  22. Cheyanne

    This is my younger sisters book that she never reads, but there actully is a lot of pages for a second grade book.(Well I think its for second graders) HERE IT IS:”I hope, I pray, I don’t get another pirate pencil sharpner!” said Franky. I just closed my eyes and grabed one book out of, like 100 books off the bookshelf.
    Title:Second-grade Friends By:Miriam Cohen. (Just in case you want it for a younger sibling)

  23. Sylvia

    “…behind them.She’d seen Mrs.Sharpe stumble and…” from Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett.

  24. winterlily94

    He’ll be incoherent by the time we reach the capitol.
    the hunger games
    suzanne collins
    i relly recommend the book! it was awesome but ya 12years or older! lol by!

  25. Emma

    The products are carbon dioxide and water.
    From Cliffs Advanced Placement Chemistry Preparation Guide. (my brother’s by the way).

  26. magic*esi

    I found the extremely good book ‘Bagthorpes Unlimited’ on my bed, so here is my quote:
    To her, if things were not clean, they were unclean, as they would have been in the Old Testament.
    You probably haven’t heard of this book, but it’s by Helen Cresswell and it’s part of a really great series. Try it!

  27. BeccaMonkey987

    Quickly the pushcarts were lowered through the hole in the floor.
    Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. It was the only book I could find on my little brothers bookshelf that had 56 pages!

  28. Sheerah

    It hadn’t been such a great idea anyway.
    “Let the Circle Be Unbroken”, by Mildred D. Taylor

  29. Amber

    I’m reading Twilght for the third time so I always have it next to me and it just happens to be one of my favorite books.
    “I didn’t even have time to close my eyes.”
    By:Stepenie Meyer,

  30. ilove-iplay-iwin-sftbll

    “Are you afraid of everything and everyone?”
    -Maximum Ride: The Final Warning

  31. awesomegurl

    “When Captain Steele stepped to the microphone, he admitted his story was about a man he did not even remember.”
    -Left Behind: Through the Flames, By: Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

  32. bankshot5

    “The only time he’d seen Lauren in the three weeks since his mum died had been at the funeral.”
    -CHERUB:Mission One
    By:Robert Muchamore

  33. ???????????????lol

    “Not about meeting someone in the rusty ruins.”
    -the pretties by scott westerfield
    (really good book by the way!)

  34. PugHugs

    “right hand. ‘Which hand were you writing with?’”
    -The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Volume I

  35. Livia

    This is from the Hobbit(it was the closest book to me):
    ” …gave a very loud yell, as loud a yell as a hobbit can give, which is…”
    So does this mean I’m gonna yell a lot in 2009?
    And does this mean I’m gonna turn into a hobbit?

  36. imbozimo

    “Where are you going?” said Jack.
    –The Magic Tree House #2: The Knight at Dawn
    (P.S.- It’s my little brother’s book, not mine!)

  37. Twilight#1fan

    “You know, we’re in a lot of the same classes and I see you in the cafeteria.
    Main Street September Surprises by Ann M Martin.

  38. warriorgurl

    “Falada flicked his tail at it and walked a little faster.”
    -The Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale

  39. _ERAGON_

    Here’s my fifth sentence from a book called EVIL GENIUS by Catherine Jinks (awesome book by the way): The rest telephoned with various excuses mostly to do with being ill, though one had to wait for a plumber to mend a burst pipe and one didn’t even telephone at all until the next day: He had been lost on a weekend hiking trip.
    Talk about one long sentence :) ! Well HAPPY NEW YEAR’S everyone and all the best!

  40. Taryn

    Okay, here is the book that I have….(It’s so good that I have a copy close to me ALL the time! *I know, I’m a book hoard*)
    It’s “Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s Bones” by Brandon Sanderson. (Supposedly)
    Here’s the quote: “But…I don’t know why I’m talking to you about this–go take a nap, Smedry.”
    *And there it is! I highly suggest this book, but I also suggest reading the first one first, “Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians.” The narrator will get quite tempermental if you read the second book first. Ah, yes–remmember to always read the end of these books first…*

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